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How to Keep the Legos, Trios, MegaBloks, and other Building Project Books Organized

Updated on December 6, 2012

Organizing my Life


Those Awesome Building Projects

My kids are builders. They love toys that have to be put together and while they enjoys creating their own structures they also want to be able to put together certain items the way they were pictured on the box. At first I struggled with how to keep all of these items organized and to keep my toddler from tearing apart the books that his brother had left in the lego boxes.

I was finding the project books all over the house and quickly realized that when my older son was looking for one I could never find it and I am horrible at recreating the project as it was intended without directions.

So here is my easy, quick solution for all of those manuals

Materials Needed

One Binder - big enough for the kids to be able to flip through the pages easily and fit all of the product books. I choose this very large one because I figure that we will only be adding to it

Dividers - to separate different products

Clear page protectors to hold the books

The Awesome Binder


The Sections

I created a few different sections of the binder. One for trio blocks, legos, megablocks, duplos, and miscellaneous projects that the kids get. My 5 yr old has no problem using the binder and finding what he wants and taking the project out to create it - he ussually needs a little more help putting it back but it was made a difference in our organization.

We keep the binder on the bottom shelf of our coffee table, they are the same color and I barely notice that it is there. The kids know where to find it and can both get to it.


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