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The best Quiz and Puzzle Game for Android 2016

Updated on April 30, 2016

New Android quiz game for 2016

Game Show Banner
Game Show Banner | Source

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Magical Games

Indie game developer
Indie game developer

What is Game Show Adventure?

In a nutshell, it's a quiz and puzzle game designed for Android tablets and mobile phones.

You can download it here Game Show App

But there's more to this game than meets the eye, simply put, it's vast. It's a colossus of a game and definitely not one for the casual gamer. If you're the type of gamer that likes to solve puzzles, see how much knowledge you have and enjoys testing your memory and reflexes then this is the game you really must have. And it's free to play the first world.

Let's begin with the demographic this quiz game is aimed at.

  • Over 18 years of age with a good attention span.
  • Loves quiz game shows.
  • Reasonably well educated.
  • Fluent in English language and written English, this will become apparent as you read on.
  • Good puzzle solving skills.
  • Enjoys mentally challenging games.

Aimed at no particular nationality by the careful and selective choice of questions that the game has to offer, it doesn't matter if you come from the US or India, everyone in the world has the same chance of succeeding at this challenging game.

So what is Game Show Adventure?

As you can probably guess from it's name it's a game show based quiz and puzzle app (with arcade games incorporated into it's framework for more excitement). It's the Crystal Maze meets the Krypton Factor with a good serving of Catchphrase, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Deal or No Deal and other popular TV games shows like The Chase all added to the mix for good measure.

"This game is definitely unique and you won't see anything like it on the Android game market."

Before we begin on this epic journey I think it's only fair to add little breaks and excerpts so you can join in and experience a little of what the game has to offer. Here's a preview of the sort of True or False questions you would get in the game. Have a go, see how well you do.

True or False Quiz

view quiz statistics

Game Show Android Quiz and Puzzle Game

The Menu Screen

Playing the game

The Menu Screen

There's a lot going on here and there's yet more hidden behind the scenes.

First off you will notice you can have up to 4 players, the names can be edited to anything you want. Nothing much happens until you tap a player's name, this is because the computer needs to know who wants to play or who wants to use the features in the menu.

You can select and deselect players by simply tapping their names. By selecting only one player the side games light up, tap the side games button to see what games you've been awarded. One of the side games is a river crossing game similar to Frogger™ but a lot more up to date on the graphics side. You can also unlock 64 word search puzzles, 60 marble mazes and other side games when you complete the pyramids.

Any of the 4 players can play the game on their own and get achievements, trophies, high scores and unlock side games. Anyone can see their all time statistics which are kept until you edit a players name, editing a players name resets everything back to zero for that particular player. When you take a look at your all time statistics another option appears to see your trophy room. Collecting all the trophies in the game opens up another game zone!

When you have chosen your player, or players, a monkey drops down from the top holding a banner with the play button, tap it and you're taken to the Island to choose a pyramid.

River Crossing Game

Cross the river, get a prize, bring it back to win it
Cross the river, get a prize, bring it back to win it | Source

The Island

Choose your Zone

Single Player Only

This is where you choose the difficulty level and only single players get to see the Island. Multiple players go straight into the game after choosing the difficulty in the menu screen.

When you first play the game Egypt and Vegas are locked out until you beat the easy Aztec zone. Each zone has it's own theme and the games within each zone are themed to suit it.

Not much else to say about this, tap a pyramid and play.

The Aztec Pyramid

Screen shot of the Aztec Pyramid
Screen shot of the Aztec Pyramid | Source

Hi, my name is Mark

The game's mascot
The game's mascot

Game Show Pyramid Game

Let the fun begin!

There's a lot to take in on first glance but there's a man that looks like a question mark who explains briefly what everything does the first time you play. You'd better read what he has to say because he will not be back to remind you. His name is Mark, I wonder how he got his name?

You start the game with 3 lives, 3 passes, 2 clues and 2 extra time tokens to help you along the way. The game is over when you lose all your lives.

Life Heart from the game

You begin the game with 3 of these
You begin the game with 3 of these | Source


Every game is against the clock, when the clock runs out you lose a life, get a question wrong, you lose a life. When your lives are gone it's game over but no need to panic, there are a multitude of way ways to get more lives. More on this later.

Clue Token from the game


Clue Tokens

These are the magnifying glasses at the bottom of the screen. Save these for the puzzle games, this includes Conundrum and Catchphrase too. I would save these especially for Conundrum because it's the hardest game for most people and you are given a really good clue, most of the time, and this will help you solve the Conundrum 9 times out of 10.

A Pass Token from the game


Pass Tokens

These are situated on the right hand side of the game screen. Use these mainly on the puzzle games and the Knowledge rounds when you are low on lives, especially when you've got no lives left! The reason I say mainly on the puzzle games is that some of them are very hard and it's better to use a pass than to lose a life, not so many tough puzzles on the first pyramid though.

Time Token from the game


Extra Time Tokens

These are the egg timers, bottom right. You will find yourself using these almost exclusively in the puzzle games. Don't use the extra time until you hear the ticktock sound to make the most of them. Don't forget you have these, they make a big difference!

