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How to make gold on World of Warcraft legally

Updated on June 3, 2011

How to make gold on WoW legally

Looking to buy that new epic, wanting to learn your next riding skill or need money to craft? Well there are easy ways to make your money on WoW legally that many people overlook. Before you know it you can be gold capped or just make the money you need to afford what you need.

First lets cover some basics every character can learn different trades other then First Aid, cooking, Archeology (Cataclysm), and fishing. Two trades that I would suggest for making the most money would be mining and blacksmithing. There is always a high demand for the ores and bars that you mine. However different servers can vary from time to time and each server has its own economic systems. I am unable to provide any one price because in any economy prices fluctuate from day to day and server to server. It still boils down to supply and demand. A good addon to track these fluctuations and for other various tasks is Auctioneer Suite. This can be found here : are even addon's to your addons that can help get into more detailed stuff. I know many gamers are wary of key loggers or viruses and having your characters hacked, deleted, stripped or worse banned. This site is 100% safe I have used it for some time now and they are fully supportive of the WoW community and keeping it a safe place. But back to topic mining is an easy skill to level and can be very profitable, not to mention provides some decent experience and additional HP for your character. So there are many benefits with going with this skill set. To optimize your time mining also another addon to have is : addon will mark places you have mined on your map and minimap. Now that you have mined and smelted all your ores how do you turn that into the most gold. If you have time you can hawk your items on trade chat. In some cases if you have a decent bulk of ores you can make a bit more then on the auction house and save the listing and selling fee's the Auction house charges. If you want to save time you can list on the Auction house and pay a reasonable fee. Don't always go and undercut the cheapest listing on the Auction house because these people are looking for a quick sale and can actually be beneficial to you. Which brings me to the next step.

This process involves having a bit of money to make some money. I would say this requires moderate investment with an almost unlimited potential on your return if you know what your doing. The idea is to look to buy items that are under priced on the Auction House and turn and mark them up. You can do this by controlling the market which can be very expensive and very profitable but could wind up having you a hated person for doing so. My suggestion if your going to do this is find a commodity that is a bit on the rare side so it doesn't seem that your controlling it. The idea is to buy all of the items and then raise the price's to where you like them and people will be forced to buy from you. However considering this is a game and items always have a chance of being found, you need to unload quick otherwise the market will catch back up and you will be left with an inventory that you won't make money on. Another version of this will always net you a bit of money at a decent rate. Instead of controlling the market you search for under priced items, generally if an item sells for 50 gold and someone listed it for 25 you can buy it at 25 re list it at 48 still undercutting and make about 20 gold after the auction house fee's. Generally I go with a 10% difference minimum meaning don't buy it because it's the cheapest but as long as it's at least 10% cheaper then the next listing. Yet again this is where Auctioneer Suite (See link above) comes into play. If you scan the market on a regular basis you will get an average sell price for the item. This is displayed on the right hand side of your search. 100% means the item is being sold at market value. You never want to pay market value if you can help it, even if your doing so to resell. Chances are when the market catches up or restocks prices will resume around that level. Generally if you do this method with more common items such as different cloth's for First Aid or Bars from Mining they resell quickly, most times within a matter of a few minutes to an hour. And many times you will come across a listing where it seems the player fell asleep at the keyboard and listed an item that is worth 500+ gold for 50 gold leaving out a zero. So capitalize on other people's mistakes, sounds rather mean but if you go to a shopping center and they advertise something for $1 and it rings up $2.50 your probably going to complain and they honor the listed price most of the time.

And remember you can always make money off any item that you loot. Don't go and drop it next time you go back to turn in a quest take a second and sell all your junk. Or if its a noteworthy item check the Auction house listing. Yet again if you have Auctioneer Suite it will provide a tool-tip for you below the item and show you prices for the item as of your last scan. No matter what the item maybe there are always new characters being created and items of any level will sell. Higher level characters will pay top dollar for good items for there alts because they can afford it.

Following these guidelines you can be making anywhere from 2-300g an hour or a day. All depending on your efforts and playtime. And remember never give your password out or buy gold from any gold selling sites. They are always and I do mean always a scam. Considering its hard enough for you to make your gold how do you think they can afford to sell it by the ten's to hundred thousands for pennies. Not to mention for them to have that kind of gold on every server. Enjoy your time and good luck on reaching the gold cap.



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    • buckey777 profile image

      Thomas Mitchell 6 years ago from Bangor, Maine

      Low level items even today are still a great investment. Especially if you take the time to go through old content anything you farm is pure profit. As I said before most high level players don't want to take the time to farm all the items for there crafting and will pay a good price for items. An additional suggestion I would make if you have a max level character is you can charge low level characters for runs through some dungeons and raids, while at the same time you loot the items to sell on Auction House.

    • mskills profile image

      mskills 6 years ago from North Carolina, USA

      Nice guide. Definitely remember using Gatherer and Auctioneer when I used to play, particularly back before Blizzard added dailies.

      Not sure if this is still the case, but I recall having great results farming the low level stuff like wool cloth and mithril ore and basically controlling the market on them at the auction house.

      Since it isn't particularly exciting to troll the old zones for crafting profession materials, you can make quite a bit more on your investment in comparison to the max level stuff.