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How to make excellent start in Civilization V

Updated on January 25, 2016

Civilization V - new concept in gameplay

Civilization 5 is turn-based strategy game interesting to people who like simulation games. All concepts from previous Civilization games are changed, but fans of Civilization games will not be disappointed. Civ V bring to us completely new and interesting concepts. Your task is not only to lead your people through the history, but to take new social policies and develop culture and art. There are lots of possible ways to make a victory. You will need to choose your way of prosperity very early in the game. There are 5 kinds of victory and they are: Diplomatic, Domination, Scientific, High score and Cultural win. From all this forms of victory, Scientific is probably the easiest way, while the Domination is the hardest victory(you must conquer capitals of all other players).

Challenges in Civ V

You game play depends of your geographical position. If your land is located in the middle of continent, surrounded with other players, you will need to raise a big army. In that case, player must hit enemy with rapid and sudden attacks, or all other players will do the same with him. For development of big army, you must found many cities. Large city-base you will need for scientific victory, too. For cultural victory, you will not need to have too much cities. Instead, prefer to keep a lot of puppet states.

Very important for your development is international cooperation. You must make research pacts with other enemies or to trade with them to make your people much happier. Your contacts with city-states must be at the level of friends or allies. For good relationship with city-states, you will be rewarded with special bonus. For example, militaristic city will bring you new military unit every few turns.

Maritime city-state will bring to you extra food for your capital and further cities too. Cultured city-state will give you up to 20 cultural bonus points per turn . From time to time, city states will ask you for some kind of service (to kill all barbarians, to make science man, to make road to their capital). If you fulfill their task, your influence will increase.You can increase influence on city state on the much easier way, by paying some sum of gold.


Cultural victory in Civilization V

As mentioned before, Civilization V have totally new concept of Social policies. Every new unlocked policy will bring you new capabilities. If you adopt tradition, your costs for gaining tiles will be minor. Patronage will bring you slowly degradation of influence over city states. Piety gives you 15% bonus cultural points from all cultural buildings. Other policies will enable you to raise bigger army or to make much more gold or "hummers".

When you found new city, try not to place it near the border with other civilization or city-state. It will interpret this act as act of aggression and will become your new enemy. Try to make big army if you want to make aggressive war. Wounded units will recover faster on its own territory, then in enemies. If you don't bring enough units, your force will be destroyed in first turn of war, so be careful.

Loads of useful tips for this wonderful game you will found at official website: Civilization 5.

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