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How to make your own video game - Training , Experience and Building your Portfolio

Updated on October 18, 2009
Crysis :) some amazing graphics and A.I in this game
Crysis :) some amazing graphics and A.I in this game

Video games are becoming more and more popular these days with the introduction of new consoles and fun games that every one of all ages can enjoy. There are many groups and even universities offering courses in game making and the aspects of game design. 

We all want to know how to make your own video game, In these groups and UNI courses students are taught about the things that make a game great and addictive and most importantly make it stand out from the rest. 

Universities and companies are joining together to help the new generation of video game makers out there and introducing them to the programs used to make your own video game very early such as adobe Photoshop used to create graphics and characters for a game. A lot of recent work for video game design have been areas of art and character design but don’t stress if your art skills aren’t the greatest there are also lots of jobs in the programming area so if that’s you start learning a new programming language now it’s the best time to start. Jump on those forums and get your head around a computer language it can be a very valuable skill. 

A friend of mine is currently doing game design at uni because he just loves games and he would love to learn how to make your own video game. At the moment he is in his first year and still in the introductory phase where they get you to work on a compelling story line for your game (very important ) and also work on your art skills to design characters and bring them into lift with the use of programs such as Maya and 3dmax .

His current project involves creating a mod for the latest Unreal tournament game and brings the character mod into the game and playing it in a LAN game against other students. I hope this gives some of you an insight into what it will be like learning how to make your own game. These days a great story line and game play make a great game not necessarily the graphics. 

note : this is just customizing your character ingame real mods (modifications) happen outside and take a lot of work
note : this is just customizing your character ingame real mods (modifications) happen outside and take a lot of work

Getting Started

A good place to start as an introductory way to help you build up to making your own games is make custom maps and character mods for existing games it can be a great way to see how it all comes together and is good experience. A recent game that lets users customize characters is spore and is well worth checking out even if just for the creature editor with unlimited possibilities and customizable skeletons it’s a ton of fun.

The importance of Programming!

There is a huge demand right now for people with good programming skills and there is real shortage of people skilled in using C, C++. Many people concentrate too much on visuals and there is much more chance of finding a job in the industry with good programming skills.

Professional Programs & Experience

Some programs you may want to get some experience in to get your foot in the door are


3d MAX

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere

Building a Game in 1 Week with No Budget

Some of you may have about the guy that developed a game in 1 week with no budget to prove a point that building a video game does not require fancy 3d engines or extremely good programming skills. He built his rpg style game from all freeware programs and was successful its an amazing achievement and you can do the same. Check out the article for more information on what programs he used and how he did it.

Game in a Week

Creature i personally made in spore:P so hideous yet beautiful :)
Creature i personally made in spore:P so hideous yet beautiful :)


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