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How to find the Star Coins of Sparkling Waters in New Super Mario Bros. U

Updated on January 5, 2013

The perilous seas of Sparkling Waters are much more dangerous than they look, and Star Coin searchers will have to work doubly hard to find them all - especially when ghosts are involved. This guide will help you find all of the Star Coins in Sparkling Waters, the third world of New Super Mario Bros. U.

Waterspout Beach

  • The first Star Coin is easy to spot, floating in midair after three big water spouts.
  • The second Star Coin is under a pipe a little ways ahead of the first coin. Grab the Ice Flower along the way, then freeze the Cheep-Cheep swimming in the water under the pipe. Use it as a step to get the coin.
  • The third Star Coin is located above five water spouts. Grab the POW block before the spouts and hurl it once they go up. The coin will fall out of the sky over the middle spout. Wait for the spouts to be active or it may sink into the water.

Tropical Refresher

  • The first Star Coin appears as you're moving along the stage. Swim slowly and you'll see it slide out between two red pipes.
  • The second Star Coin is just after the halfway point. Swim until you find two huge Urchins flanking a small platform. Swim down to the side of the platform and you'll find a hidden room with a question mark switch. Hit the switch and the coin will fall from above.
  • The third Star Coin is in a warp pipe under a massive Urchin. Enter the pipe when the Urchin ascends and you'll find a small gap with another huge Urchin. You have to descend through the Urchin, grab the coin, and then swim back up. This requires that you take two hits, so have Fire Mario or another suit ready.

Giant Skewer Tower

  • The first Star Coin is hidden above the first giant skewer you encounter in the water. Wait for it to slam to the left, then go through the small tunnel and up into the ceiling. There's a small hidden space here with the coin. Grab it, wait a few seconds for the skewer to slam through again, and go back out.
  • The second Star Coin is just beyond the water. Jump onto the note blocks and use them to bounce up to it.
  • The third Star Coin is in the second area, just above another skewer. Use the note blocks here to jump up to it. The Flying Squirrel Suit acorn found in a question block just before this part makes getting the coin much easier.

Haunted Shipwreck

  • The first Star Coin is beneath the door in the first area. Proceed across the watery gaps until you find the door, then check the wall immediately under the pole to the left of the door. You'll find a path to the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is in the area with the circling ghosts. Swim through it and you'll soon see the coin floating above the water.
  • The third Star Coin is above the door into the third area. Once you're inside the hidden passage, check the area immediately above the door for the coin.

While you're here, you might as well find the secret exit to Skyward Stalk. You can find this in the third area, as well: wander through the walls until you find an arrow sign pointing to the right. Backtrack and check the ceiling for a gap. Wall jump up the gap to find a door out. You can't do this if Mario is small! There's not enough room!

Above the Cheep Cheep Seas

  • The first Star Coin is on a stretch of donut blocks. Stand on the pulley platform closest to it and wait for it to sink, then run off and grab the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is under several cliff just after the halfway point. Drop down onto the donut blocks between the two water spouts and keep jumping until the right spout stops, then run over and grab the coin. Don't stay in one spot for too long or the block will give out and fall.
  • The third Star Coin is in a warp pipe near the end of the level, beneath a cliff edge and separated from moving platforms by a big gap. You must have Yoshi, a Flying Squirrel Suit, or incredible luck with Cheep Cheep bouncing to get to the pipe. Inside is a POW block; throw it to bring down the coin on a platform. Make sure to grab the coin before it drags the platform into the pit.

Urchin Shoals

  • The first Star Coin is tucked under a bridge. To get it you must first become Mini Mario by grabbing it from a nearby brick block, a little ways from a pit containing a huge Urchin. Run to the next set of pits and hop down into the water overtop the two Urchins on the way to the coin. Mario can stay atop the water by jumping and reach the coin.
  • The second Star Coin is found up a tiny warp pipe near the first coin. Use the water spout to get inside the pipe.
  • The third Star Coin is in another warp pipe. Proceed until you find a bridge patrolled by a Koopa with four spouts under it, each spout topped by two Urchins. Wait until the first set of Urchins is raised, then kick the shell from the Koopa to the right. With proper timing it will take out all of the Urchins as they come up. Go down onto the spouts and into the pipe at the left to find the coin, between two huge Urchins.

Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto

  • The first Star Coin is in plain sight. Outswim the current to get to it.
  • The second Star Coin is almost immediately after the halfway point, sandwiched between two sets of brick blocks. You'll have to be at least big to get it.
  • The third Star Coin is in a red warp pipe near the end of the level. Go in. grab the coin, and get out quick - two purple Dragoneels will show up in a hurry and make life horrible if you linger.

Having trouble outpacing Dragoneel? Keep the Fire Flower upgrade as long as you can. You can't kill Dragoneel, but shooting it with a fireball will slow it down for a few seconds.

Larry's Torpedo Castle

  • The first Star Coin is above a set of question blocks in the first area. Wait for the fire jets to start up and burn for a few seconds, then wall jump up. The jets should have stopped by the time you land.
  • The second Star Coin is right beside the halfway point. Swim around to the tunnel leading to it, wait for a Torpedo Ted to zip past, then follow it to the coin. Tap A the whole time or you won't be able to outpace the next Ted in line.
  • The third Star Coin is in the final stretch of moving fences before you reach Larry. Look for a single coin near the ceiling, then check the ceiling as you crawl. The coin is hidden up there.

Skyward Stalk

  • The first Star Coin is partway up the stalk, just above a furling and unfurling platform on the left side of the screen.
  • The second Star Coin is a little ways up from the first. Watch the left side of the screen once orange bridges come into view for the tip of one poking out of a cloud. The coin is hidden in this cloud.
  • The third Star Coin is off to the right side near the end of the stage, hanging in midair. If you have the Flying Squirrel Suit you can get it easily on your own; otherwise, wait for Goombas on balloons to float up under it, then hop off of their balloons to get the coin.


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      4 years ago

      There is a way to get the third coin in sparkling waters tropical refresher without having the fire suit or having to lose any suit. After you get the second coin, go into the first warp pipe under the giant urchin. In there you will get a star. When you leave that room, hit the brick outside while you still have the star and you will immediately get another star. With that star power go into the next warp pipe under the giant urchin and kill the urchin blocking your way to the third coin before your star power runs out!!


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