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How to play Judgement with Cards ?

Updated on July 28, 2016

People think that Playing Card games are as easy as a piece of cake. People play on a regular basis games like Twenty eight, Crazy eight, Bluff master, SlapJack, Solitaire etc. If you are bored with these old card games and want to play something really good, Here, I am putting forward steps to play a very interesting game, Judgement.

Judgment is a game where you have to predict the number of hands you'll make and try to make those numbers of hands that you predict.

It is a game I am grown playing with and love to play it whenever given chance again. All you need is your presence of mind with logical aptitude to play this interesting game.

Age Group :

It is a game played by kids of age 10 to any elderly people.

Players required :

There can be at least three players and maximum of 10 players. Ideal number of players would be 5.

All you require :

Things you require to play judgement is:

  • A deck of 52 cards

  • A Scoreboard

  • A pencil or pen

Rules to follow :

How many rounds this game will continue, totally depends upon the number of player you are playing with. Putting this in mathematical terms -

Number of Rounds = Number of cards / no of players (ignoring the fractions)

I.e If there are 5 players then there is10 rounds,

6 players then there is 8 rounds,

7 players then there is 7 rounds,

8 players then there is 6 rounds and so on .....

Now with every Round the number of cards given to every player will decrease. For example – When there are 5 players, In the first round there are 10 cards given to each player, in the second round there will be 9 cards given to each player, 8 cards in the third round and so on until the last game will have only 1 card for each player.

There is a pre-decided trump suit in every round. In the first game of 10 cards to every player, the trump is "Spades" followed by Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts in that order when nine, eight and seven cards are given respectively. On the game where six cards are given, again the trump changes to Spades. That is, the sequence of the trump is "S D C H (Soon Deeds Complete Here)" (Spades, Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts).

The Ace carries the maximum score, followed by King, then Queen, then Jack, then a ten and so on up to the two which has the least score.

Points to analyse to pass a judgement :

Judgement passing requires a bit of mental calculation of few things. Firstly player must see his cards properly and calculate total hands he can definitely take keeping in minds the trump. Tricks to pass good judgement are -

  • If you have more of the trump cards you are definitely going to take more hands by taking hands of others. Hands mean winning one particular show of cards in a round. One must calculate the cards each has and possibility of other player's cards.

  • There can be that many numbers of hands as many cards are distributed to each. It means as the rounds continue the number of hands decreases.

  • In a round if the judgement shows that there is more number of hands than the required hands, it means someone is sure to have either very good card or he is making a judgement mistake.

Score Keeping :

To keep a track of score card is a bit important. One need to know how it is done. Firstly, when the judgement is asked from the players the score keeper needs to write the number of hands each tells to their respective point area. Once one round is complete, he would see whether the desired number of hands is same with the judgement passed or not.

For example:

If a player says he is going to make three hands and does the same then he will get 30 points for that. If he makes two or four hands then in both case his score will be 0.

If a player says he will make 0 hands and does the same then he will earn 10 points for that.

If a player says he will make 1 hands and does the same then he will earn 10 points for that.and accordingly.

The total of a round can be more points than ten times the number of judgement passed.

Steps to show how to play Judgement (assuming 5 players ):

Initially you need to pick among all the players, a score keeper who is going to take care of the score board. He must write the names of all the players in a horizontal format. Then place yourselves in a round table like position.

Round 1

In order to decide who would distribute the card, give 1 card to all the 5 players and the player who gets the highest card amongst the player’s distributes the card. The Dealer must now shuffle the deck well and then distribute the cards to the players in clockwise direction, one by one. At the end he will have 2 cards left, each receiving 10 cards. Leave aside those two cards now.

Now each player is going to see his cards and arrange them accordingly. There after they are going to pass judgement in order in which cards were distributed. Score keeper is going to write that in score board.

The trump is spades in the first game. With ten cards given to each player, there is a possibility of making a maximum of 10 hands.

Lets start,

After the predictions are over, the game begins with sub-rounds where player who was dealt the 1st card first playing first. The one whose card hold the highest score in the same pattern wins that hand unless a player who does not have same colour card takes the hand with the trump card. Only If any one doesn't have either of them, same colour card or trump card, then he can pass the hand by giving a card of lower or higher score of different colour.

The one who makes a hand gets the next turn.

For Example :-

The first player makes a hand in the 1st Sub-round of the first game of 10 cards. So he gets the turn to play first again. In the second Sub-round, he plays the ace of spades, say, and since spade is the trump, so all the players must play their spades. In the absence of the trump with any of the players, that player can play any other card. So now this first player makes a second hand because the denominations of all the spade cards are less in score than the ace.

In the third Sub-round, again our first player plays first as he gets the turn back. This time he plays the ten of clubs. The player 2 then plays 5 of clubs followed by the Jack of clubs by player 3 and the five of spades by player 4. So in this case the 4th player has made the hand. Player 4 used the trump to make a hand since he did not have a club card. Trump over-rules all the other suits.

And game continues till they do not have any card.

Now comes the time to analyse the judgement and give points (score) accordingly.

Round 2

Round 2 begins with the first player of last round as the dealer. This time 9 cards will be given to each player and 7 cards will be left unused. The one to his right is going to start now (in clockwise direction) and game continues in the same way from judgement passing, trump declaring and so on...... till the last round (Round 10) where each player is distributed only one card.

At the end of all the Rounds you need to total the score and the one with the highest point wins the game.

Hope you have enjoyed reading and found the game interesting too and will play it surely.


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