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How to get Mass Effect 3 Free

Updated on February 20, 2012

Mass Effect 3 is certainly free, but what you will have to do to get a free copy of the game may be out of this world!

Have you heard of objects being launched into outer space? I'd heard of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's ashes being launched into outer space, upon his death. Also, the history channel had made me aware of certain objects that the government has launched into outer space, with the intent of possible communication with extra-terrestrial life forms. But, who would have thought that Mass Effect 3 would be launched into space?

"Look, up in the sky!" "It's a bird." "It's a plane." "It's Mass Effect 3!"

The above quote, with the exception of the last line, is best known from the movie "Superman." Superman may be a hero from another planet, but then so are the stars of Mass Effect.

Mass Effect is a popular science fiction video game series created by Bioware. Mass Effect games are known for having long and engaging stories that allow players to develop interactive relationships, and make important in-game choices that dramatically affect game play.

Most M.E. fans are currently anticipating the scheduled release of Mass Effect 3 on March 6, 2012 (US), and that is why the news that EA is launching six weather balloons, 90,000 feet or more into space, with free copies of Mass Effect 3, is so interesting. The weather balloons will be released over the cities of San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Berlin, London, and Paris.

Fans will be able to track the progress of these Mass Effect bearing weather balloons at the Official Mass Effect Website (due to a GPS tracking device on each copy), and anyone who finds one will own a copy of the game a week before the game is even released in stores, but not only will this space faring copy come early, it will also be free, and you will honestly be able to say it came from space...

It may be safer to stay in your house the week before the release of Mass Effect 3, but then where is the fun in that? Just don't get frightened by the masses of Mass Effect Fans who may be on the treasure hunt of a life-time in your backyard.

What would you do to get a free copy of Mass Effect 3?

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I can see the Headlines now...

A Father of three got struck down early one morning, after eating a bowl of Wheaties cereal. The UFO fell straight from the sky, neighbors say, and crashed right onto the man's head, almost knocking the poor fellow out. Fortunately, the man's son knew exactly what the strange looking box was. "It's Mass Effect 3" the boy said proudly. Not long after the landing, the man's street became littered with Mass Effect fans who clamored for a first look. "Run for your life!" were the last words uttered from the man's mouth before he locked himself, and his son away in the house.

Mass Effect fans were heard screaming about the weather balloon, and the 92 year old man who lived next door, was heard grumbling under his breath "They said it was a weather balloon in my day too, but I know the truth..."

Little Timmy is missing! He was last seen diving into the Pacific Ocean, and yelling "Mass Effect 3 is MINE!"

Seeing as 70 percent of the earth is water, good luck little Timmy...

Little Johnny becomes an astronaut, instead of the punch line of a joke, at 9 years old! It all began with Mass Effect 3, and what he did to get a free copy...

Aliens wage war on Earth over copies of Mass Effect 3!

Have you envisioned any interesting headlines? Be sure to comment below and tell us about it!


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    • videogameviking profile image

      videogameviking 5 years ago from California

      So true!

    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 5 years ago from Texas

      It brings a whole new realm to the Care Package.

    • videogameviking profile image

      videogameviking 5 years ago from California

      Yes, I thought so too! Thanks for the comment.

    • Abzolution profile image

      Abigail Richards 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      What an awesome marketing campaign!