Treasure Map

This is the scroll at the bottom of the screen. Each time you complete one of the 15 games in the pyramid you are rewarded with a dig, depicted as a shovel. You need 3 digs minimum to win something on the treasure map. The prizes are all the tokens mentioned above and treasure chests that contain money. If you make it to the top of the pyramid you are given enough digs by this time to have won 1 of each item, handy. Important note! It's quite easy to forget that you have the treasure map and I have lost my lives and the game only to realize I could have stayed in the game because I had loads of digs I hadn't used!

Game Show Treasure Map

Treasure Map screen shot
Treasure Map screen shot

Arcade Style Knowledge Game

Screen shot of the knowledge round
Screen shot of the knowledge round


The backbone of the game are the knowledge rounds. These come in 4 varieties.

  • Arcade Style
  • Speed Quiz
  • Cash Builder
  • True or False

Let's start with the first knowledge round, the first one you play in the game, your first taste of answering questions against the clock, video arcade style and you are presented with four possible answers. If you have no idea use a pass token, it's better than losing a life. Pretty sure you know the answer? Use a clue token, it will turn two wrong answers red. Need more time to make up your mind? Use an extra time token to reset the clock. Ticktock, Ticktock... times up! You lose a life.

Here are 10 questions from the easy pyramid, once you've answered all the questions a message will tell you how well you would do in the actual game. Good luck!

Easy Knowledge Quiz

view quiz statistics

Conundrum against the clock

Decode the anagram in the picture
Decode the anagram in the picture | Source

Conundrum Game

Before we look at the other knowledge games let's learn about the game that comes next in the pyramid. The Conundrum, which means a baffling puzzle in the dictionary, is a word puzzle against the clock. A random word has it's letters mixed up to form either an anagram of itself or a short sentence, this is to confuse you as much as possible. Basically you have to figure out what the original word was. When you think you have solved the word tap on the letters of the conundrum to spell out your answer.
Hint: This is definitely the game to use your clue tokens on if you get stuck. You are normally given a clue that will probably reveal the answer to you.

If you tap on the screen shot above you can get a better look at the conundrum, have a go yourself and see how long it takes you to figure out what the original word was.

The Prize Wheel

Tap the picture to see it better
Tap the picture to see it better | Source

Prize Wheel

If you've read this far then you're going to start learning some skills that will put you ahead of the ones that don't have the patience. The prize wheel is a game of skill and if you master the wheel it can save you losing the game or even win the game if you are playing against someone.

You can win any of the 4 tokens in the game by spinning the wheel, lives, passes, clues or extra time and you can also win 2 different cash prizes. The highest cash prize is $50,000 which is 1 of the 8 different jackpots scattered throughout the 3 zones. A jackpot gets you a trophy for your trophy room, you can accumulate trophies of the same type, these are added to your player level which is displayed with your high score.

How to win on the prize wheel

You hold down and release a button in the bottom left of the screen. This in turn moves a plunger down on the meter, the meter looks like one of those test your strength games at the fairground with a bell at the top. To stop you getting used to releasing the plunger in the same spot every game the wheel always starts in a different position.

Releasing the plunger half way down will result in the wheel stopping at the bottom of it's starting position, in the picture that would be the jackpot and a trophy. Releasing the plunger at a 1/4 or 3/4 of the way down will win you a pass token. If you hold down the plunger all the way as far as it goes or lightly tap the button then the wheel will stop in a random position, if that's what you want.

One of the Puzzle Games

Find the pairs before time runs out
Find the pairs before time runs out | Source

The Puzzle Games

There are plenty of puzzles to play. There are 2 puzzle squares in each pyramid to test your mental agility and reflexes. These games are a flash back to TV games shows like The Crystal Maze and The Adventure Game.

Any one of the 60 different marble mazes will frustrate, yet reward you for steering a ball around a hole filled maze against the clock. It's a frantic game of deep concentration for sure.

Simon™ makes an appearance in the puzzles, although in this game it actually has no name. Follow the computer as he lights up different sequences of colored lights, see if you can copy him to the end, it's child's play, or is it?

Simon Memory Game

More Puzzles

The Adventure Game

Before we move on to the next game in the pyramid you deserve to know how to play this next puzzle game which makes it first appearance in the Egypt Zone. In the easier levels all you have to do is tap the adjacent square if the other shape is the same or the other shape is the same color but a different shape. If you come to a dead end then you must back track one square at a time, one wrong move and you lose a life, not your players life, this puzzle allows you 3 mistakes so there are 3 hearts under the maze.

The Adventure Game in the Vegas Zone

This is where it will trip you up, little known to you the game has suddenly got more difficult and now you can only move to a square that has either the same shape, the same color or the same number of sides. Now you know!

There are too many puzzles to mention in one blog page but I can give you a good hint if you get stuck on the stone jumping game, it's a Chinese puzzle game. I'm quite sure you don't get to play it until you're in the Vegas Zone, maybe Egypt. Follow this hint and you'll win every time, leave the center stone until last but one. You'll thank me for that one day.

