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How to solve Jigzone puzzles

Updated on March 25, 2016
Vertical and horizontal classical puzzle pieces
Vertical and horizontal classical puzzle pieces

I am finding Jigzone puzzles all over the place now and they are even integrated into the Facebook platform! So one can entertain oneself with one of those puzzles independent of where one is! I like solving them every day and even use them to decorate my daily journal. It is my way of adding some colour to what would be just text otherwise, but I wonder what other people are doing with them!

As I was having a look at my HubPages statistics, I discovered that my Life is a puzzle! hub was my most visited one! I am happy that other people enjoy puzzles as much as I do and, If that is the case, then I will prepare another hub, but this time I will give clues as to how to solve Jigzones, as they seem to be very popular!

In the Jigzone options, I have stipulated that I would like to receive the Puzzlemaster’s choice, as that way I am guarantied a different puzzle cut every day, which is how I like them.

Jigzone has a varied selection of cuts, classic being the most popular, followed by bulbs. Although every now and then they surprise us with some of the other cuts, like sixstar or crazy and then one is really faced with a challenge!

It is not so easy giving hints about how to solve these puzzles, as there is a different one every day! For that reason, I cannot mention anything about the pictures themselves, or colours, as they are constantly changing!

I won’t even mention the six-piece puzzle, as it is definitely too easy, so you don't really need any instructions to solve them and the same goes for the 12 piece Zig-zag. It is only with the 16 piece Block cut that the puzzles start getting more interesting!

20 piece Classic is relatively basic, although this one can be slightly irregular compared to the larger ones. I find that the easiest way to solve these puzzles is to separate them into horizontal and vertical pieces and while you are doing that, you can start setting the border pieces aside and that way it becomes much easier, especially if you are dealing with a large puzzle, like the 154 or 240 piece ones!

Arranging pieces with narrow ends into four different groups.
Arranging pieces with narrow ends into four different groups.

Bulb cut. This is the second most commonly used cut by Jigzone and what I would suggest is that you first organize the pieces into circles, stars and corners. Arrange the pieces with narrow ends into four groups, with the ends with 3 knobs on them facing top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right with the wider ends all facing the middle. One of the groups will always have only one piece. Place the corners in place and then the pieces with straight edges to form the border of the puzzle. Continue placing the pieces according to the colour and your puzzle will soon be finished.

20 piece Bird is relatively easy too, although it is starting to get somewhat challenging. There are not many hints I can give you about it, so the best trick is just to start putting the pieces together and you will find that in no time you will have it ready.

22 piece Wavy is also interesting, even though not that regular. Do start by doing the edges first, as that will give you a clue and then just follow the picture until it is finished.

22 piece Polygon is a kind of crazy one and it has no logic to it, so it is difficult to give any hints! Just start putting the pieces together and you will eventually finish it, as the picture will give you the clue.

32 piece Round one is a kind of funny one, as it is not that the pieces are round, but the puzzle itself! One cannot talk about the puzzle shapes really, but just about getting the puzzle together and it is a circle, as you will see once it is finished!

35 piece Jigzone. With this one it is the logo itself that is the puzzle! Start by placing the edges on the sides, top and bottom, the letters where they belong and soon you will be able to complete the puzzle. There does not seem to be much point in following the picture, as it is the letters that determine everything.

41 piece Tetris. For a while there I got the feeling that I was an engineer building the structure on the picture! Just follow the picture and good luck!

44 piece Tri-Dove. This puzzle is just squares and triangles when one first opens it, so one must first put the square pieces together, as they are good starting points to begin with. Then come the triangles with straight edges, which one must place against the sides, top or bottom. Then one must follow the picture that slowly starts to emerge and start building the puzzle. Once again, one gets the engineer feeling, but eventually, it all comes together finally!

"C" and "O" shapes in the Euro piece cut
"C" and "O" shapes in the Euro piece cut

Euros. This an interesting cut with the currency sign! Shapes are basically divided into two kinds, what I call the Cs and the Os, with the C’s kind of wrapping around the O’s. You should separate pieces into the two kinds, leaving the edges and odd shapes separately for the end. Notice that the colour of some Os stands out more, so try to find Cs that match them first. Then try to find Os to go inside the Cs, paying special attention to the two protuberances on the side, as those are the ones that will give you the clue.

I personally found the USA cut quite difficult to do, as I am not American, so I don’t really know the shape of the states, with the exception perhaps, of Florida and California!

Circles. Start by putting the circles and stars together, then the sides and corners in place. Once you do the sides, then that will help you fill the centre just by following the picture.

50-piece Tri-Clip. When one first opens this one, it is just a big mess of triangles everywhere! One must first place the flat edges against the sides, top and bottom and then be guided by the picture, as it gets pretty complicated!

51-piece Crazy is sure that, but gee, it is fun to do anyway! Quite challenging, but not that difficult, I found!

55-piece Sixstar is somewhat complicated, especially when you start! I think your best bet is to place all the flat bits against the sides, tops and bottom, so you can start from there! Then you can start trying to put the bottom pieces together and then continue from there, guiding yourself by the colours. This one is very challenging indeed!

I really hope you enjoyed doing these jigsaw puzzles, but you must also remember that you are not only entertaining yourself and having fun, but you are also exercising your brain, which is good regardless of your age! By doing jigsaw puzzles you are not giving Cognitive Deficiency any opportunity to have an effect on you!

Never too early to start!


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    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      very unique terrific hub thought very well done thanks