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How to get pearls on Go Fishing Game

Updated on December 24, 2011

How to get pearls on Go Fishing game

Go Fishing is a free online fishing game (facebook app) where knowing how to get pearls is the secret to getting ahead in the game. Now the easiest way to get pearls is to simply buy them (just click the 'get pearls' link in the top left corner of the game). This will cost you real money from your credit card or facebook credits. However, if you are like me, getting pearls for free sounds like more fun! There are more or less five ways to get pearls for free when playing the Go Fishing app on facebook.

Five ways to get pearls for free

The five ways to get pearls for free (at least these are the only ways I know how to get pearls for free) are:

  1. Finish the level by earning enough points (by catching fish etc.). This will give you one pearl every time.
  2. Finish high level quests. Occasionally some high level quests will give you a pearl.
  3. Win a pearl or two pearls in the lottery (this comes down to luck and access to lottery tickets). This also includes winning a pearl from another promotional / season gift items (such as a santa sack at Christmas time).
  4. Winning a place in a tournament that offers pearls as prizes.
  5. Pull a treasure out of the water (that may have a pearl and some coins in it)

These five ways to win pearls on the Go Fishing game are described in a bit more detail below.

Get pearls from leveling up

Every time you level up you receive a pearl for free. This is the only certain way to get a pearl. To level up you will need to earn points. The easiest way to do this is to catch fish (if you struggle with the basics of fish catching then check out this video). Each fish will bring you closer to the required amount of points. Using your coins to buy better bait and stronger fishing line and hooks will enable you to catch bigger fish. Catching bigger fish will also help you to earn more coins and buy more items. Some other common ways to earn points include finishing quests, retrieving collectible items or receiving bonuses.

How to catch fish on Go Fishing Facebook Game

Earn pearls from quests

Pearls are offered as a reward for completing some quests. The easier quests generally only offer points and coins as a reward. However, as you complete these quests you can move onto more advanced quests. At the completion of some of the advanced quests, you will get a pearl (along with coins or points). This is not a fast way to earn pearls, but most quests require you to do things you want to do anyway (i.e. catch fish, try new baits, travel to new fishing spots etc.). So I usually complete the quests as I play and have ended up with several pearls as a result of completing quests.

Winning the lottery

As the name may suggest, a lottery is no certainty to win you pearls. There are several ways to win a lottery. Often when you log into the game for the first time of the day, you will receive coins from a lottery (even without having a ticket!). I guess it may be possible to win pearls this way, but I have only one them from lottery tickets or similar promotional gifts (like a Santa sack). Lottery tickets will always bring you a prize. The prize is usually food items, bait or gear, but sometimes it is a pearl or two pearls. I strongly advice against purchasing lottery tickets in an attempt to win more pearls. Purchasing lottery tickets will cost you a pearl, but this is not worth the risk. Instead, friends who are level 40 or greater can send you lottery tickets for free! So add some friends! Also, at certain times of the year (like Christmas) Go Fishing players can send their friends promotional gifts that act in a similar way to lottery tickets and offer a gift (in the same way a lottery ticket does) when you use them.

Winning pearls in tournaments

Pearls can be won in tournaments. Tournaments involve competing against other players who are online. To compete in a tournament you will first need to register. Details of the upcoming tournaments can be viewed by clicking on the tournaments icon that looks like a cup on the left hand side of the display. Entering tournaments will cost you some coins, but you will be able to win a range of prizes (including pearls). In order to win pearls or other prizes by competing in fishing tournaments you will need to finish in first, second or third place. The number of pearls and their distribution across first, second and third position may be different depending on the tournament.

Finding pearls in a treasure chest

I have won a couple of pearls by finding treasure chests in various fishing locations. I have found the best way to find a treasure chest is to use a fish finder. I generally just purchase the cheapest fish finder from the store. The fish finder screen will show you what you are likely to pull in when you cast. It also increases your chance of pulling in good things (like big fish and collectibles). Most of the time the fish finder will display small, medium or large fish, indicating you are likely to catch a fish of corresponding size. Sometimes the fish finder will display a question mark indicating you are likely to pull in a collectible. However, when the fish finder displays a treasure chest this indicates you are likely to pull in a treasure. The treasure will usually include coins and occasionally include a pearl.

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