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How to move in up LOL rank

Updated on February 26, 2016

Full Guide

In order to move up to a better position you will need to win more games than you lose. How can you do that? You will have to perform excellent every match. This can be more complicated than it sounds. Although I'm sure you already know this.

You are bound to come across bad team mates who throw the match (especially in bronze and silver). This is inescapable but their are some things you can do to when this happens. Remind them (without showing emotion) to make less risky decisions. When people throw matches they tend to get risky with their decisions which results in the enemy getting more kills. You just have to remind them to play safer. And remember to play safe yourself because low risk actions will allow you to live longer which will help you keep or beat the other teams gold amount by being able to farm the whole match.

Also make sure you ping often to relay valuable information to your team. This is a good habit to build. Ping when enemy players are out of sight. Pay attention to other lanes and ping when any enemy is missing in action(MIA). You should also ping to communicate with your team in other ways like if you think something is too risky you can ping the warning signal. This is very important in low elo to help people that often make bad decisions.

When it comes to champions that you pick in champ select. Make sure you have fully mastered the champion. Some people are able to move up in elo with just 1 champ. That is because they are really good with that champ and they can do well every single match. Never pick a champ that you haven't fully played in depth. I like to have about 3 champs for each role to pick from that I know I can really play skillfully. Normal matches are great to practice champions. A good way to master a character is to just play that same one over and over again. Pro players usually play one champ for a month straight just to master the mechanics.

You'll want to ward often in bushes that enemies could come out of to gank you. If you can't ward a bush then stay in a safe position where you are ungankable or be ready to flash escape. Drag and Baron need to be warded by someone (usually the support or jungler) although it is every ones responsibility. The more vision (wards) you have on the map, the better.

Low risk strategy is something you need to practice because it is very important to stay alive in this game to (1. keep the enemy from getting gold for killing you. (2. be able to constantly farm and surpass everyone else so you can have more gold. (3. be there when your team needs your for dragon, baron, protecting towers, pushing, etc...

Especially in late game it is important to be alive because the death timer is very long. If I die more than 5 times in a game I feel like i failed. Get into a habit of being safe out there!!!!! Stop blaming your death on other people because you shouldn't count on them to keep you alive. If you die, then you were being too risky. Let the other team be risky and then capitalize on it. At times it can be a waiting game but it is definitely worth the wait. Be patient.

Sometimes your team mates will get into a sticky situation where they need your help. You have to quickly decide if you should just run or try to help. If their is a bigger chance that you could die, just run. I see a lot of situations where multiple people end up dying to save one person which is a lot worse than just letting that one person die. They'll probably get mad at you too if it's bronze. Just mute them all if you have to. Remember, the name of the game is to stay alive.

Practice farming. It's different with every champ. Stay in your lane and farm as much as possible unless you have an opportunity to help your team with something like drag, pushing a lane, ganking, etc.... And anytime an enemy champ leaves lane, remember to ping and warn others. If bot lane suddenly disappears they could be doing drag, so make sure to follow up or ward.

Make sure you build as much stacks as possible if your champ has built in stacks. Like veigars q for example. Q every minion you can to build his stacks which can give you a whole lot of free ap.


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