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How to find the Star Coins of Rock-Candy Mines in New Super Mario Bros. U

Updated on January 6, 2013

The stakes are getting higher with each level, and though Rock-Candy Mines isn't quite as hard as Sode Jungle when it comes to fetching Star Coins, it can still prove pretty taxing. This guide will help you find every Star Coin with a minimum of fuss.

Fuzzy Clifftop

  • The first Star Coin is above a Fuzzy near the beginning of the course. Yoshi makes it easy to get.
  • The second Star Coin is in a pipe just after the halfway point and just before you jump on the four-way spinner. Use Yoshi to flutter down to it. The coin looks difficult to get, but remember that Yoshi can bounce off of Fuzzies without killing them or damaging himself.
  • The third Star Coin is in plain sight, but watched over by a double line of Piranha Plants perched on small platforms. You'll need Yoshi to eat them and get up to the coin.

Porcupuffer Falls

  • The first Star Coin is in plain sight but out of reach. During your first trip out of the water, jump to the ledge on the left side of the coin and test the air for an invisible block. Use it to get up and over the rock and drop down through a hidden path to the coin and back into the water.
  • The second Star Coin is immediately after the halfway point. Drop into the first pit of water and you'll see a line of Urchins in front of the coin. You can swim over their heads and grab it if you're very careful.
  • The third Star Coin is again in plain sight, but out of reach. Swim until you find a roulette block, then wall jump off the nearby rocks and on top of it. Jump here to find an invisible vine block. Climb the vine and drop down the other side of the room you find to get to the coin.

Grinding-Stone Tower

  • The first Star Coin is through a small warp pipe. Proceed up the tower until you see a green pipe that's moving back and forth. Jump on top of it and go through the hidden wall to the left to find a Mini Mushroom. Keep going up and you'll see the small pipe in the left wall.
  • The second Star Coin is hidden just before the halfway point. Wait until you see three big Grrrols moving across bridges. Wait until the first from the bottom is headed to the left, then check the small niche on the right side of the bridge. The coin is hidden up here.
  • The third Star Coin is in another small warp pipe, meaning you'll have to keep Mini Mario for most of the trip up the tower. When you reach the top of the section filled with moving pipes you'll see a Grrrol dropper on your right, and just after it a small pipe. Wait for a Grrrol to drop, get out of its way, and go through.

The trip to the third coin will take you to a secret exit that opens a path to Thrilling Spine Coaster.

Waddlewing's Nest

  • The first Star Coin is in a red warp pipe. Go through the level until you see a line of green pipes containing Piranha Plants on the floors and ceilings. The red pipe is at the end of the bottom line. You need to stomp through brick blocks to get to the coin, so you'll have to be big.
  • The second Star Coin is hidden not far from the first. Keep climbing the area until you see a tilting platform near a Chain Chomp, as well as a line of coins on the right wall. Check the wall beside the second tilting platform to find a P-Switch. Hit it, then go back to the line of coins (now bricks) to find a short path up to the coin. Do this quickly or the coins in front of the Star Coin will become bricks again.
  • The third Star Coin is in plain sight on the elevator ride down in the second part of the course. Once the elevator is far enough down, wall jump up to the coin.

Light Blocks, Dark Blocks

  • The first Star Coin is close to the beginning, on the right side of the first ladder you come across.
  • The second Star Coin is in a yellow warp pipe on the right side of the screen, which should be easy to see as you ascend. You'll have to hop off the heads of Flying Koopas to get it; a Flying Squirrel Suit makes this much safer.
  • The third Star Coin is behind a Fire Bro. that's lobbing fireballs at you above the warp pipe that leads to the exit. Unless you have a Fire Flower you'll likely have to take a hit to get this coin.

Walking Piranha Plants!

