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How to win at Madden 12: Be a better Madden 12 Player: Passing, Running, Defense

Updated on February 8, 2012
Running the ball is NOT a lost art. At least not in Madden
Running the ball is NOT a lost art. At least not in Madden | Source

Win at Madden and Be a better madden player

Playing Madden has gotten eerily similar to the real game of football. Everyone knows, if you turn the ball over, you won't win. The same thing with Madden is true. Although asking someone to run the football every play is like asking someone to stay under 20 mph in their Lamborghini on the highway, knowing how and when to run the football is important. So, that's where we'll start.

Running: While some people overlook lineman as unimportant players, lineman are crucial to running the ball. If you have a 97 left tackle and 93 left guard, you better be running the football left. Lineman do not only protect your quarterback, they set up blocks as well. Also, we all know how important turnovers can mean to a game of Madden, so keep your finger on LB while you run between the tackles, in order to cover the ball and avoid those deadly strips.

Passing: The most versatile part of a game of Madden starts with the quarterback and hopefully ends up with a receiver. The first thing you must do before you line up (which takes up to 7 seconds in the game) is read the defense. Basic defenses include the cover two, cover three, and one man deep. If two safeties are lined up evenly at the top of the screen, the defense is in cover two. Cover two's are notorious for leaving the deep middle of the field open. So, if you see the cover two formation, streak your tight end and wait for the linebackers to be too close and the safeties to be too deep to cover him. If the defense is lined up in cover three, which have three safeties symmetrically lined up deep, watch for the short crossing routes. Slants and short out routes work well against defenses that waste three men covering the bomb. Finally, the most widely used defense with man coverage, the cover one has two safeties lined up, but not evenly or symmetrically with each other. In cover one zones, man coverage is almost certain. Man coverage is vulnerable to deep outs and slants.

Defense: 'Defense wins championships' has seen better days in the NFL, but in Madden, the old proverb flourishes. The key to winning a Madden game resides in opportunistic defense. With many people throwing short passes (screens or slants) as the majority of their passing plays, knowing how to defend these and come away with the ball is an important skill. Light blue (flat) zones are the king of defending screens. When choosing a defensive play against someone who loves to 'nickel and dime' you all the way down the field, look for light blue flat zones. With cover two giving up easy completions down the middle of the field, cover one is usually your best bet. Depending on how your opponent plays, zone defense is usually preferred over man defense for one reason: PICKS. With zones, slants are dangerous and can result in easy linebacker interceptions if not timed right. Light blue zones cover screens, deep zones cover the lob to the 99 speed Desean Jackson, and yellow zones more towards the outside cover deep outs and flags. Not to mention purple zones, which can be very effective against skilled players because they play man coverage until in their zone, which can really mess up a Madden player's strategy. All in all, zone defenses create turnovers and make the other player have an actual drive down the field instead of giving up huge plays that can make any Madden player a rage quitter.

So remember, don't turn the ball over and don't give up the big play. Do these two things and you'll see yourself become a better Madden player.


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    • profile image

      jerrell 5 years ago

      Thanks guy i'm kicking my cousins ass

    • LuisEGonzalez profile image

      Luis E Gonzalez 5 years ago from Miami, Florida

      Welcome, Don't play much games but your tips should prove useful to those who do.