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How to get rid of stress from playing video games

Updated on March 25, 2013

Most of us played different type of video games like RPG, fighting, action or puzzle games on your consoles or handheld. I also believe you have experienced sudden stress while playing the game or after it. Sometimes you will feel lightheadedness or unimaginable headache and discomfort. Its really hard to overcome this symptoms. Even if you take a medicine it will not work. So I would like to share this article to anyone having hard time relieving stress from playing video games. Just follow these steps to remove stress.


Listen to music

Listening some music or song lets you comfort your mind. If you have mp3 player or just use your phone to play relaxing music. It depends on you which music are you going to play. You can also try to play some instrumental sounds to really relaxed your mind. I'm suggesting not to mix the sound of music that you're playing to the sound of the game because it can result to confusion which one are you going to listen. It would be better also if you'll use a headset while playing it to really hear the music and feel it.

Relax for a while

Relax, that is the word. When playing some puzzle game and it was really hard to beat. Try lay down the controller for a while and do nothing and think things that makes you happy.

Practice the game or level that you can't beat

Practicing and leveling is important factor on video games. Leveling most particular with RPG games and practice for fighting games. If you can't beat boss in fighting games. Try to memorize its movements and practice all the combos or some counter attack to beat the boss. You can do it by using practice mode on the game or if you really want to make an analysis on every attack he made. Try to capture a video of your battle then think of a way to anticipate all his attacks. This one is applicable on AI boss battles because if you're going to do this on a human player. They will be able to adjust some patterns of their attack to messed up your rhythm.

For RPG, easiest way to beat bosses is to level up your party characters before you fight it. Preparation is the key for any RPG boss battle. Do this properly and you'll beat it smoothly.

Take a 15 minute break

Game is similar to work and people who play the game is not a machine. So it will not hurt your time if you'll take at least 15 minute break for every 1 hour. This 15 minute break also suggested by the game manufacturer of game consoles. I have read the manual of my game console and I saw some precautions there that you need to take 15 minute break for every 1 hour playing time. I laughed about it because ever since I owned and play video games I didn't follow this rules, now I'm paying the consequences because sometimes I experienced eye strain more often. I followed this precaution now because Its really hard to have complications on eyes and it will also lead to headache and other annoying pains. Just pretend that you are employee for a company and you need to take 15 minute break.

As you can see on the second paragraph, It says 15-minute break during each hour of play
As you can see on the second paragraph, It says 15-minute break during each hour of play | Source

Talk to your friends

Talking to someone, somehow decrease the chance to get stress. You have friends to get your attention rather than playing video games seems to confusing but it has some rewards like if you can't beat or solve a puzzle, you can ask them to solve it for you or probably they could give some advise to beat it.

Just 10-15 minute walk will help you to relieve stress
Just 10-15 minute walk will help you to relieve stress | Source

Exercise, Stretching or Walk outside

If you're really stressed playing it. Try to stop the game and walk outside and look other things like beautiful scenery. Or do an exercise. Most people do it because they want to vent out their problem or stress to a person. In this case from a game. You'll see the result immediately after you've done this.

Take out all your anger on the pillow not on the controller

Sometimes you can't take the anger and rage on the game that you played so I'm suggesting to punch or throw your pillow instead the controller.

Instead smashing the controller, do it on the pillow. It'll cost you more bucks on this one. So try to control your temper
Instead smashing the controller, do it on the pillow. It'll cost you more bucks on this one. So try to control your temper | Source
Sleep like snorlax
Sleep like snorlax | Source

Save the game then Sleep

so far I believe this is the best way to relieve stress playing a video game. If you're really tired of playing and annoyed holding the controller and looking at the monitor for a long time. I think its time to leave everything then go to bed and have a nice and relaxing sleep. This is what most people do. If they are exhausted they take a sleep then sometimes there's a magic on it like when you can't beat a boss fight or solve a puzzle game then you stop playing it then take a sleep. After you have a complete rest then go back to the game, you will be very surprise that you are able to beat the boss and solve the puzzle easily. Probably because your mind was really exhausted and it needs time to take some rest to refresh it. This method is also applicable not only playing video games but all the stress related problems on your job, family and friends. Your brain is not battery powered so don't abuse it.

Avoid the part of the game that you're having hard time to beat

For this one, if you're stuck on a level that you can't beat. Stop trying to play that level, you're just wasting your time. I recommend to do some sidequest or level up a bit before going to hard level. It is important to remember that some levels or stage on a video game especially Role Playing Games, they are design to increase your level or have at least a decent weapons for a specific stage. This is common for sidequest. When you go on particular area there will be big difference on players level to enemy level. It means that this is not the right time to play that area so the best thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are prepared enough to beat those monsters like leveling up on easier areas or getting powerful equipment. Doing this will not waste your time, this is also a leverage to go to a higher level of difficulty after you've beaten the particular stage that you're having problem to.

Try to laugh sometimes watching videos like this
Try to laugh sometimes watching videos like this | Source

Stop playing the game and watch TV shows or movies

Have you experienced playing annoying video games that take out your time because its really hard to solve their puzzles and sidequest. Some games contains more puzzle scene than its story scenario or vice versa. So I think its the same thing to watch a movie after you've stop playing the game or try to watch some stupid videos on youtube to satisfy your happiness and relieve stress.

Change the type of video game that your playing

If you are really suck playing fighting games and you always lose. It would be better if you change the game. If its not really your genre try to switch it the one that you have mastered. Or play stress relieving games like angry birds or doodle jump.

Eat some delicious food

Why don't you try to order a pizza or grab a snack from the fridge. Sometimes hunger can messed up your mind and stomach. so get some food to eat then play again the game.

After eating this pizza, I'm really sure that it will refresh your mind
After eating this pizza, I'm really sure that it will refresh your mind | Source

Playing video games should makes you more relax that's why its called game and it should be fun as well. I think beating the game is the best solution to relieve stress. If these information didn't help you at all. I would suggest to stop playing the game forever and do different things.


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