  • The first Star Coin is hidden in a wall. Proceed until you find a short pit with three Stalking Piranha Plants. Use the nearby Koopa to take them out. It will bust through a hidden brick on the right wall. Slide under the brick to get to the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is in a sky section. After you get the first coin, proceed right until you find a big gap in the ceiling. Use the Flying Squirrel Suit to fly up into it and find a hidden area. The coin is high in the sky here, and requires a boost to reach.
  • The third Star Coin is beneath an orange bridge a short ways from the halfway point. You must have the Flying Squirrel Suit to get it. Keep going right until you find a gap, then fly down to the bridge in the right wall. Jump off to the left, glide until you get under the coin, then hit ZR to boost up, grab it, and get back on the first bridge. Wall jump if you don't have enough height.

Thrilling Spine Coaster

  • The first Star Coin is along the initial section of track on the roller coaster, and shows up briefly in the headlights of the coaster. Grab it quick as you zip by. Jump the whole way to make sure you see it in time.
  • The second Star Coin is hidden like the first, though you get no warning that it's coming up other than the presence of Spike Tops on the ceilings. Once you see them, keep jumping and look for the coin. If you grab the Star out of the question block at the top of the first big hill, you should have light just long enough to spot and grab this coin.
  • The final Star Coin is near the exit, and it requires you to have Star power when you exit the darkened portion of the course. You have just enough time to grab the Star out of a Question block at the top of one of the dips in the course, then ride the coaster to the pipe. Hit the block here for another Star, then hit the block outside for yet another Star. Race across the Munchers and grab the coin while invincible. Timing must be perfect to pull this off.

Screwtop Tower

  • The first Star Coin is in a yellow warp pipe a short ways from the beginning. Once you see the pipe in the left wall, ride the screw platform until you're underneath the gap between the pipe and the next platform over and jump to reveal two hidden blocks. Go through the pipe to find a ton of Bony Beetles on note blocks. Wait for their spikes to go down, then bounce across them to the left side of the notes and launch yourself at the platform with the POW block. It will take out the Bony Beetles and drop the coin from the sky.
  • The second Star Coin is in plain sight after the halfway point. Ride the screw platform from the left and around the firetrap, all the way to the right.
  • The third Star Coin is above the boss door. Get rid of the Bony Beetles on the platform beside the door, then check the air above the platform for hidden blocks. After three sets of hidden blocks you'll find the coin.

Shifting-Floor Cave

  • The first Star Coin is hanging between moving platforms. Go over and to the right and approach it from the left side as the platforms move out of your way.
  • The second Star Coin is within sight normally, but out of reach and above the ceiling. Once you see it, backtrack a short ways to a gap in the ceiling that you can reach via a moving platform. Knock out the blocks at the top and jump over the ceiling and to the right to get the coin.
  • The third Star Coin is right under the pipe to the exit. Before you enter the long stretch of moving platforms leading to the coin, bop the nearby Red Koopa and grab its shell. Get onto the long platform and kick the shell ahead to take out the enemies in the way, then stop it with a quick jump when it hits the end and comes back at you. The second there's a flat floor to send it across, kick it towards the pipe. The floor will shift back and send the shell into the pit, collecting the coin for you. Under no circumstances should you be on the right side of the rising wall during this! You will fall and you will die!

Roy's Conveyor Castle

  • The first Star Coin is right at the start. Wait for the conveyor belts overhead to drop one big block in front of it so you can cross the lava. Boot it to the coin as soon as it lands - another block is about to drop that will keep you out if you take too long.
  • The second Star Coin is in a hidden warp pipe not far from the first. Proceed until you have to ride blocks under three spaces in the ceiling. The third, which has no coins, houses the pipe. Wall jump up, then once you're inside bolt for the coin before a block can fall in front of it.
  • The third Star Coin is only found via a secret entrance to the stage, across the red blocks on the main map. Beat the level once to get the first two coins, then go back out and use the secret entrance to find a small back path to Roy's door. Hit the P-Switch you come across, then dash to the left over the lava to get to the Star Coin before it's caged by a falling block.


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