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How to set up a fort in airsoft or paintball

Updated on August 15, 2010

Nearly anyone that has played airsoft or paintball games has wanted to build a fort. You know the one that would be awesome for capture the flag, the one that you wanted to defend. Well my friends I've got a quick guide to help you out.

1.Find where to build

Make an agreement with the rest of the people in your group where each team is going to be positioned, any limitations on movement, resources your allowed to use etc. Make sure that you have a pretty even resources split per base. For instance, say you've got 40 logs, 12 tires and 4 drums, don't give one team 30 logs 9 tires and 3 drums, its not fair and it's probably going to lead to disagreements.

2.Plan Beforehand

Before you begin get a rough idea of what you want, maybe a pillbox, a bunker, a tree stand, etc. Try to cover all your entrances (that's where the boundaries we set up earlier come into play) weak points, and everything you should be worrying about. Just be sure to plan ahead before you start using up your precious resources.

3.Start Buildin'

Start constructing whatever it was that you decided to map out beforehand. Keep in mind, your plan was a rough draft so don't be afraid to modify your bases layout a little bit. Just be careful not to alter it without knowing what you're doing and by thereby making one side of your base impenetrable, you may make the other side all of one twig.

4.Figure out your positions

Now that you have a brandy new base figure out where your going to position all of your people so as to make it as powerful as possible. For instance you may want to put anyone with short range, or automatic weapons near the front, and put all your long range personel towards the back in the bushes or up in a tree. Whatever works best for your base

5.Test it

Play some capture the flag, defend the castle, etc. Just have some fun and figure out if you need to fix any parts of your base to make it more stable, offensive, defensive, whatever. The main thing to keep in mind, is to have fun with it, and on top of that, it's probably not permanently nailed down, don't be afraid to revise it.

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