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How to use the Ghost in Marine Arena

Updated on January 31, 2013

Why Learn the Ghost?

If you are going to be at least slightly good at Marine Arena you best learn to use the Ghost. It is impossible to counter the following Marine Arena strategies without implementing a Ghost:

  • High Templars,
  • Infestors,
  • Thors (& Odin),
  • Brutalisks,
  • Tanks,
  • Kerrigan

On top of this, having a Ghost allows you to use EMP's on the following:

  • Infestors,
  • High Templar,
  • Ravens,
  • Hybrids,
  • Stalkers
  • Gabriel Tosh marines

When to Buy a Ghost in Marine Arena

Of course, you shouldn't just buy a Ghost blindly and expect your opponents to let you counter them. If you buy a Ghost early game then you will shut down any possibility that your opponents will proceed to any of the units listed above (unless they are really good and think they will out-micro you or are just plain stupid).

The only right time to buy a Ghost is if you see that a lot of your opponents have bought Ghost-feed, units like Battle Cruisers and Tanks or Heroes that will make it easy for you to get your money's worth out of your Ghost.

You should note that even if your opponent purchases a High Templar you don't necessarily need to buy a Ghost, make sure that your opponent is competent and commits to High Templar upgrades before buying a Ghost. You can see how well that player is doing via the leader board.

What Order of Ghost Upgrades Should you buy for your Ghost in Marine Arena?

The best order for your Ghost upgrades really depends on what it is you will be sniping and how often.

Since there are only two possible upgrades to get the decision is usually very simple.

If there is something like a Thor or a Brutalisk, which would be very expensive to take out with one snipe if you bought all of the damage upgrades, you should buy the "Sniper Training" upgrades so that you can Snipe from safe distances several times.

If however there is a medium health unit like a Tank or a Hunter Killer, then the damage upgrade is worth purchasing so that you can snipe these units in one go.

As the game progresses, you can keep adding both range and damage upgrades in turn so that you can keep up with the health upgrades your opponent is giving his heroes or Centre Shop Units. This is particularly relevant to Tanks, with some players being baffled as to why they suddenly can't Snipe a tank in one shot anymore.

Where Should I Position my Ghost in Marine Arena?

The positioning of your Ghost depends mainly on how many range upgrades you have bought for him.

After maxing out on range upgrades, you can safely cloak your Ghost and take him by himself to Snipe a hero in the middle of the map (or even in an opponent's base) and then either recall him (using the support tower) or simply run back to your army.

Anything less than maxed upgrades however and you should keep your Ghost near or in your main army at all times, so that you can throw and sacrifice your army in return for your Ghost's safety. When large battles occur, you can simply Snipe from around the Xel Naga Tower sides and return safely afterwards, making the most out of the windy paths on the sides.

Killing High Templars with Ghosts - Snipe or EMPs?

EMP's. High skilled players (most of whom use High Templars) will know to Feedback a Ghost whilst he is in the middle of Sniping in order to stop him in his tracks.

This works only because it takes several seconds to pull of a Snipe in Marine Arena whilst Feedback is still an instant casting ability.

EMP's however are instant too and will drain a HT of all of his energy. This makes it useless for around 40 seconds and gives you the chance to engage the player with the HT and his undoubtedly weakly upgraded army (since HT's cost so much).

This is the tactic you should utilise to defeat players with HT's: EMP High Templar -> Attack army.

If however you feel like you could pull of a Snipe on the HT because he is otherwise busy during a battle, sitting idle or in a bad position or because you are cloaked and he has nothing to detect you with, then of course Snipe away.

Using the Ghost as a Siege Weapon

The Marine Arena map has been made so that Ghosts can reach (with their normal attack) several mercenary positions on the map. Therefore, all you need is vision of your opponent's mercenary compound and you can simply pick off mercenary compounds again and again.

Not all mercenary positions are reachable however and you should be careful of saviours wiping out your Ghost and surrounding defences - although this is worth making your opponent waste a saviour.

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