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How to play good at Call of Duty Black Ops

Updated on April 5, 2011

Pick the right guns

In Call of Duty Black ops there are many different guns to choose from. There are 4 types of guns.

Sub-Machine Guns - these are best at a close range, and have a lot of recoil.

Assault Rifles - these are best at medium to long range, and don't have much recoil.

Light Machine Guns - these are best at Short to medium range, and shoot very slow, so are best when shot full automatic.

Shotguns - These are only useful when close range, but when are,are very deadly.

Sniper Rifles - these are best at Long range. Are a One hit kill to the head every time.

Here are the guns, by unlockable order:

Sub-machine Guns:

  1. MP5K
  2. Skorpion
  3. Mac11
  4. Ak74U
  5. Uzi
  6. PM-63
  7. MPL
  8. Spectre
  9. Kiparis - Classified (must buy every other Sub-Machine gun to unlock)

Assault Rifles:

  1. M16
  2. Enfield
  3. M14
  4. Famas
  5. Galil
  6. Aug
  7. FN Fal
  8. AK-47
  9. Commando
  10. G11 - classified (must buy every other assault rifle to unlock)

Light-Machine Guns:

  1. HK-21
  2. RPK
  3. M60
  4. Stoner 63 - Classified (must buy every other Light-Machine gun to unlock)


  1. Olympia
  2. Stakeout
  3. Spas-12
  4. HS-10 - Classified (must buy every other Shotgun to unlock)

Sniper Rifles:

  1. Dragunov
  2. Wa2000
  3. L96A1
  4. PSG1 - Classified (must buy every other Sniper Rifle to unlock)

Well, those are all the guns, now I will tell you which ones are the best for you.

These are the best guns, in my opinion. They have the most damage, or a very controllable recoil.I'd suggest the MP5K, AK-74U, and Spas-12 for close range battles. Famas, Galil, Commando, AK-47, and the Stoner 63 are great guns for medium range. For long range you should take either the PSG1 or the L96A1.

So now you know which guns to use.

Picking the Right Perks

So. Now you have your gun picked out. Now you will need perks.

The perks are:

First Perk :

  1. Lightweight - run faster
  2. Flak Jacket - take less explosive damage
  3. Scavenger - resupply ammo and grenades
  4. Ghost - stay off enemy spy planes
  5. Hardline - earn killstreaks with one less kill

Second Perk:

  1. Hardened - earn the ability to shoot through walls
  2. Sleight of Hand - reload faster
  3. Steady Aim - easier to hip-fire
  4. Scout - hold sniper rifle breath longer
  5. Warlord - have 2 attachments on primary weapon

Third Perk:

  1. Marathon - run faster
  2. Hacker - see enemy equipment through walls and in red
  3. Tactical Mask - protection from nova gas
  4. Ninja - makes you 0.25 times quieter
  5. Second Chance - when you would die instead you fall down with a pistol and the enemy just needs one shot to finish you off.

Perks Completely depend on what game mode you're playing. If you are playing Domination, you are probably going to want Flak Jacket so you can take flags. If you are playing Team Deathmatch, Ghost or Hardline is probably the way to go. Scavenger isn't really needed unless you are trying to get high killstreaks like Chopper Gunner and Dogs. Lightweight helps you move faster, but really isn't very good.

  1. Sleight of Hand is very useful if you are going to be facing a lot of people. If not though (such as playing game modes with a respawn delay) it's not as necessary.
  2. Hardened is not good unless using a Light-Machine gun because you get lots of ammo with a light-machine gun.
  3. Warlord is good if you can't decide what you want. If you really like red dot but want a silencer, warlord is your thing.
  4. Scout is only good with a sniper rifle, but if you are using a sniper, it is quite good.
  5. Steady aim is very good with Sub-Machine Guns and Shotguns because you need to hip-fire a lot close range. Other than that though, it shouldn't be used much.

  1. Second Chance is good if you need that extra 1/2 second to take an objective, or if you are good with pistols. One of the best perks in the game.
  2. Hacker is good if you run around a lot. Don't use hacker with flak jacket though,then it's not as useful.
  3. Marathon is great for getting all over the place, those long sprints can take you half way across a map to get to the flag you need faster, etc.
  4. Ninja isn't very useful unless you have a gaming headset.
  5. Tactical Mask is the worst perk in the game. No one uses nova gas, so don't use tactical mask.

Lastly, the killstreaks

Now that you have your perfect class setup, you can get your killstreaks and now I will tell you which ones you can use to your advantage.

  1. Spy Plane - 3 Kills - lets you and your team see enemy team on radar for 30 seconds.
  2. RC car - 3 Kills - lets you control a remote controlled car that can kill people.
  3. Counter-Spy Plane - 4 Kills - disables the enemy team's radar for 30 seconds.
  4. Sam Turret - 4 Kills - drops a Turret that takes down enemy killstreaks.
  5. Care Package - 5 kills - drops a random killstreak that you can use.
  6. Napalm Strike - 5 Kills - drops a fire airstrike onto the enemy team.
  7. Mortar Team - 6 Kills - Drops a mortar Airstrike onto 3 seperate locations
  8. Sentry Gun - 6 Kills - airdrops a sentry gun that you can place down and it kills people.
  9. Attack Helicopter - 7 kills - An attack helicopter that flies over the sky and kills people. 
  10. Valkaryie Rockets - 7 Kills - A airdrop that gives you 2 rockets that you control and use.
  11. Blackbird - 8 Kills - Constantly know the enemy team's location for 60 seconds
  12. Chopper Gunner - 9 Kills - Unleash a deadly chopper controlled by you onto the enemy team.
  13. Gunship - 11 Kills - Unleash a even deadlier chopper armed with missles onto the enemy team.
  14. Dogs - 11 Kills - Send out a pack of attack dogs to kill the enemy team.

So you are probably going to want to stick to lower killstreaks if you're new to the game. Once you get more experience, feel free to go for the dogs.

Becoming a pro.

After you feel that you've become really good, I'd suggest trying Kontrol Freeks and getting a Gaming Headset.

Kontrol Freeks help your aim get better, so you can snipe/aim better.

A gaming headset is very useful, you can hear people sneaking up behind you, and you can communicate with your team. What it basically does is let you hear everything; footsteps, wind blowing, snow falling, etc.

Let me know what you think of this hub in the comments below! It's a great help to me by you telling me what to improve upon! Thanks!


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    • profile image

      Vestor 6 years ago

      Yeah Tac Mask pro is one of the best perks... but its hard to get the pro version though.

    • profile image

      poisonouspeanut 6 years ago

      marathon dont make you go faster makes a longer sprint duration in the 3rd perk list but still good.

    • moorebored profile image

      moorebored 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Fixed, sorry about that.

    • profile image

      BridgyC 6 years ago

      You also missed a couple of killstreaks :S and a couple of SMGs (sorry i cant help but see thins that arent right :P) Still good though :D

    • profile image

      BridgyC 6 years ago

      You kinda forgot Shotguns!!! though apart from that pretty sweet!!!

    • profile image

      killmasterbr549 6 years ago

      i like the famas ak47 commando galil and gll nice thread though .

    • moorebored profile image

      moorebored 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thanks for the comment! I agree as well.

    • profile image

      sod 6 years ago

      tactical mask is the best perk if upgraded to PRO