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How to Start a Runescape Clan

Updated on June 8, 2009
The Runescape Man
The Runescape Man

Why Start a Runescape Clan?

There are three reasons for a man to start a clan in Runescape: gold, glory and God. Now which reason is right for you? Well I'll choose for you. The glory derived from leading a clan is pretty lame, and if you're starting a clan to praise one of Jagex's false idols then I feel for you. The only legitimate reason I've found to start a clan is to make Runescape gold.  Oh, and you get access to Jagex's Clan Leaders forum.  That's a perk as well, I suppose.

¡Make Money with a Runescape Clan!

Choose A Clan Niche

Before you do anything you must decide what the purpose of your clan will be.  What do you want to focus on?  Three popular types of Runescape clans are:

  • Player-versus-player (PVP) Clans
  • Skill Clans
  • Merchanting Clans

PVP Clans focus their efforts on dominating the game's combat aspects.  If you choose to start a PVP Clan you will need to decide on what PVP arena you want to focus on - Bounty Hunter, PVP Worlds, or Clan Wars.

Skill Clans are comprised of like minded players who are more interested in exploring Runescape's many skills and trades.  Skill Clans can either be general or specialized - meaning you could either have a clan that welcomes folks of any skill aspect or you might choose to focus on a narrow niche such as mining or smithing.

Merchanting Clans exist to aid their members in money making.  Merchanting clans track the Grand Exchange markets and sometimes attempt to influence prices in their favor.

Creating a Clan Application

Now that you've settled on your clan's theme, you will want to establish some guidelines and requirements before you publicize.   When creating your application some things you'll want to keep in mind are:

  • What type of clan you have.  PVP and Skill clans will want to set skill level requirements.  Merchanting clans will want to specify a certain amount of start up capital.
  • Will your clan be for members, free players, or both?
  • What type of players are you wanting to attract?  Beginners, intermediates, or advanced?
  • How exclusive do you want the clan to be?

Beginning Your Runescape Clan

Alright, so anyone can just create a clan out of thin air, but if you want your clan to be legitimate you will need to follow some basic protocol. Here are the basic steps you must take to getting your clan recognized and "official."

  1. Get access to the Official Runescape Forums. You'll need to be either a Runescape member or a free-player with over 12.5 million experience points to post.
  2. Head to the "Clan Community" section and enter the "Clan Diplomacy & Events" board.
  3. Post an application to the "Clan Leaders" and "Clan Database" threads.

Now you've established a bit of a presence on the official forums.

Setting Up A Runescape Clan Site

Now that you've established your clan and registered its name you'll want to create a site and forums to organize your clan and build a community. For a free forum host I recommend Invisionfree boards. For the actual website itself there a plenty of options. Since you're just starting out I don't recommend a paid hosting solution, just use a free website host or blog host like Blogger or Wordpress.

Advertising Your Runescape Clan

There are two ways to go about advertising your clan: in game and on fansites. If you choose to go about it in the actual game itself, just go to a Wilderness World and ask people to join your clan. However, these members are very transient and usually will not be loyal members. A more reliable way is to go to a fansite and post on their forums. Some popular Runescape fansites are:

Go to each of these sites and find the appropriate clan forum. You will want to have a standardized template to post on each, with your clan banner, info, and requirements. Members can apply here and you'll give them a link to you clan site.

Building A Successful Runescape Clan

Now that I've given you the basics to starting your clan, making it a success is up to you. You will need to market it effectively and provide a satisfying experience for your members. The quickest way to kill your clan is to become a tyrant clan leader and not listen to your members.

It is important that you give your members an active leadership role in the clan and let them choose what activities to do. You are still the leader, but you need to relinquish some control to ensure that the clan runs smoothly.


