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How to play the game 10,000

Updated on May 31, 2017
This would be three of the six dice needed to play 10,000
This would be three of the six dice needed to play 10,000

How to play Dice (Ten Thousand)

Games can be played for a limitless amount of hours. Have you ever thought of games and the limitless number of ways that they can be played? You can change the rules, and make an old game a new game. For example with dice, have you ever, just taken dice out and began playing with them, there are limitless things that you can do with dice. You can shake dice up and see what number comes up as they hit the table or surface you are using. Isn't fun seeing the number that the dice can come up with depending on the way you shake them and drop them? for example the game ten thousand or more commonly 10,000. this game is something that you can play with family and friends, or whoever you want and who doesn't like that? you can even make your own rules up for this game and everyone likes making their own rules for games don't they? that is what makes the games limitless.

Games are a great way to spend time with family and friends where you can talk and laugh, instead of just watching television together quietly. Playing games gives you and your family interaction. A game that is great to play with even four-year old's to teach them their numbers is ten thousand. This game can go on for a limitless amount of time depending on the number of people that are playing and how many rounds you play.

Have you ever played dice or the dice game that I like to call, die ten thousand? It is fun. If you like games that require dice you should check it out. In order to play the game you need, six die or dice if that is how you say it. My directions that I have made up for the game are as follows If you roll three ones all at once that’s 1000 if you roll one of each number up to six all at once that’s 1000 if you roll three threes, at once that’s 1500. You have to roll 1000 to get up on the board for the first time after you roll 1000 for the first time, you don’t need to get 1000 again to continue. But you have to roll 1000 in one roll to get up on the board, if you don’t then the dye go, to the next person. This goes on until one of the people you are playing with reaches Ten thousand, you can play with any number of people. Young people or even your grandparents it doesn't matter, just when playing with your grandparents make sure you have bigger dice so that the dots representing the numbers can be seen.The game 10,000 can be limitless because you can make up your own rules, we do when we play and it is so much more fun.

The more people that the dice game has the longer it will take to finish which means that it can last a limitless number of hours. I remember one year on Christmas Eve we played it until well after midnight. Midnight is when we usually open our gifts on my dad's side of the family but because we were playing dice and kept going around the table that just kept getting more and more people we lost track of time.

So if you are looking for a fun game to play that a number of people can play, why not give the game a try. I have been playing the game for years and I enjoy it. This is a game that I will actually play, and I don't really play games. w It is fun and easy to do and can keep you occupied for hours depending on the number of people that are involved. If you are a game player, you know that they can be limitless and fun so if you haven't played 10,000 why not give it a try. You can play it in a limitless number of ways and make up limitless rules that only you know that is how we play sometimes and it is fun. so give it a shot.

Playing games can be limitless especially when you make them last. Playing the game 10,000 is one of those games that can last for a limitless amount of time. The more people you have playing the game the longer it is going to last, The game can have six players or more, depending on how many people want to play. It is a very easy and fun game, which I play too.

That is saying a lot if I play a game because games are not something I play ever but this one its rolling dice and I am good at that, espeicially trying to get 1000, out of the six dice. Which is not hard but it is always the luck of the draw or the roll so to speak. How you get 10,000 is rolling six ones or a straight and once you roll that you are up on the board for the first time, and once you get up on the board you don't have to worry about rolling 1000, each time.

Although you are not all going to get 1,000 on your first roll hardly anyone gets 1,000 on their first roll. It does take a limitless amount of time, for some people to get up on the board and sometimes not everyone does, no matter how long the game lasts. The first person to reach 10,000 is the winner but I have played it where you all try to reach 10,000 before you stop. That can take a limitless amount of hours depending on a number of people you are playing with, which also depends on how large the table you are using is.

This game can be played with as many people as you want, you just have to have all their names written on a piece of paper to keep track of everyone's score.

How to play the game 10,000

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