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How to keep Crimson Hunters alive and kicking - Eldar Tactica

Updated on June 19, 2013

First things first! Have you ever had durability problems with your Eldar or other AV10 flyers?

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So, I've been thinking about the Eldar's new Crimson Hunter recently, and how it's shocking 10/10/10 armour will almost always get it shot down by other flyers if it doesn't get the first chance to shoot. BUT, I think I may have found a few nice little things to keep it alive (inspiration taken from a few comments on murphy80's hub about his infamous Helldrake) so, I'll keep this short and concise, and hopefully sway a few opinions, I'll start off with the easier things, then finale with the coup de grace of my ideas...

I love this thing, isn't it great? (FYI, the answer isn't no...)
I love this thing, isn't it great? (FYI, the answer isn't no...)

"Prepare for my arrival"

Ok, this is the simple point to make, if you want your Crimson Hunter to survive the first turn it comes in, you'd better have taken down those troops manning Quad Guns on those Aegis Defence lines - they make life hell for this poorly armoured flyer, as they have intercept and can therefore take a shot at it when it enters play. To make sure you take them out properly, bring in some Swooping Hawks to deep strike a few feet behind the guns, then blast them! You can even take the gun for yourself after that! (yes I know it's cheeky, but who's going to tell you otherwise, now you have a Quad Gun pointing at them?) Another way of dealing with them is by letting loose with a Serpent Shield (and you -know- how much I love that baby) which denies the nice cover save granted from the Aegis Defence line, so if it's Tau or Guard manning the gun, they'll take casualties...

Delayed entry

Onto something more tactical, use an Autarch to -1 from your reserves roll for the Crimson Hunter. -period- If you come in a turn before, lets say, a Vendetta gunship, you'll have that thing pointing 3 twin-linked Lascannons at your new vinyl finish on that lovely Nightshade Interceptor, and then you'll crash, burn, and make comments about it to your Wraith buddies at the bar in the infinity circuits for all eternity... Actually taking an Aegis of your own will work well for this if you have the points for the Comms relay, allowing you to reroll those bad reserves rolls, but that's just a finishing touch.

Just because I like putting polls in... Was this hub:

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The Angle Game

Crimson Hunters and Hemlock Wraithfighter have the rule 'Vector Dancer' which allows you to make a 90 degree turn at the end of your movement. I can't stress how important this can be, as you can only move in a 180 degree zone in front of the aircraft per turn. BUT with Vector Dancer, you can set up your move for the next turn! Fly into the rear arc of the enemy flyer (negating their frontal facing weapons , which are the most deadly normally) and then turn the extra 90 degrees towards their flyer, the next turn, the enemy flyer cannot escape your line of fire, and when facing a Crimson Hunter, that spells doom! (or a Farseer can spell 'Doom', but that's not really relevant right now) careful positioning will keep your precious Crimson Hunter alive when using this move, so use it well, I know it won't affect 360 degree turrets, like the Chaos Helldrake's weaponry, but on the whole this should give some good protection from conventional flyers

I spy some tasty METAL BAWKSES
I spy some tasty METAL BAWKSES

The tricksy bit...

Right! I can't think of a name for this, but it sure is a nice manoeuvre to pull off, keeping your Aircraft from coming into play (well not quite but I'll get to that) before the enemies' flyers do, guaranteeing you the first round of shooting if they don't copycat you...

You should all be aware of what happens to flyers when they leave the board, they enter 'Ongoing Reserves' and enter the board again the next turn, USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE, the enemy can't shoot something while it's not in combat airspace! So, lets say you get a jammy roll and the CH comes in round 2, but there's a Hydra Flakk Tank on the other side, and a Valkyrie still left to come into play, the thought processes you should be going through are all quite pessimistic, or something along those lines, not to fear! Move, then turbo boost off the other side of the field if you don't have the distance, and try again next turn!

Well there's the ammunition, load up folks! I don't have much else to say on this matter, and I won't address the "I'm being glanced to death with Bolters!" it takes 54 shots on average to get ONE glancing hit! That's 12 Dire Avengers dead for those amounts of shots, so on average that's 162 snapshotting bolters to take down this -beautiful- aircraft, don't give it too much flak for being weak; that's the Imperial Anti-Air division's job.


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    • profile image

      Aurellian 4 years ago

      Great article, and one I'm definitely using. Annoyed about the Combat Airspace thing, though... Guess I'll have to use an Autarch or 2 and hope for the best!

      I also hadn't considered the Vector Dancer rule being that useful until I read your article, at which point I used it against my friends Quad-gun emplacement. No interceptor fire, as I used Vector Dancer as it came on to just bring it on at the board edge and out of range. Nothing could touch it, and next turn I fired 4 S8 shots at the annoying gun which went bye-bye.

      All good, until his flyer came on.

    • SomeEldarGuy profile image

      Alex 4 years ago

      Ok, so it's an FAQ, should have considered that first. My bad! Ok... That changes my outlook on flyers a lil' bit. Thanks for the heads up.

    • profile image

      gangrel767 4 years ago from South Hadley, Massachusetts

      The FAQ clears up the airspace question.

      Q: Can a Flyer or Flying Monstrous Creature Leave Combat

      Airspace on the same turn that it entered play from

      Reserves/Ongoing Reserves? (p49/81)

      A: No – the owning player must deploy and move their Flyer

      or Flying Monstrous Creature in such a way that this does

      not happen.

      page 6 BRB FAQ

      Otherwise, great article.

    • SomeEldarGuy profile image

      Alex 4 years ago

      I can't see any reference to that clause in either the flyer or ongoing reserves entry, care to enlighten me?

    • profile image

      Cyborn 4 years ago

      You can't leave combat space turn you did arive :/

    • SomeEldarGuy profile image

      Alex 4 years ago

      it's something that was really important in the aeronautica game that GW released, positioning determined just about everything that happened, however it won't work either against hovering flyers (they still get to skyfire and can turn 360 degrees) or anything with wide angled weapon fire, but it'll work against a few things, just got to know what angles the enemy's packing pre-game.

    • murphy80 profile image

      Murphy 4 years ago from Florida

      I like it! I hadn't thought about using the Vector Dancer to fly past an enemy flyer, and then turn to be set up in their rear arc the next turn. Most people are going to just try to shoot the enemy flyer at your first opportunity, but depending on positioning, this might be the better move.