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    • profile image

      Laurita 3 years ago

      I think you're dead on as far as ethno-nationalism goes. It is extraordinarily rectoianary. I can't believe you just acknowledged that poor, marginalized white people experience race based exclusion! I agree, and that's the interesting thing about the experience of lower classes, the system can simultaneously oppress multiple groups of people for a variety of conflicting reasons. This is one of the reasons Attack The System/American Revolutionary Vanguard is open to courting WN's. They are extremely marginalized in today's society and in that regard are just another social/racial/class minority under the thumb of the system. Of course none of us hopes that they attain any level of state power (in fact, we don't want anyone to achieve that); but that's never going to happen in the foreseeable future, anyway. We view National Anarchism as a sort of antidote to ethno-nationalism; that is an umbrella under which various tribes can respect one another's right to self determination. This idea would extend, of course, to all tribes, nations, and other people's who group themselves along whatever lines they choose, including bioregionalism. I suspect that in a more free society race or ethnicity would be one of dozens of categories around which people might group themselves voluntarily. So instead of, say, supporting Northwest Front's bid to create a totalitarian state (I'd probably fight to the death against them) we'd much rather steal their potential recruits out from under them and get them busy building their own tribes and communities and respect their neighbor's right to do the same.A good example is Native Tribes. One could argue that we are all one race, but in pre-contact times there was no concept of race. Our tribes and nations, if you will, were linguistic and/or cultural groupings. They weren't even always groupings by lineage. Various Tlingit Clans, for instance, trace their lineage and story back to different regions and different migrations into what is now Tlingit Aani. A huge part of our culture is the origination of each clan as distinctly separate from all of the other major Tlingit Clans. Yet, depending on the context, we all self identify as members of the Tlingit Tribe, and sometimes as members of the Tlingit Nation, though that is a more modern, non native concept. The fluidity of our identity, which depends on context, makes me think that any sort of race based tribe or nation (under this reclaimed use of the term) is just a superficial part of a people's identity. White people aren't going to just suddenly embrace their ethnic heritage and all become one huge movement; there are too many tribes and nations among white people that are culturally distinct from one another to do that. The only way to accomplish this is through a totalitarian state forcing a manufactured tribe, nation or identity upon the people it controls and driving out people who can't or won't conform. But as we all know, Nazi Germany lost to liberal capitalism. As much as the anarchist left would love to resurrect their old enemy, fascism is clearly dead. Instead what holds together the US is a rather shaky alliance of multiculturalism and predatory resource extraction and complimentary, mindless consumerism. It rests on the idea that we are all superficially the same: interchangeable voters, interchangeable consumers, interchangeable office drones, interchangeable burger flippers. But as you and I know (at least) the days of the Nation State are numbered. What do we replace it with?To me bioregionalism fits into this picture rather nicely. I don't expect Cascadians to fly the National Anarchist Flag anymore than I expect my people to (I'm not a National Anarchist,) or anymore than I expect my people to fly the Cascadian flag, even. Still, the overarching philosophy that I think will set us free is the fluidity of identity and acknowledgement of the right to self determination of groupings of people: bioregions, tribes, whatever. To me this is how we, as you say, break the Nation State, globalization and economic totalitarianism.That got a bit ranty, but you can expect me to be flying a Cascadian flag alongside my clan crest next October 24th. I hope to be joined by as many other people for self determination as possible.

    • profile image

      wendy 5 years ago

      I like play runescape game so much,and i want to buy some runescape golds,but i dont know which website is that best place to sell runescape golds,i have heared someone said that RSmillion is the website that sell the cheapest rumescape golds(1mil just need $0.503) and their delivery is very quickly,but i cant sure about that ,so is there anyone can give me any advice?

    • profile image

      oliver 6 years ago

      can you have some random co owner join and then ban them and still have a clan?

    • profile image

      The Magus Clan 6 years ago

      If u want join Runescape Mage pvp Clan. Go to! 20 combat+

    • profile image

      The Magus Clan 6 years ago

      If u want join Runescape Mage pvp Clan. Go to! 20 combat+

    • profile image

      Unleashed Inferno 7 years ago

      I just read this article, and honestly.. Kevin helped more than it. Thanks, Kevin. I'm working on bringing up Unleashed Inferno F2P PKing... it's a lot of fun and we've all ready got full-on TS3, a small Ventrilo and a sweet website. Now we just have to get members rolling in!

    • profile image

      Jv idol 7 years ago

      can u have a person post on yr main thread page that isnt the leader and if so how do u do that....

    • profile image

      ANDY BODYPOPZ 7 years ago


    • lumberjack profile image

      lumberjack 8 years ago

      nice long comment kevin, all good points!

    • profile image

      Kevin 8 years ago

      oke, some nice tips are given away for the absolute beginners, but I doubt if it would help. People who can't make up what said here by themselves won't be able to set up a nice clan at all. I know it's offensive and I don't want to be too harsh, but if a clanleader didn't know this already then he (or she) is deemed to fail.

      Anyway: I agree with most of it, exept the reasons why someone should start a runescapeclan. 'making runescape gold' is hard too believe, since a good clan costs so many time, you would have been able to earn alot more without. Most reasons are just for fun. And if you would say 'people don't do "just" anything for fun', then you should think twice, because most runescape-players are just kids.

      Glory not a good reason? well, it's what look you take on glory, but in a way I think it's an acceptable reason. My reason was just to practise making sites and I found that making a runescape clan gave me alot reasons to make scripts I wouldn't ever have thought about if it weren't for a clan. Now this clan has become quite succesfull I think glory is one of the reaons to continue. But then I should ask if you make a difference between succes and glory? The more succes a clan has, the more change it has to become even more succesfull. At a certain point it can be profitable, since you gain many visitors (like the fansites you called). With many visitors you might earn quite a bit with putting a little advertisements on the site.

      About the Niche: haven't you thought about chosing all? People seems to think so little-minded. So many people ask me why I allow all combat-lvls and not raise it to lvl 60, but then I wonder: isn't it better to have a clan with 60 people of an higher combat than 60 and 40 people lower than 60, than having a clan with just 60 people higher than combat 60? I'm probably just greedy, but if I can get quality ánd quantity, then I take both :P