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How to kill a Juggernaut Quickly in Modern Warfare 3, Special Ops, Survival Mode (MW3)

Updated on November 12, 2011

Juggernaut is a nemesis in the modern warfare game. They wear a bomb suit and can be hard to kill. They use heavy guns and they sometimes jog after you when you try and run. However, there is a way to kill them very quickly. Use the tips and steps below as a guide to dropping these goons.

Juggernaut Kill: Method 1 (Flash Bang Bang!)

· Stack up on flash bangs

· This works better with two people but you can do it solo.

· Flash the juggernaut and spray heavy fire on the disoriented juggernaut

· Stay clear of the flash bang, duck behind a car or a wall

· Continue the flash and shoot method till the Juggernaut dies a painful death

· Use a shotgun, or heavy machine gun.

Method 2: C4/ Claymore

The juggernaut is all brawn and no brain; it will follow you were ever you go. Take it on a path laced with claymores and C4. Add additional gun fire while you blow it to hell. The beast will soon fall if you do this. This method is best if you are low on ammo

Method 3: Air strike

If you have points to burn throw an air strike at the juggernaut and he will not stand a chance. Is it best to round them up if there is more than one so get them together and kill them with the same strike. Circle the juggernaut to keep them in the kill zone for the air strike. This may be difficult so make sure there are plenty of cars to duck under and buildings to cover under.

Method 4: Co-op: Shoot in the back

You can bully a juggernaut if there are two of you. While the juggernaut is attacking one player keep shooting the juggernaut in the back and when he turns around to shot you, your co-op partner will blast the juggernaut in the back. Be careful not to take too much damage or the juggernaut may take down both of you. Fight the juggernaut in a building or an area surround by cars.

For more info on the Juggernaut check out the wikia page here:


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