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How I got started with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Updated on November 20, 2015

We all Geek Out

When it comes to games I am very particular. I like to think I am smarter than the average bear so I always play games that reward critical thinking and planning. Naturally, I grew very fond of RPG and strategy games. I have played a few one-shot RPG but I then discovered the world of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Although some of them have subscriptions fees of ~$14 per month, it was worth it because the quality was far superior to many offline RPG games. I tried games like Everquest Frontier, Champions of Norrath, Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy IV (I will follow up on these and a few more MMORPG in a future article). These MMORPG filled a void but what it was lacking was freedom for me. So I ventured on to find said freedom.


In my Search for that freedom

I plundered the internet for that one game that will provide endless possibilities with no loading screens, no rail-roading, a true open world RPG. And that is exactly what I found but offline! I discovered D&D 5th Edition mentioned on a table top RPG forum and I decided to read a bit more about it. I have heard of D&D before and it just seemed too complicated, even for me. I have certain misconceptions of table top RPG like D&D that have since been dispelled. You know; the whole nerds in a basement phenomenon. I was willing to get to the bottom of this so I read and read some more. The more I do so, the more I was intrigued by D&D. The classes, the race, everything was just what I was looking for. Character creation was no longer changing hair and body type while allocating some stats. No! It was building a new being from the inside out. From its background, relationships and professions to its traits and flaws, I had ultimate control. The ultimate freedom! I researched enough by that point to know I need a group and a DM to play with. So I looked for one in the one place I was sure I could find any group:


My First D&D 5th Edition Adventure

I found the group at a The Brooklyn Strategist, a tabletop games shop where you can also reserve tables and play games. They also run D&D encounters which are published by Wizzards of the Coast. In one of those encounters is where I had one of my first games. I have essentially created a character before even showing up there but I did get some assistance clarifying thing from a DM there. I created a Half-Elf Ranger who left his Elf clan as they regarded him as sub-par to their community. The first encounter, as many first encounters go was against and malicious Kobolds attacking a caravan. Our DM did a great job of getting the new D&D adventurers integrated into the world of table top RPG. Everyone there was great and I am now still great friends with quite a few of them. Friendship through the blood, sweat, tears and laughter of D&D are one forged with great strength!

Dawnforged One on One D&D Session for Beginners

The Adventure Continued...

After completing a season at the Brooklyn Strategist, I and some of the players started our own adventure. It feels a bit more natural now since we consult the Players’ handbook far less now and are able to focus on the adventure and role playing. There are endless Jokes and beer at the game table and with all of those moments in mind, I am glad I decided to give D&D a shot.

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