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How To Survive on Kino Der Toten

Updated on April 5, 2015

Map of Kino der Toten

Kino Der Toten

This week I've been playing zombies on Black Ops quite a bit after seeing the Black Ops 2 commercial. After reading an article on Black Ops 2 zombies, the mode looks to be changed quite a bit with bigger and better maps and eight player zombies. So I started playing zombies again, mostly playing solo on Der Riese and (you guessed it) Kino Der Toten. After a while I picked up a strategy that I followed religiously starting from the first round to the deeper round of zombies. Hopefully when following these strategies you will be able to get into the deep round of zombies.

Round 1

The first thing you want to do is buy the perk quick revive for your 500 points you start the game with (you can choose not to buy this and get it later when you turn the power on around round 4 or 5). Then run around to the barriers, knife and don't shoot, then rebuild the barriers you should have no problems on this round.

Round 2

Now to kill the zombies shoot them five times then knife once to get the most points out of this round. Leave one zombie, preferably the slowest one, then you can repair the barriers. This is another simple round and you should be fine.

Round 3&4

To start off the round stand by the upstairs door that leads to the next room. Stand here and look across to the other side of the room at the upstairs barrier. Once zombies tear it apart completely and have taken a few step towards you, open the door and purchase the gun: PM63 off the wall on the left. Then tend to the zombies if you are going to shoot them aim for the head to get the most points and knife as much as possible. When you kill the zombies you can stay by the door or you can go to the back room and get them from one of the corners; rebuild the barriers then get ready for round four. Now that were in round 4 you should stand by the barrier in the back room and kill zombies that come through their and be prepared because, zombies can fall from the ceiling in the room directly across from where you are. And keep an eye on the hallway that leads into the room that you are in, zombies will began pouring in, in the middle of the round. Try for headshots and knife as much as possible to get points if you get overwhelmed buy the door in that room. Leave one zombie again and rebuild barriers once the round is over and if you haven't bought the door buy it now. Go downstairs taking the right staircase then buy the gun: MP40 that's on the right wall.

Round 5

Stay in the room that you just opened and stay on the bottom floor and watch the two barriers aim for the head. Zombies will start coming downstairs now you can kill them and make sure they don't get to close. If you have 1,250 points (which you should have) you can buy the door when they start coming downstairs. You can go into the room then around the corner is another door that leads to the room behind the stairs. And on the far end of the room there is a lever that you can pull to turn on the power and open up the curtain revealing the stage and connecting you to the starting room. Leave one zombie and link the two teleporters, to do this stand in the teleporter on the stage then hold down the button it shows on the screen (it depends on what system your playing on). Next, run to the starting room and stand on the pad in the middle of the room and hold down the button it had you hold down to link the teleporter. Now you can rebuild the barriers and on a side note if you have gotten downed down by now you should make getting Quick Revive a priority above everything. And remember that you only get three quick revives per game so try your best not to get downed. And you might even want to restart if it's this early.

Round 6

Now get ready nova crawlers will be in this round and after being shot they explode but it's not that big of an explosion but be cautious. If you are playing on the Wii you have an advantage here you can buy the AUG in this room which is a really good guns especially when pack-a-punched. You may want to leave it for this round as you want to save up 2,500 points for the perk juggernog. In this round when zombies come in we will try a different approach we will get zombies to follow so you can turn and gun them down. Run around the stage to get zombies to follow then occasionaly turn around and fire some shots into the group of zombies which I will from now refer to as a train. Some zombies will break away from the group and they will be the ones to get you but, make sure you keep your cool it's the key to success. This round would be a good one to take the teleporter because you don't have juggernog yet, and you will usually get hit a couple of times. If you take the teleporter make sure that it's after the zombies have spawned into the map. Once you take the teleporter you will be in a room located above the stage that's called the projecter room. Once here you shot the zombies from above our throw gernades and if you run out of grenades you can buy them on the left wall. You will be forced to teleport out after 30 seconds and you might be taken to a mystery room and will stay their for five seconds before being transported back to the main room. Now think fast you can stay back and kill zombies that come out or you can run to the door and you can activate a trap on the right side of the door. I would take the first option now to conseve and add points and zombies aren't nearly as strong as they will be. If you get overwhelmed you can fall back and climb the staircase on the right and take the doors and turn around and continue to gun down the zombies. Again leave one zombie try to leave a nova crawler, as they are very slow, then rebuild the barriers and buy the perk juggernog located in the theater room by the bowie knife in the back. And if you need it get ammo although dogs should be coming up and if you have juggernog dogs is like a walk in the park. Now finally keep running around the map avoiding the zombie to wait for the teleporter to cool down. The teleporter should finally cool down after about a minuet and you can link it again. Then you can finally kill off the nova crawler and get back to the stage for the next round.

