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Hummel Figurines - Where to Buy for the Best Price

Updated on June 26, 2013

Where to Buy Hummel Figurines for the Best Prices

Hummel Figurines are one of the most collected, and most sought after lines of collectible porcelain figurines on the Net. A Google search for Hummel figurines will return over a 100,000 results.

Savvy shoppers know they can just skip that massive list and go directly to the best discount prices available anywhere, on or offline.

Except for a few links on that list of 100,000 results that will be Hummel company links, the majority will be for individual sites that are selling Hummels from their inventory, but there is one link that will take you to listings that will have multiple sellers, all in one place, competing to offer you the lowest price possible to get your sale - ebay!

Skip the details - Go straight to the Hummel Figurines Discount link!

Hummel Figurines

Hummel Figurines - Girl
Hummel Figurines - Girl | Source
Hummel Figurines - Boy
Hummel Figurines - Boy | Source

Why ebay Has the Best Prices for Hummel Figurines

There are three main reasons to shop ebay first for your Hummel figurines:

  1. ebay has evolved into the largest collector's market on the Web for collectible porcelain pieces
  2. ebay will provide you will multiple sellers, all competing in one place, vying to offer you the best prices possible to get your sale. And not all sellers are knowledgeable professional sellers, you may even stumble across a super one-time deal offering you the piece you want for just a few dollars
  3. As the web's largest online marketplace for collectibles, it is no longer the "flea market" of its earlier years, ebay strives to make sure your buying experience is as safe and secure as any you would make at your favorite local shop.

*ebay's Buyer's Protection and Top-Rated Sellers programs guarantee you are dealing with reputable sellers, and that your Hummel figurine will arrive in your hands just as expected - or your money back!

Hummel - Signs of Spring - Super-deal

Hummel Figurines - Signs of Spring
Hummel Figurines - Signs of Spring | Source

An Example of an ebay Super-Deal

Here is a real example of the type of super-deal you might find on Hummel Figurines on ebay.

This piece, Hummel's "Signs of Spring" is one of their more popular pieces. It has been produced multiple times, with each production run properly marked.

For this example, the piece is the #203/2/0 production model. The accepted book value is $175 to $200.

Average price from stand-alone online sites: $85 - $165

Here is what you will find on ebay for this figurine:

  • Buy-it-Now listings, (not auctions, just click and buy it now), for: $148.20, $135, $129.99, $120, $105, ... and more, down to a low of $65! There were over 15 sellers offering this piece for a set price you could buy with one click.
  • Auction listings, there were auction listings for this piece with starting bids as low as $9.99

And the final best deal on ebay? One shopper bought this figurine, by auction, for $20.50! Like new - no cracks, chips, or blemishes - including the original Hummel box! And 5 other bidders got deals as low as $32.50!

ebay Buyer's Protection Program
ebay Buyer's Protection Program | Source
ebay Buyer's Protection/PayPal
ebay Buyer's Protection/PayPal | Source
ebay's Top-Rated Sellers Icon
ebay's Top-Rated Sellers Icon | Source

Buy Hummel Figurines Safely and Securely

As mentioned, ebay is not the "Flea Market" it used to be in its early years, and ebay knows that a safe and secure buying experience is the most important part of their reputation.

  • Top-Rated Sellers program - ebay buyers leave feed-back about their buying experience from each seller. Bad sellers are quickly spotted by ebay security filters and are just as quickly booted off the site. When you see the "Top-Rated Seller" icon you know you are dealing with a seller that has a sterling record of past customer experiences
  • Buyer's Protection Program - This program guarantees that your purchase will be exactly what you thought it was, and arrive in your hands exactly as expected - or ebay will will work with you and the seller to fix any problems - or refund your money, all of it!
  • Double the protection with PayPal - When you pay for your purchase through PayPal, (no account needed), you get double the protection! If you are not satisfied PayPal will refund your money directly from the seller's account.

Tips for Buying Hummel Figurines on ebay

Here are a few tips to make sure you have the best buying experience, and get the best price possible.

Basic tips:

  1. Always look closely at the pictures. 99% of the time the pictures on the listing will be of the actual item you are buying, not just a "stock" inventory picture. So look for the maker's marks and the item condition
  2. If you have any questions, or would like more pictures, just use the "Ask the Seller a question" button included on every listing. All good ebay sellers welcome buyer questions because it shows they have an interested buyer and potential sale.
  3. Be sure to browse similar listings to make sure you are looking at the best deal, remember the "Signs of Spring" example above

Super "Best Deal" Tips:

  1. Compare the deal you found to previous sales to see if you really found a super deal. On the left side of your screen you will see a choice to show "completed listings." This will give you a list of previous sales for identical items. You can see what other buyers paid for the item you are interested in. A Green price means the item sold for the price listed, and a Red price means the item did not sell.
  2. Never bid early! If you find an auction listing for an item you want - Do not bid as soon as you find it! This will only let other interested buyers know they have competition, and will drive up the final price. Ideally you want to be able to be online the minute the auction closes, and enter your bid then.
  3. When you find an auction listing for an item you like, click the "Watch this item" button, instead of bidding. Then you can click the link to check this item anytime you log onto ebay, and ebay will automatically send you an email as the ending time nears to remind you to check back
  4. How much to bid - when you click to bid, ebay prompts you to enter the maximum amount yo are willing to pay, regardless of the current bid amount. For instance; you are willing to pay a maximum of $20 for an item, and the current high bid is only $9.50. You enter $20 as your maximum price, but ebay will only enter your bid in an amount needed to beat the current high bid. In this case your $20 maximum bid will show-up online as $9.75 which now makes you the high bidder.

Then as other bidders beat your high bid, ebay will use your maximum bid amount to increase your bid until you are high bidder again. Up to your maximum of $20.

ps. always enter your maximum bid as an odd amount, like $20.13, or $26.26, because most bidders use even dollars for their maximums, so your $20.13 maximum will win over a $20.00 maximum while only costing you an addition 13 cents!

Here are the Hot Hummel Figurines Links

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Got all that? ebay currently has over 5000 Hummel Figurines listed, way to many to try to show you here. This direct link will show you ALL Hummel figurines listed on ebay today. Browse as much as you want.

If you are looking for a specific figurine, just use the search box at the top of your screen. For instance, if you want to find a Hummel figurine with a little boy and his dog - just type in - Hummel Boy Dog, and then click Go. ebay will automatically find all the listings with these words in it.

Here they are:

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ebay Logo
ebay Logo | Source

Get Your Free ebay Account

  • One-click log-on and bid
  • Discount coupons
  • Special member promotions
  • Personal ebay dashboard for all your activities

>>> Sign-up for an ebay account

Hummel Figurines

Hummel Figurines
Hummel Figurines | Source
Hummel Figurines
Hummel Figurines | Source

Hummel Figurines for Christmas Gifts

Hummel Figurines make terrific Christmas Gifts for porcelain collectors and lovers. A little girl or boy Hummel Figure will touch the heart of any mother and quickly become a treasured heirloom.

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