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How to play Go Fishing Facebook Game

Updated on December 24, 2011

How to play Go Fishing on Facebook

I have become addicted to this game called Go Fishing on Facebook. It's one of those facebook apps / games that are quite easy to pick up, but then you get hooked (no pun intended). I'm not quite sure how it happened, but it has been a lot of fun (and its free). So I wanted to post a quick hub about how to play Go Fishing on Facebook to share the fun (and tips to save you some time if you are starting out). The premise of the game is that you want to catch fish. However, there is plenty of opportunities to develop your megalomaniac tendencies by selling your fish for coins to buy better fishing tackle, bait, gear, cars, boats, houses (or maybe a castle) etc. There are also stacks of tournaments against other players to challenge your skill and earn bonuses. All you need to do to get started is find the Go Fishing app from your Facebook page. If you don't have a Facebook account, you will need to sign up for one (you are probably already aware that this is also free, just google it).

Getting started

Once you have signed into facebook, you will need to search for the app. To do this just type "Go Fishing" into the search at the top of your homepage. It will usually be the first app to come up. Then just follow the instructions to get started. Check out the video below that captures the basics on how to catch a fish. The voice over is a little annoying, but it shows you the basics of how to catch fish. You will need some kind of rod, line, hook and bait. The Go Fishing game app shows you how to get these essential items once you are online. Cast your line out into the water by pressing the 'cast' button. When the fish strikes you will see your float move up and down and the 'cast' button now says strike (and has turned green). Click and hold the button to start to pull the fish in, you will see a little bar come up on the screen. You don't want to hold the button down for too long otherwise you might pull too hard and lose your hook and line. The video below also shows you how to 'play' the fish to land it safely by watching the yellow triangle and fish resistance display.

Video demonstration on how to catch a fish on the Go Fishing Facebook game

Basic tips for success in Go Fishing

Here is a list of the things I wish I knew when I first started playing:

  • Try hitting the 'extra power zone' when you are pulling in a fish.
  • Hitting it three times in a row will give you extra points (help you to go up a level faster)
  • Buying heavier tackle (rod, line, hook) will allow you to catch bigger (and better) fish.
  • Use coins (not pearls) whenever you can to buy tackle, bait or gear.
  • As you get to a higher levels more tackle, gear, locations, fish, bait, cars, boats, houses etc. becomes available.
  • Each fish you can catch will have three assigned values (meat, coins and points)
  • You can use a knife to chop fish and a fry pan to cook it for energy if you are running low.
  • You can only get pearls (for free) by getting to the next level, winning tournaments, completing advanced quests or winning a lottery / finding treasure.
  • Pearls are very hard to come by, so don't waste them! (If you want to learn how to get pearls for free I have written a separate hub about this).

Give it a try... and feel free to comment or post questions

If you haven't tried Go Fishing on facebook yet I recommend it highly. I've only been playing it for a couple of weeks while I've been enjoying some time off, but I'm hooked. I'll post some more tips and advice on the game over the next couple of weeks. If you have any questions about the game just post them below and I'll reply with the answer (if I am able to help). I'm not affiliated with the game at all, but have a bunch of friends who will probably know the answer if I don't. If you want a friend to send you gifts on the game you can also leave a comment and I'll add you to my friends list on the game (friends can send each other bait and tackle each day for free). Happy fishing!!


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    • lombardoi profile image

      lombardoi 5 years ago

      You need to accumulate points to move to the next level. As you level up you receive a pearl and new items become available in the shop. As you reach certain levels more locations become available where you can catch different fish and take on new challenges!

    • profile image

      jovica 5 years ago

      for what we use challenge points?

    • lombardoi profile image

      lombardoi 5 years ago

      Hi Marc,

      I used google translate. I think you were asking how to fry fish. When I started playing a while ago, I think I just bought the pan in the market. Someone commented on another one of my pages that the pan is no longer available in the market. I can't see it available either. Usually, I think you just need a knife to cut up your fish and a pan to cook it. But it will be difficult if you can't buy a pan easily in the market. An alternative may be to make friends with people who can send you lottery tickets. Sometimes you win a pan from lottery tickets. However, don't waist your pearls trying to buy lottery tickets because you may need many lottery tickets before you win a pan. If anyone else now knows where to get the pan from, please post a comment and let us know. I suspect the developers have just made a change and it will turn up available somewhere again soon...

    • profile image

      marc 5 years ago

      comment fait ont pour faire frire le poisson?? merci