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How to put your trampoline in the ground?

Updated on August 4, 2012

How to put a trampoline in the ground? – In ground trampolines

Below is an article with instructions on how to go about placing a trampoline in the ground.

You can put any trampoline in the ground but remember the bigger the trampoline the more dirt you are going to have to move as you will need to dig down the total height of the trampoline.

To start find an area in the garden which is level and you know there are no pipes underneath.

Start by marking out the total diameter of the trampoline say for example if you are installing a 10ft round trampoline you will need to mark out a 10ft area in where to dig, you can do this using white spray paint or make markings with a spade in the ground.

Once you have marked out your area you can now start the hard process of moving the dirt, hiring a digger will be a lot easier than doing it by hand. If your garden needs levelling you can place the excess dirt on your garden if not I would recommend hiring a skip to put the dirt in. You don’t need to dig directly down in the hole you can bowl the walls at an angle giving enough room for the trampoline bed to move.

Once you go to put the trampoline in the ground you need to remember the trampoline needs some kind of airway so that pressure can escape from under the trampoline, you can do this by digging an underground tunnel or just leave a 6 inch gap between the trampoline and the ground.

There is no need to cement the trampoline in the ground and remember these steps can be done with any shape trampoline they don’t just have to be round.

Thomas Staton


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