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How to make good money on runescape

Updated on July 9, 2010

A rich bank

Is this you? no? this guide will help you look just like that
Is this you? no? this guide will help you look just like that

How to make money on Runescape

 First off, this is members only


There are two ways of making money;

  • Combat
  • and, Non-combat


Lets start off with combat,

Combat involves 5 main skills which include

  • Attack
  • Strength
  • Defense
  • Magic
  • Range

In this guide you do not really need high skills, just the drive.


Where to go

There a lot of places to go and I mean A LOT so I will mention a few places and mention their advantages and disadvantages which will allow you to choose your best spot.




Green dragons

Now this place is great money for combat I can make 200k in 20 minutes.

What you will need;

  • Games necklace
  • Teleport tablet
  • Food
  • Anti-dragon shield or dragon fire shield
  • weapons and armour

To start off get all your gear and teleport to clan wars, head north until you come across green dragons, this is where you will attack them and gather their loot, I recommend just collecting the dragons bones and the green dragonhide and everything just doesn't compare with them for time and effort though if the odd herb drops that's over 6k, pick it up.

This place is great for loot and can offer about 150k - 250k every 30 minutes depending on your level, there is a downside unfortunatly and that is;

Every say 1 hour a monster will walk into that area and attack you with magic (so be careful), it is called a revenant and if it is close to your level it WILL attack you so be careful.


Flesh crawlers

This place is for low levels (40+) and for high levels (90+) so this place is great for most levels.

This place is easy to get to but first you have to have completed the stronghold of security quest underneath barbarian village so it is very easy to access and is a very short quest.

These monsters have 250hp and are on the second floor. Their drops range from body runes to half a tooth key part and even ranarr herbs!

I can get about 100k - 200k per 30 minutes here.

There is no particlur dangers here so you are safe.



There are a lot of combat skills that can make you money but I will only cover the ones that make the most money which are;

  • Rune crafting (at high levels)
  • Fishing
  • Hunter



For hunter you need to be about level 70+ and you will need to catch carnivorous chinchompas, these sell for about 620gp each but they catch very quick. You need to go south of feldip hills which is south of Ardgoune. They are stackable so you can do this all day long. Hunters will probably be there on every world since they are good money and xp.



For fishing you mainly want about 70+ fishing, you will need a lobster pot, run or teleport to Camelot and run to Catherby which is very close by and look for the shore, right click on the little bubbles in the water and click 'cage lobster pot', you will need to run to the bank after a full inventory as the lobsters are not stackable. Catherby is not the only place to go as you can go to the fishing guild (level 68+) which is close to Ardgoune and also there is Karamja but that is a bit further away from a bank and can come boring.

At later level you should start fishing sharks (90+) as these are about 1k each and offer large money. For them you will need a harpoon.



you will need a level of 91+.

It is recommended you travel to the abyss as this way is quicker. To hasten the run there, use clothes that reduce weight such as penance gloves or spotted cape. Also, you can use teleports to teleport back to edgeville quicker and reduce time and increase profit rate.


I hope this guide offers you a simple guide to how to make money of runescape, thanks for reading




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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Not only is it bad money making methods, but the first picture is also fake.

      You could have at least found a decent real image on google...

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      thanks that helped me ;)


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