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How to get Twitch Partnered - Make Money Playing Games!

Updated on January 9, 2015

The Golden Rules. Well, the Basics.

Every gamer wants to be paid for playing their video games. Whether it's PC or console, it really is appealing to entertain, have people socialize in your channel and enjoy watching you do something you love, but getting paid for it is just even better. Being Twitch partnered is fantastic once you have it but getting Partnered is extremely tough. Here's some of the main basic points and rules to help you on your way.

What You Need.

Before we progress to the basic but yet so golden rules of trying for a Twitch partnership, you need a few things to get started.

Good Internet! - Internet upload speed is a biggie. Nobody in their right mind is going to want to sit in a stream that's constantly buffering, lagging, or just poor quality. Anything about 750kb/s upload should do fine but the faster the better of course!

Good Games! - When starting out, try to meet the games in the middle. You're going to want to play a game which is good enough to bring in viewers and is entertaining to play, but you'll also need to try to avoid hugely popular games for streaming as well, as you've probably guessed, you're channel will be the last on the page and it's unlikely you're going to be able to compete with a channel with 20,000 viewers.

Capture Card/Game DVR or Next Gen Console. - A Capture Card will let you stream you're content from PC or games console through PC, then onto twitch. This is the most popular way of doing things. Although, the Xbox One and PS4 both have the ability to broadcast straight from console with no extra hardware or software just using the game and the Twitch app. This is probably the easiest for starting as you don't need to invest in equipment, and with the Kinect and PlayStation Eye also being used as a webcam, you can also show yourself and you're surroundings if you wish too.

So that's what you need. Lets move on.

The Important Stuff and Tips!

Right, this is the money shot right here. The important stuff!

The road to partnership may be long. Be prepared. These tips will help you speed up the process.

Be An Entertainer - People stay hooked on channels not just because of the game, but because of the entertainment from the streamer playing it. When starting off, try to stay clear of games where the top channels all have over 1000 viewers. This means people who want to watch the game, will go to the most popular, when you've starting to create you're own fanbase, then that is when the viewers will be following you, not the game and you can start to stream whatever you like.

Don't Shut up - Keep talking. Make yourself known. At the side of your broadcast you'll have your chat. Don't neglect your viewers as these are the people that you need for your partnership!

Keep Your Viewers Happy - Viewers are the golden ticket to your partnership. Without them, you are nothing. They need to be kept happy. Don't ignore followers and viewers in the chat, reply to them and engage in conversation and you'll really start to form bonds and friendships with your viewers and they'll be more likely to come back.

Don't Be a Beg - Begging for donations, followers ect isn't going to help you and it will annoy the people in the stream. If somebody wants to donate, let them do so when they want. If people want to follow, they will and nobody likes being harassed to follow a streamer!

Trolls - Expect them. That's all i can say on the matter really, although viewers in the chat will love you to reply and troll back, some would prefer to just time out or ban certain viewers. Trolling back and being generally funny towards somebody will also most probably gain you more viewers

Giveaways - Everybody loves free stuff. Start off small. For example, say to your viewers that when you reach 100 followers, you'll give away 10k FIFA coins or something like that. You don't have to go straight in and give away a ferrari, just start small. Giveaways can be done in many different ways. Gift cards, Points, Games, Consoles are good prizes but the giveaways themselves can be done as a raffle, for example every follower or every donation gets a number for a raffle, random user names, anything you like!

Schedule - Don't stream once a month, make yourself a schedule for so many days a week and for so many hours. mix and match it for when you think you'll get the biggest audience!

Have I Missed Something?

If you think I've missed something or you also have a few tips, leave them in the comment box for people to scroll down and read!

My personal Twitch channel is lawt2310

Follow me on Xbox One - lawt2310

on Twitter - @thegamewriter23 or @baranlawton


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