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How to find the Star Coins of Soda Jungle in New Super Mario Bros. U

Updated on January 5, 2013

If you thought the previous worlds were hard, just wait unto you step into Soda Jungle. There are more Star Coins to find than ever, and they're littered amongst some of the hardest stages in the game. Be prepared for a lot of searching and restarts as you search for them -

- or, you know, you could just follow this walkthrough instead.

The Mighty Cannonship

  • The first Star Coin is on the outside of the ship, at the bottom of a ladder and easy to spot.
  • The second Star Coin is also on the outside, hanging above a screw transport and a cannon. Bounce off the cannonballs to reach it.
  • The third Star Coin, inside the ship, is hidden by brick blocks. You can use a Targeting Ted to get at it or bump through with big Mario's head.

Jungle of the Giants

  • The first Star Coin is beneath a series of grassy platforms. To get at it you need to kick a Koopa shell at the first huge block, then go back a bit, get another Koopa shell, and kick it at the next row of blocks to open the path.
  • The second Star Coin is in a warp pipe. Past the halfway point you'll find a sign with an arrow next to a small pipe with a huge Koopa on it. Get rid of the Koopa and enter the pipe. Inside you'll find two huge Goombas and a P-switch. Hit the P-switch, then bounce off the head of one of the Goombas to get at the coin floating above.
  • The third Star Coin is right beside the exit pole, but you can't reach it through normal means. The easy way to get it is to have a Flying Squirrel Suit handy. The hard way is to get a Star from the middle question block in the little valley filled with bricks nearby (use the big Koopa to knock out the bricks), charge towards the goal while invincible, and leap from each successive brick on the way up to the coin without missing a single jump. You have just enough time if you move non-stop. This method is tricky, and may take some practice to pull off.

Bridge over Poisoned Waters

  • The first Star Coin is hovering over a spinning log. Run quickly along it before you get dumped into the water.
  • The second Star Coin is in a warp pipe. Wander through the swamp until you see a pipe in the dirt overhanging a log. Get beneath the pipe and jump up from the log to reveal invisible blocks. Do this three times to make your way up into the pipe. Inside, hit the bricks nearest the pipe to reveal a P-switch, then collect coins up to the top to get at the POW block. Use it after the blocks have turned back into coins to drop all of them, including the Star Coin at the top, onto the ground.
  • The third Star Coin is along a series of rising and falling brick blocks. Run along them until the coin rises out of the swamp and grab it.

Bramball Woods

  • The first Star Coin is between two sets of brick blocks. Wait for the Bramball to amble over your head to the left, then slide down one side of these walls. Once you have the coin, wall jump back up.
  • The second Star Coin is just before the halfway point. Wait for the Bramball in the pit to stop, then bounce off its head to the platform just below the bridge. Enter the wall to find the coin.
  • The third Star Coin is located under a line of donut blocks. Wait for the Bramball at the bottom to pass, then fall under and grab the coin.

Snake Block Tower

  • The first Star Coin is partway up the path of the snake block, between two large Amps.
  • The second Star Coin is found by jumping onto a smaller snake block you'll find partway up the tower's first screen.
  • The third Star Coin is also found on a smaller snake block, this one in the second part of the tower.

It is highly recommended that you play Snake Block Tower with the Flying Squirrel Suit. Getting the coins without one is possible, but it's much, much riskier.

Which-Way Labyrinth

  • The first Star Coin is found in the room with the three Broozers (top-right door in the first room). Sink on the central platform and get rid of the Broozer on the left. Enter its small room to find the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is found in a hidden coin room. Take the bottom-right door all the way to the end of the room with the Scaredy Rats and up to the second exit, through the fake wall. Now that you're on the second floor of the first room, head up to the top left and search the air for a hidden block. It will give you enough of a lift to go through the wall and down to the door with the coin.
  • The third Star Coin is in the room with the disappearing blocks (bottom-left door in the first room). Stay on the rising platform past the first door you come to and go through the secret passage in the top left, then enter the next door to find the blocks. Fall through the first set, then run to the right side of the next platform and go through the wall. The coin is inside.

