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How to improve your Scrabble Game

Updated on April 5, 2016

Scrabble: A great game for all ages...


Enjoy a good game of Scrabble?

If you currently enjoy playing a good game of Scrabble, but are seeking ways to improve your game: You are in the right place! After playing thousands of games of Scrabble and building my player ranking, for over a decade (keeping a 400+ game average) I am ready to share some of my tips to success for other Scrabble players out there!

My Scrabble Bio:

15+ years experience playing Scrabble

Average (2 player) game: 400+

Average 7-letter words per game: 2

Strengths: J, Q, X and Z and 2-letter words

The board that will keep you spinning!

Tip #1 -- Know your 2-letter words!

One of the most important guidelines to follow if you want to play Scrabble like a pro is to know your two letter words. They may seem like small and insignificant -- but they will give you great power!

Quite often you will find yourself with excess vowels... Memorizing a list of 2-letter vowel words will come in quite handy!

  • A: Aa, Ae, Ai
  • O: Oe, Oi

Have one of those, high-value, sometimes hard to place letters? If you can get them placed on a 2X or 3X square you can potentially be in for big points! How about trying these 2-letter words on for style:

  • J: Jo
  • Q: Qi
  • X: Ax, Ex, Ox, Xi, Xu
  • Z: Za

Some words will have people calling you, and have them miss their turns; like:

  • J: Jato, Jeu, Jun
  • M: Mm
  • Q: Qadi, Qaid, Qat
  • S: Sh
  • K: Ka, Ki
  • Z: Za, Zax, Zek, Zep, Zin, Zoa, Zoea

Winning words...


Tip #2: Play the board in your favor!

Make the most of your board! Have a great word that will get you some pretty sweet points? Before you play it make sure that it won't backfire on you!

  • If it is going to leave easy access to a vowel for your opponent (especially a vowel that is on a bonus square) DON'T DO IT! It is better to take less points for yourself than to set up your opponent!
  • If it is going to leave your opponent open access to bonus squares, like a triple letter bonus, a double word score, or well... Anything that will give them a boost -- walk away! If you chose not to set them up, odds are that they will end up opening up the big bonus squares for you!

Remember: It is better to go for less points on your turn, then to set up your opponent... you never know... they might just set you up!

Avoid this first play key error at all costs!


Tip #3 -- Hoard the right tiles to win the game!

Find yourself drawing a really good tile? Like a 'S' or a 'blank'? Oh the options are often endless with these fantastic tiles! But player beware! Just because you have them, does not by any means require you to play them ASAP. Holding onto them can really work in your favor. If you can set yourself up for word that ends in 'ERS' can have you seeing the world of a fifty point, seven letter bonus!

Other tiles to hoard include:

  • U: If the 'Q' is still out there, you do not want to leave yourself unprepared! Hold onto the 'U' until the 'Q' is down and out
  • J, Q and Z: If you can pair anyone of these tiles onto a bonus square your bottom line score will skyrocket

Tip #4 -- What to avoid in a game

Yes I know, a couple items in this list will be repeats of things that you have already learned from earlier in this article -- they are worth repeating!

  • Don't hold onto a 7-letter word, hoping for the right opportunity, especially late in the game. Odds are that you will give up more points combined, then you will end up earning
  • Never set your opponent up to receive a bonus square on the board... If you do that you may as well hand them the win (harsh, but true!)
  • ALWAYS set your opponent up to sneak a quick point -- if it will mean keeping a spot on the board open that you are eyeing up for something fantastic... They will often take the bate, leaving your place on the board alone
  • Always ditch troublesome letters as soon as possible, even if it means getting a low-point word (V & U's are often the most damaging at the end of a game)
  • Avoid missing turns! -- Each turn that you miss is points in your favor flushed right down the toilet! There should never really be any reason to exchange... Find a place on the board for your undesired tiles, get the minimal points and move on
  • Keep your 'ERS' and your 'INGS' stockpiled for a seven letter success!

Traditional Scrabble... How does it rate with you?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Scrabble

A few fun fact about Scrabble

Did you know:

  1. There are 100 letter tiles
  2. The Scrabble board consists of 225 squares
  3. The Scrabble board contains 8-tripple word bonus squares
  4. When you challenge someone (claiming a false word) you in fact are not challenging one word, but the entire play and all of the words that your opponent has played in that turn
  5. You can arrange the tiles that you have placed, rearrange them and repeat as often and many times as you wish, until the timer goes off or the score for you turn is logged

Do you think that the rotating board is a good thing?

See results

How do you like your Scrabble?

Now, truth be told, I have been a Scrabble player, a Scrabble fan, and well -- Do you know of a good support group for Scrabble addicts?? It is a rare week that I don't find myself lost in a game or three. Some play it for fun, others play it like it's a life style!

My first Scrabble board was one that I had come across not long after moving out on my own. It was at a yard sale and it really was not pretty by any means, it was the basic press board, with wooden tiles and plastic letter holders. As I grew up, so did my boards... As I collected a few years of wisdom (yes as I got older!) and a couple of babies, I also had started to discover other great Scrabble products. Over the course of a few years I had I done a lot of traveling, for both work and pleasure -- I was missing my scrabble board, so my husband and I sought out an alternative and happily found and acquired a travel version of the game. One of the best benefits of the travel version of the traditional Scrabble game is just a simple feature, but so worth it: the pieces stick in and stayed in place!... It was on my 30th birthday when I received an anniversary addition of the game as a gift... Oh the bells and whistles! It stores all of it's bits and pieces under the main face, has good quality tiles and swivels... To this day, I still use this as my primary board and love it!

More recently I accidentally came across a quick, fast paced game called "Scrabble Slam", hmm? Another version? A version that has no board? I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, until I played my first round! If you don't own this card version of Scrabble, it is something that you may just want to pick-up! It has very few similarities compared to it's namesake, but it is still is a really great game that is fast, fun and furious (in a good way)! Two thumbs up to the Original Scrabble and a second ribbon for Scrabble Slam!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you for your interest in being better competition! Look for further articles that I will be publishing to further tune your Scrabble game!


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    • LouCannon profile image

      Amanda Louise Cannon 2 years ago from Wynndel BC Canada

      Love it!

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

      nice scrabble hub, now i think i will go scramble up some scrabble:)