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How to win free for all in Call of Duty

Updated on July 22, 2012

Call of duty strategy guide

The Modern Warfare series are amongst the most popular online games. As much as it is enjoyable, most people can agree with me that it can be very frustrating when you're loosing badly. I bet you often wonder "How does he get so many kills in such a short time?, he MUST be cheating".

This is exactly what I used to think until I started getting numerous kills in a short time myself. I have actually felt guilty at times, I don:t normally wear a head set but I can hear people cursing through the TV speakers.

The main mistake that around 75% of players do is get killed immediately after killing someone, this is exactly how other players flourish and can get up to 5-6 kills within around 1-2 mins, because of your mistakes.

Five kills a time

A very good strategy which is easily achievable after 1 kill (4 more easy kills). After killing one person DO NOT reload, or look around for around players, immediately take full cover (moving from your kill position) and take out each player that comes sniffing along, they will come in intervals of around 5-10 secs. Only re-load once all is clear.

Once you killed around 4 people the game engine will NOT re-spawn players near you anymore, so you will waste a lot of time waiting, and the players that you killed with re-spawn around the opposite side of the map all in similar places, killing each other at a fast pace overtaking your score. At least one of the players will ignore the sudden spawn kills and come and hunt you down.

Don't camp but guard areas of small sections, near re-spawn points. Remember players will re-spawn at a point if you have you back facing that point and are out of direct vision, e.g. round a corner. Give it 3-5 seconds, come back around and someone may have re-spawned.

Suprise the enemy

In Team Death match most people like to stick in their comfort zones and tend to run to favorite spots were they can rack up a decent amount of kills. Since most people are doing the same thing, you are not going to come out on top and if you do it's just random luck. A good way way of killing the unsuspecting enemy is to circle the area, near the perimeter covering your back. By doing this you have more chance of catching the enemy from behind. One point though, as you are trying to move behind the enemy, if you starting to see your own players respawning near you it means that the enemy are on the other-side of the map and you will need to re-think your strategy. Marathon is a good perk or this type tacit, since the idea is to get as far away as possible from your own players in order to stand out on kills. This may not be the most co-operative way of playing but it is a good strategy and sure racks up kills which lead to points.

Follow the leaders

This strategy only works on larger quiet maps. As the title says you need to trail behind a ground of around 3-4 players in team death-match. If positioned correct (be sure that the enemy is in front) you should easily be able to get kills while the enemy is reloading after having taking over your team members. This is not very co-operative however very good for random team death-matches. You will never get complaints from doing this because you are getting kills out in the open. Make sure that you don't fire at the same time as other team members as this will attract the sharp shooters.

Silencer Good or Bad

Personally I do not use silencers for two reasons.

  1. They weakend long range shots enabling your enemy to escape and know where you are.
  2. If nobody every knows where you are, it means you will be lonely with a low score. I actaully want people to come hunting me down so I can be ready for them. Higher chance of being killed but a good way of taking 4-5 out before you go down maintaining your Kill / Death ratio.

Trouble makers and loud mouths

One thing that can ruin a good game is idiots who run their mouths off. You will always get it in online gaming and particular with the call of duty series.

One of the of worse things to do is to encourage them but telling them to be quiet or curse or insult them back. This will simply make matters worse ruin the game especially for another sensible players (like the Japanese).

Don't tell people to shut up, don't accuse people of camping, don't accuse people of hunting you down, don't accuse people of cheating and don't ever gloat. Just let it go, people get bored of talking to themselves and they finally shut up after a match or so.

I play online with a lot of Japanese and they NEVER argue or complain online.


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    • Mikeydoes profile image

      Mikeydoes 7 years ago from Fl,IL,IND

      Very good strategy. Very similar to what I do, thanks for linking my hub. I got you back :)