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How to make photography an affordable hobby!

Updated on December 29, 2013
Now this is the good life...
Now this is the good life...

Ok photography is a bit costlier than some hobbies for sure, but it can be made a lot more affordable can't it??

Firstly, for your first camera you are far better off buying second hand from an auction site, amazon or second hand shop. I recently mentioned on my Facebook status that I was looking for a cheap beginners camera if anyone on my friendslist had one or knew of anyone who would sell one to me for a good price. Result? I got 3 offers in under half an hour and they were pretty good offers. With people selling direct there is often more haggle-room as well and it's way less awkward over online messaging than in person!

Or if you are not yet sure of committing to buying a camera, why not rent one? There are a number of options for this from various photography studios and technology rental businesses.

Now to the learning the craft bit....

Photography courses can be very pricey, even the evening and weekend ones can reduce a full grown man or woman to tears with their fees! But do you really need to pay to learn photography?? Not at all actually- unless you are going professional and soon- so why not do a google search for free online photography courses? I did and I found this on the first page:

All free. All necessary basics. I have found that there is very little worth getting in life that you can't get for free with a little googling!

Ok, so the last and best step is this one. Practice! And meet people who are like minded- all for free! All cities and many towns have photography meet-up groups for photographers of all levels as well as people just interested in taking up photography. I met such a group on flickr under the group search tool but I also found some on the Meet-up social networking page. But you could also find such groups on social networking sites of any kind. Photography walking groups are very popular and a great way to get out and about town taking photos and meeting friends who can help you improve your craft and down the line they are a whole bunch of people who are more likely to sell you their old camera on the cheap when they are upgrading. My friend has got their last 3 cameras this way over the years! One she even got for free!

So go on! Take up photography. You can afford to!!

A little photography humor...
A little photography humor...


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