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How to install games on Kindle Fire HD

Updated on November 29, 2012

The Kindle Fire HD is one smart tablet you'd love having since it's useful for a lot of stuff such as browsing the web, reading books, playing music and vides as well as gaming.

With a kindle Fire HD connected to the web, you could easily have access to a lot of Android games which you can download and install on the Kindle in a breeze.

How to install games on Kindle Fire HD

Installing games on Kindle Fire is not much of a hard task and there are 3 ways you can do this:

  1. Installing games from Amazon's Games store
  2. Installing from an outside party
  3. Copying and installing apk files from your computer

Installing games from Amazon's Games store

Since the Kindle Fire HD is basically an Amazon product, they do offer a lot of support one of which is their games download store. This is a huge online store that allows you to search for and browse through a lot of games as well as download them. Some games are for free while some a for a fee. For both cases however, you'd need to include valid credit card details before being able to install them on your device.


  1. Go to games from your Kindle home screen
  2. Search for the game you want or browse through the categories
  3. Select the one you want and proceed to download
  4. Accept the terms and being download and then installation
  5. After installation, you can start playing
  6. You can always open the game app anytime by going to games > Device

Installing games from an outside party

When I say outside party, I'm referring to a thord party site that is outside the Amazon network. By default you should know that Amazon doesn't approve such downloads to Kindle but you can always allow it by going to Settings > More > Device > Allow third party installation

After you've allowed third party installations, you can then go to the games website and choose any Android games you want to download and install to Kindle from your Silk browser. It will be available in your Apps folder after installation. A website I normally use is

Copying and installing apk files from your computer

Another way you can install games on your Kindle Fire HD is by simply downloading it to your computer first and then installing it on your Kindle Fire. A good browser to do this is Google chrome which is also detected as an Android device on siuch games website so you will be prodived with a list of games that are equally suited for Kindle.


  1. Install ES file explorer first from your Kindle browser
  2. Open Google Chrome and go to a safe third party games website
  3. Search for and browse for games
  4. Download to Google chrome
  5. Copy to Kindle internal storage
  6. Use the ES file explorer and open the game's apk file
  7. Allow installation
  8. Now you can play the game on your device


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