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How to improve your Ultimate Team on FIFA 12

Updated on June 17, 2013

FIFA 12 Ultimate Team is a fun way to enhance your gaming experience both online and offline. In this game mode you play matches to earn coins which you can use to buy players, stadiums,managers and packs of various levels (Gold, Silver and Bronze). In this guide I will tell you how to improve your team without too much difficulty.

Firstly, playing games even if you lose will earn you points. It's best to play the tournaments you know you can win so that you get the tournament bonus which is usually about 750-1500 points. However look out for special tournaments from time to time that give out a huge coin payout like the adidas classico tournament which has been going on for a week and the payout is a massive 5000 coins offline and 8000 coins online. By simply just playing the right tournaments you will see your coin stash steadily rise.

Secondly, spend you coins wisely. I don't recommend buying Gold packs with your coins as you will most likely get average players who will sell for small amounts and consumables which are much cheaper to buy. You can risk it for a amazing player but the odds of getting someone like Messi or Vidic is low. Instead, with the 5000 or 7500 or 15000 you have saved you could buy players like Valdes (5500 - 7500) or Hazard (5000 - 8000) or Reina (3000-5000). This is a much more effective way of spending your coins rather than gambling on gold packs where the odds are against you. With about 50,000 coins you could easily build a 82+ rated team with a 100 chemistry.

Thirdly, to make even more money buy and sell players and consumables. You can get real bargains from time to time like for instance I won Rossi who is a 85 rated CF for only 2500 coins. I definitely know that he will sell for 5000 from past experience, so there's a nice little 2500+ profit on him. Only focus on one or two players because that way you will know how much you will be able to buy for and to sell for in order to make a decent profit. This same method applies to buying and selling consumables.

You should aim to have a team with a 100 chemistry beacuse this way your team performs much better as the passing, build up towards goals and fluididity is better than a team with a lower chemistry but a higher team rating. However when it comes to 1 on 1 situations you need good players in order to win. In general you need a good balance between theses two factors. If you have a high chemistry but low quality players then your finishing touch will be poor. If you have the opposite then you will have a good finishing touch but a poor build up. To have a high chemistry aim to have players from the same league or the same nationality like having a Russian league team or a brazilian team. If you don't have much money don't bother building a La Liga or Barcalys premier league team as these cost a fortune to build.

And lastly, NEVER give out your details to anyone apart from EA. There are many scams like: 'Card Duplication and FREE coins'. These are always scams where they ask for you password and afterwards they will simlpy take everything from you. Stay away from these places and keep safe. A mate of mine found out that someone stole his whole team the other week after he applied for 'Card Duplication'.

All in all I hope this short guide has helped and if you have any questions please feel free to ask as I will answer them. Happy Playing!

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    • profile image

      Mr chaos 5 years ago

      Recommend tournement on for 4 more days ESPN FC tournement bonus 5k offline 7.5k online need 6 nationalaties in starting 11 and subs

    • profile image

      Mr chaos 5 years ago

      Any1 know any cheep keepers worth round 7k?

    • profile image

      Jordan 5 years ago

      I really need SOME COiNS plz any 1

    • jamiew12310 profile image

      jamiew12310 5 years ago

      Nice Ultimate Team hub and good tips