The Adventure Game Puzzle

Find the logical path?
Find the logical path?


One of the many catchphrases in Game Show Adventure
One of the many catchphrases in Game Show Adventure | Source


The aim of this game is to figure out the common phrase from the picture which is trying to display the phrase in such an obvious way as it possibly can.

Sometimes the answer will come to you in a flash, sometimes you just can't see it.

Look at the blanks first. How many words are there in the phrase and how long is each word? This way you can associate different parts of the picture to certain blank words.
If there is a long word followed by 2 short words like a 2 followed by a 3 letter word followed by another long word then it might be, "something in the something", or, "something of the something". It always pays to look at the blank words first so you have an idea of how long the saying or phrase is.

The Catchphrase could be anything, a song title, a type of music, an old wives tale or a well known slang saying. A Catchphrase by definition is a phrase or expression recognized by its repeated utterance. TV game show hosts have their own catchphrases, so do comedians and some actors, but these are not what we're talking about here. Mostly these catchphrases are portraying good old fashioned Idioms, you know the type. A bird in the hand, time flies, you're only as young as you feel. You get the picture, no pun intended.

I'm not going to give you answers to any of the catchphrases in the game, it's more fun if you do it yourself and a lot more satisfying.

Aztec Zone Knowledge round

view quiz statistics

Quizzes and Trivia

The main stay of this game are the knowledge rounds. All of them are a nice mix of general knowledge as you can see in the quiz above taken from the easy Aztec Zone.

Cash Builder

In the bottom left hand corner of this game is a slot with varying amounts of cash displayed in it. When you get a question correct you climb the cash ladder, get a question wrong and it drops one position. Get all the questions correct and you win the $100,000 jackpot and a trophy! The values on the cash builder ladder are these, $0, $500, $1000, $2000, $5000, $10k, $15k, $25k, $50k, $75k and $100k.

Fast and Furious

This game gives you very little time to choose an answer but it does give you time to read the questions before the clock starts. Another plus point is that you only lose a life if you are at the bottom of the cash builder ladder. Starting with question 1 there is a heart with a minus symbol next to it on the cash builder ladder where the $0 was, if this is ever in the window when you get a question wrong then you lose a life. Thus, getting 2 questions correct at the beginning means getting the third question wrong will not result in you losing a life, good to know. Just try and stay off the bottom of the ladder and you'll come away unscathed.

True or False

Evil I tell you, this round is so fiendish it's a good job you're only given 2 of these to answer in the first pyramid, 5 to answer in the second pyramid and 10 to answer in the Vegas Pyramid. Most of the questions are based on common misconceptions and will trip you up. Here's another 10 true of false questions taken from the game, let's see how you do...

True or False Quiz from Game Show Adventure

view quiz statistics

Shops in Game Show Adventure

The shops in this game all have one thing in common, you can only buy 1 life, 1 pass or gamble with the money you have won so far. You will find a shop at the end of each of the first 3 levels of every pyramid.

The price of buying a life or a pass token increases with each shop so you have to keep in mind that spending the cash you've earned is going to have an impact on your score. Your cash is your score and if you are playing against someone this is something you have to give some thought. Here are your choices.

  1. Buy a life and a pass at the expense of a high score but stay in the game longer.
  2. Don't buy a life or a pass to get the high score at the risk of going out sooner.

Each shop has it's own gamble game, the gamble games are cheaper than buying lives and in every gamble game you have the chance to win a life or a pass, sometimes both! You also have the chance to make a profit in these games. So my advice to you is always gamble and gamble first before you buy anything else, you might not need another life after doing well in a gamble game.

The gamble games in the shops are these in order, monkey mayhem, bug catch, river run, camel race, mummy maze, pyramid maze, slots of fun, scratch cards and play your cards right.

Here's a screen shot of one of the gamble games in the Vegas shop.

Gamble Games in Game Show Adventure

One of many gamble games to play
One of many gamble games to play | Source

How would you rate this game?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Game Show Adventure for Android

Game Show Adventure Download

Get Game Show Adventure now tap the source link below
Get Game Show Adventure now tap the source link below | Source

Game Show Adventure Summary

To summarize, this game has everything, puzzles, trivia , arcade games and game show games too. An eclectic mix of things to keep you entertained and mentally challenged, a diverse collection of fun things to do while being educated at the same time.

We've only looked at the core of the game here, as you play and explore you will be rewarded with other delights too many to mention in this article. This game is still an on going project, the more popular it becomes the bigger and more diverse the game will become. Magical Games have promised to keep adding new and exciting fun puzzles and games for years to come. When they do this article will be updated, if you have an android tablet or smart phone then download the game now, it's free! Tap the "Google Play Store" link above and start challenging yourself.

If you would like to visit the official website for this quiz game then tap on this link Android Quiz App

If you would like to learn about the history of the game and how it was conceived and created then read this blog.. Game Show App for Android


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