Clearing the course by taking the path to the third coin will open the way to Soda Forest's secret level, Flight of the Para-Beetles.

Painted Swampland

  • The first Star Coin is in a yellow pipe almost halfway through the level. Unlike most warp pipes, this one has a Piranha Plant in it.
  • The second Star Coin is just to the left of the halfway point, floating above three pipes that will sink when you touch them.
  • The third Star Coin is above a pipe near the end, circled by ghosts. Jump onto the pipe, wait for the ghosts to pass, then jump and grab the coin.

Deepsea Ruins

  • The first Star Coin is between two statues facing each other in the first screen. Drop between them, into the water, to find the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is halfway up the third screen, within a group of circling Boos.
  • The third Star Coin is right at the top, just before the exit pipe. Rather than going through, go a little to the right, into the darkness. A statue will begin to fall. Get out of its way and behind it you'll find the coin.

Seesaw Bridge

  • The first Star Coin is in a hidden warp pipe, located in a small cliff edge near the first set of rotating platforms (there's a tiny lip to jump over, in case you think you missed it). You'll have to hop onto the central platform in this small cave to get the coin, then get off again before it dips into the poison at the bottom. Getting the Flying Squirrel Suit is highly recommended for snagging this coin.
  • The second Star Coin is between two rotating platforms, just about the poison swamp. Rather than getting it yourself, grab a Koopa shell nearby and toss it at the coin to collect it.
  • The third Star Coin is in the third of three pipes, not far from the end of the level. Inside you'll drop onto a P-switch; run along the brick blocks, jumping to make invisible blocks visible. Once you're at the end, jump on top of these blocks and hop your way to the coin.

Wiggler Stampede

  • The first Star Coin is in a pit with a huge Wiggler. Wait for the Wiggler to turn towards the coin, then jump down into the pit and bounce off of the Wiggler's back to get the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is up a climbing vine. Shortly after the first coin you'll see a small bridge with three built-in brick blocks. Bounce off the giant Wiggler underneath and hit the center block to activate the vine, then climb up into a clouded area. Hit one of the question blocks on the right to activate another vine leading to the coin, which moves back and forth unseen along the top of the area.
  • The third Star Coin is located along the route of the giant Wiggler you must follow, hovering over poison water. The Wiggler's head will emerge just under the coin; hop down to get it when the head comes out.

Iggy's Volcanic Castle

  • The first Star Coin is just before the halfway point, tucked under a bridge. Wait for the lava wave to pass, then run under at top speed, get the coin, and immediately jump out of the way of the next lava wave. Unless your timing is perfect, you're dead.
  • The second Star Coin is up the second green pipe in the ceiling, a ways after the halfway point. Inside you'll find a POW block; chuck it to bring the coin down up top.
  • The third Star Coin is in a warp pipe just before the door to the battle with Iggy, partially obscured by the lava when it's passing by. Drop into the pipe to find a room filled with Lava, the bottom of which is patrolled by big Dry Bones. You must hop off the heads of the Dry Bones to get the coin, then back up to the top to leave. This one may require some practice, but it's not that hard so long as you don't think about the lava.

Flight of the Para-Beetles

  • The first Star Coin is out in the open. Hop on a Para-Beetle to get to it.
  • The second Star Coin is located right near where you first encounter the enormous King Bills. Wait for the first one to pass, then use the bigger Para-Beetle to descend onto the coin.
  • The third Star Coin is located at the end of the level, though you can't reach it by going through the green warp pipe on the previous screen. Instead, use the Para-Beetles to go through the red pipe. You need to line your Para-Beetle up just right to do this.

Despite what you may think, it's quite possible to complete this level without the Flying Squirrel Suit - just not recommended.


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      4 years ago

      YMMD with that anrsew! TX

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      You've imspersed us all with that posting!


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