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Hulk Hands for those cute hands

Updated on April 8, 2011

Children and superheroes – there is nothing you can do to separate the two. No matter how old the characters of DC and Marvel comics get, they will have a fan following that will cut across along age groups. Take for example the character of Incredible Hulk. The brooding young man, who turns into a green monster of rage – many children tend to sympathize with him and actually side with him in all his capers.

In keeping with the demands of such followers, it was but natural for creators of the characters and well as the promoters to release merchandise into the market that would be lapped up. One of the Incredible Hulk’s most important features are his hands. Those huge fists could ram holes into foundation stones. Hulk Hands were first released into the market as part of the promotional campaign for the 2003 Hollywood movie release. This toy was made up of foam and rubber. Once the child wore it, he could clench and unclench the huge fists with movement of his own. They resemble oversize boxing gloves and made for a lot of make-believe fun.

These Hulk Hands also came with in-built sounds. So if you hit against someone or something, there were a variety of crash and boom sounds that would be emitted. Some of them even had the Hulk’s roar in the background.

The creators of this toy were Toy Biz and they first released them into the market, semi-open, providing youngsters an opportunity to try them on before buying them. But this was soon stopped because retailers had a tough time dealing with damaged merchandise. They were once again brought onto market shelves in a more enclosed box, but with the option of Try Me still retained on a few sample pieces that were kept about.

As a gimmick type of toy, Hulk Hands have received a tremendous amount of attention. They have been used in promotional events as well as by some rock band lead singers. Putting them on and spraying them with florescent paint proved to be quite a crowd-puller. Releasing such popular merchandise into the market under the banner of the movie as well under separate promotional packages is an ideal way of maintaining contact with young followers of the Hulk.


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