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How to use the High Templar in Marine Arena

Updated on June 19, 2013
Marine Arena - Coming soon to Heart of the Swarm!
Marine Arena - Coming soon to Heart of the Swarm! | Source

Why the High Templar

The High Templar (HT) is by far the best hero of all to use because even it's counter, the Ghost, can be stifled in his tracks with the use of feedback.

Only the Spectre (costing almost 6x as much as a HT) poses a real threat to the High Templar.

Below are the many ways in which the High Templar should be use utilised to maximise the capital it brings with it.

When to buy the High Templar in Marine Arena

As far as I'm concerned, there are two good times to buy the High Templar: early game or late game. This is because of reasons explained below.

Early Game
If you are confident in yourself and think you can generate around 500 minerals to purchase a HT by 9:30, then buying the High Templar is probably the best option of all for you. This is because the High Templar will pop out at around the 10 minute mark when you will receive minerals that will be used for High Templar storm upgrades.

It is at this point that you can storm away at the low health point units on the map. The reason the HT is so effective at the start of the game is because it is impossible for players to have made the ridiculous amount of health upgrades on their units in order to make Storms unviable.

Late Game
Because the most effective way of upgrading most mercenaries is to upgrade their damage, by late game, there are usually very high damage, but very low health units. Thus, buying a surprise High Templar and upgrading it fully can be absolutely devastating and change the game around in your favour.

This technique works particularly well if there is (and there usually is) a player who went Maraiders and upgraded their attack very high. Storms will melt the Maraider/Marine clumps and give you the edge you need to win.

Mid Game
Although you may in fact find a lot of success in using a High Templar during the midgame due to the sheer power of his Storm, the midgame is in fact the worst time to get a High Templar.

This is because it is the delicate point in the game where players will be making big choices like swapping their mercenaries to more powerful, HP based units (goliaths, stalkers etc.) and getting an edge over your units. If you decide to sink over 1000 minerals into a High Templar, you risk falling too weak in your army department and be crushed at this vulnerable point.

More mildly, you also risk your army becoming obsolete - meaning that your army is just feed and will not generate any income.

Relying on your High Templar as the sole provider of minerals is definitely possible, but it makes playing very difficult - especially if there are Ghosts on the field.

What Order of Storm Upgrades Should you buy for your High Templar?

The most efficient way to upgrade your High Templar will generally not, unlike most other things in Marine Arena, change according to what your opponents are doing.

The order in which you upgrade your High Templar Storms at the Centre Shop should be the following:

  1. Energy Regeneration
  2. Damage
  3. Range
  4. Damage up until the 500 upgrade

After the 150 mineral range upgrade, there really is no need to upgrade your HT's range any further, unless you plan on Storming your opponents' mercs from the Xel Naga Tower sides.

This however is usually a bad idea because of Ghosts, Saviours, and the fact that your opponent could just move away from his merc and re-rally.

The reason you should stop after buying the 500 mineral damage upgrade is because this is the damage output your High Templar needs in order to always fry Marines for the rest of the game - because health upgrades become too expensive to surpass dying from this damage output.

The only justifiable reason to buy the final 600 damage upgrade is because all of your opponents have gone high-tier mercenaries like Goliaths, Stalkers or Reavers.

Note: It is a very little known fact that in Marine Arena, High Templars actually regain energy after they storm, according to how much damage their storms do. This means that pulling good storms on small groups of units will give you enough energy to pull off a storm immediately after, and throwing a storm that hits nothing will mean you won't.

This also means that damage upgrades are also energy regeneration upgrades.

Where Should I Position my High Templars in Marine Arena?

The name of the game with HT's is to pull off storms and get kills without being Snipe'd by Ghosts or armies. This means that positioning is key.

The following aspects should be considered.

  1. Xel Naga Towers
    If you buy a HT you must always have the Xel Naga Towers if you wish to leave your base at all. This shouldn't be hard because the enclosed holding area of the tower is perfect for pulling off efficient storms.
  2. Behind Your Army
    Your High Templar should never be alone. Even if it is far from enemy units, professional players will drop mercenary marines from their support towers and kill it. On top of this, your High Templar should never remain at the front of the army, it can come close to the front in order to storm but then must always be returned back behind the cover of his army or your base.
  3. Ghosts and Battle Cruisers
    As soon as you know that there are either of these things on the map, then you need to be far more careful and aware of what is going on the map than before. Keep your High Templar further behind your army and scan your eyes for the blur of a cloaked ghost. Scan your enemy's base so that you know who has the Ghosts and where they are, if you are unsure of where they are and you do not have the Xel Naga Towers, then you must retreat back to your base and stay there until you find out and regain map control.

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