Dogs round

Every once in a while you will have a round in which you must kill dogs and not zombies. This one guide applies to every round of dogs that you play. Get into a corner of the theater and wait for a dog to spawn then simply once they come into view shoot 'em down. I usually wait for them to get close just do I won't miss, and don't worry about wasting ammo at the end of the round you get max ammo. And one dog or even two shouldn't be able to take you down because of the juggernog perk you have, with that perk i've never been downed. And if you really just can't get past dogs try hanging out by a fire pit trap that will usually get the dogs before they get you.

Round 7-10

Now that your at the theater you will run a train to rack up the points. Zombies are getting stronger every round that you advance so you have to grow stronger to fight back. Spend the first points you make at first on the mystery box if you have found it to get a reliable weapon and secondary weapon. And you can open doors if you haven't found the mystery box to try to find it. Once you have gotten the two weapons save up on points and when you have 5,000 points you can take the teleporter to pack-a-punch your weapons. At the end of rounds you can rebuild the barriers for extra points if your short on buying any weapon or pack-a-punch. Always keep one thousand points on hand as to activate a trap if you are in trouble and you may even want more to buy quick revive then juggernog after you get downed.

Round 11-20

Now points should be rolling in as you take down the zombies although they are stronger then ever. You may want to try running a train around a larger area like the whole or half the map, so you can use traps to your advantage. The teleporter can be used if you get rushed it will kill any zombies that get to close to the teleporter and you can kill them once your up in the projector room. With your points you can start buying perks I would buy the following perks in the order I list them. First Speed Cola, located in the second room we opened on the bottom floor buy the barrier. The perk speeds up your reload time and can be amazingly helpful for light machine guns, shotguns and the thunder gun, it can be purchased for 3,000 points. Next Mule Kick, located in the first room you open around the corner in the corner in the back room. This perk allows you to carry three weapons instead of two, which can be very helpful it later rounds so you don't run out of ammo; it can be purchased for 4,000 points. Finally Double Tap Rootbeer, located in the alley, which can be found by opening the door on the bottom floor in the starting room. Then the door in the back of that room needs to be purchased and it should be right there when you open the doorand for the cost of 2,000 points it will speed up your rate of fire. Remember that you can only have four perks at a time so I would recommend not getting double tap until you can't get quick revive anymore. And if you can buy at least the first two perks you can go to the mystery box to try to get a better weapon. And be on the look out for a wonder weapon the ray gun and the thunder gun, two guns that are, as their names suggest, wonders.

Round 21-30

Now zombies should really coming in with rounds lasting much, much longer then they has before and they are stronger still. At this point you really need to get a wonder weapon to fight back and traps are your friend they will really help you out. You should have all the perks and you should have at least one upgraded wonder weapon if not two. Now be careful don't get to gutsy that's what usually seems to get me, I get hit once, start panicking, then I get hit many more times and I get downed. And your main priority after getting downed is to get quick revive and juggernog because you lose all of your perks. If won't be able to get them quick enough try taking the teleporter then, as soon as you leave the room get quick revive which is to your right and forget juggernog for now. And be careful as now you can only take two hits because you have lost the perk. Run up the stairs to the right and take the path back to the theater room. If you have monkeys or an awful lawton (upgraded crossbow) use them to buy you enough time to get juggernog.

Thunder Gun

Round 31+

Now you're into the deep round of zombies, just keep doing what you're doing, keep using traps to help kill off zombies. And at the end of every round connect the teleporter to use it if you wish to. Also ammo will be a main key as you get father you may want to get a gun of the the wall as your third gun and get ammo for it of the wall and you can buy the pack-a-punched versions ammo of the wall as well. Now you need every perk (remember you can only use 4 perks) and you should have both wonder weapons pack-a-punched and your third weapon should be the mp40 off the wall. Group zombies together and lead them to traps to take them out now as they are very strong and take a lot to kill now. Just try your best and continue doing whatever your doing because it got you this far.

Whats Your Highest Round?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      thanks :-)

    • greekwarrior profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Sylvania, Ohio, USA

      Well on the very early rounds (1-4) I would not stay in the same spot try to run around, at your running speed dogs won't be able to catch you then turn and shoot. However once you have a half decent gun and have Juggernog it will be much easier. I usually sit in the left corner of the theater and gun down the dogs as they run towards you and if you get overwhelmed run away, remember they can't run as fast as you. Also, if you are having that much trouble, try to get a shotgun to take out the dogs or you can use the Thudergun as well, seeing that you get max ammo afterwards. Good Luck!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      do u have any tips on killing the dogs

    • greekwarrior profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Sylvania, Ohio, USA

      Cool, Joey, glad I could help out!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      killing more zombies then ever

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      thanks saved my life


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