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Hunter Pvp Guide - 5.4

Updated on June 19, 2014

The Hunter in Pvp

The Hunter has always been at home in any player versus player situation. His range ability meant he could kill from a safe distance with ease. Since vannila, this was one of the best classes for pvp and remained so throughout the expansions.

The class is not very easy to play however and it takes quite a lot of skill to play it at its full potential. But the rewards are amazing. Once you get the hang of it, you can start to humiliate players and make them quit Wow forever and go cry in a corner. Of course most of them then start a hunter and play it poorly - hence the huge number of huntards.

Learn your strengths and weaknesses and use them to your advantage. Know who you fight. Know your limitations. There are currently dozens of hunters who have no idea how to play the class and forged the "huntard" reputation. A proper hunter will make quick work of most enemy's and when he cannot kill them, he can usually get away without too much trouble.

Best Alliance Hunter Pvp Races

Human -The simple fact that "Every Man for Himself" basically frees a trinket slot is awesome. You can use a damage trinket instead.

Draenei - Since the hunter does not have much self heal, the heal can make a huge difference.

Worgen - Crit increase and a small Sprint. Pretty decent.

My Favorite: Human

What is the best Pvp Hunter Race ? (Ally)

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Best Horder Hunter Pvp Races

Undead - Will of the Forsaken and the slight lifesteal are both awesome in pvp.

Orc - A natural pvp born class - Stun resistance and great dps cd. Slight damage increase to pets.

Troll - Less movement speed duration and berserking. Enough said.

Goblin - small Blink.

My Favorite: Troll

What is the best Pvp Hunter Race ? (Horde)

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Best Hunter Pvp Specs ?

Throughout the expansions, pretty much all of the hunter specs have had their moment in the sun as the best pvp spec.

Let's focus at the current time for now.

Beast Mastery: is probably the best for pvp at the moment simply because most of the dps is done by the pet. This leaves the hunter himself in a superb position to control. Basically the hunter's only role is to kite and control the battle. This is amazing and opens the door to a whole variety of possibilities.

Marksmanship: has lost a huge chunk of its fans in this expansion. The spec has basically become a survival mode thanks to Chimera Shot. The damage output is moderate at most and falls dramatically when pressured.

Survival: still kicks a lot and the combination of elemental damage and awesome control abilities is amazing in pvp. However, it has the lowest survivability.

Below we will take each spec and analyze it. But first vote your favorite pvp spec :)

What is the best hunter pvp spec ?

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Beast Mastery Pvp Spec


Level 15: Posthaste / Narrow Escape

Level 30: Binding Shot

Level 45: Spirit Bond

Level 60: Thrill of the Hunt / Dire Beast

Level 75: Blink Strikes

Level 90: Glaive Toss

Beast Mastery is currently the top choice as a pvp spec. The main reason is that with the pet taking care of the damage, you are free to control the battle as you wish. This means kiting, traping, disabling anything that moves without worrying you sacrifice dps for it. This also means that you can set your pet loose on a target without having to worry they will hide behind a rock, losing sight. That vicious pet will keep constant pressure on the target leaving you free to do whatever you want.

Regarding the talents, Glaive Toss is by far the best choice for pvp as it deals a decent amount of damage as well as adds another slow which is always good. Plus you know ... it's instant and costs only 15 Focus. Personally I think Spirit Bond is far superior for its tier, but if you play with a healer, Aspect of the Iron Hawk may be useful as well, though I hardly think it will match.

Blinking Strikes because you want your pet to maintain constant pressure and the extra damage is more than welcome. For tier 1, anything except Hidden Chimera. I prefer the slow break and increase speed rather than root but it is entirely up to you. Both work well in arenas and battlegrounds.

Thrill of the Hunt seems the best option since it basically means more Arcane Shots which in term means more pet crits. Plus you know ... the added pvp power proc from the pvp gear.

Tier 2 brings some very useful cc abilities. All 3 are great and it comes down to preferences. Technically speaking, Binding Shot is better than Intimidation Shot. It can stun 2 targets and has a better cd. But you can miss it and you have to be in range and in sight. Intimidation is more no-brainer as you only cast it and the pet stuns. Wyvern Sting is also good. However it seems it is more useful in arenas than in battlegrounds. It's your call, but I prefer Binding Shot.

Currently the best hunter pvp spec out there.

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Marksmanship Pvp Spec


Level 15: Posthaste / Narrow Escape

Level 30: Binding Shot

Level 45: Iron Hawk

Level 60: Dire Beast

Level 75: Murder of Crows

Level 90: Glaive Toss

Marksmanship has had its moment in the sun as a pvp spec, but at the moment it is simply not viable. Although fun as it offers a substantial amount of self heal and control thanks to Chimera Shot and the daze that follows, it simply doesn't do a lot of damage. Players can easily hide behind things to get out of sight and if you are being pressed, your damage will be quite low even if you resists longer.

Glaive Toss is meant to be an instant low cost damage and slow which along your Chimera Shot and Concussive Shot should always keep the target slowed. Murder of Crows seems like the best choice for the spec. Dire Beast offers an additional source of damage and Focus. While the other options are also viable, this one delivers the focus more constantly making it better over time. Plus the fact that the beast can be visually annoying. Iron Hawk is meant to reduce the damage taken as you already have good self heal. Spirit Bond will also work, but I prefer damage reduction when I already have self heal. Also better when you team up with a healer.

Binding Shot will allow for maximum control but it does require a decent amount of skill to use properly. And again for Tier 1 I prefer Posthaste simply because it dispels movement debuffs and allows you to quickly sprint out of range and start your kiting.

All in all, marksmanship offers the greatest survival but not so much damage.

Survival Pvp Spec


Level 15: Posthaste / Narrow Escape

Level 30: Binding Shot

Level 45: Spirit Bond

Level 60: Thrill of the Hunt

Level 75: Murder of Crows

Level 90: Glaive Toss

Survival is an amazing spec in terms of pvp, but is very specific and best used against plate users. Because the spec relies almost entirely on elemental damage, it means armor is useless. It also means that the spec is not that great against casters. But hey you can't have everything. And survival is by far the best spec when it comes to dealing with melee classes as you have the best kiting abilities ever.

It is also one of the best for battlegrounds due to traps and Serpent's Spread. But the spec has some major limitations. It offers the least survivability and is dependent on line of sight which means players can easily hide behind things.

Talent-wise there is nothing worth mentioning as most of them are straight forward. Spirit Bond gives the only self heal so that's a must unless you have a healer nearby always. Glaive Toss gives some additional control. Thrill of the Hunt allows you to spam even more Arcane Shots.

All in all survival is a great pvp spec, but it is better in a battleground or against plate melee classes as it offers amazing elemental damage bursts and kiting abilities.

Hunter Pvp Pets

The good part about our pets is that we have a huge collection to chose from. While most of them have some useful spells, only a handful of them are actually useful in pvp.

Exotic Pets: Silithids, Devilsaurs, Shale Spiders and Spirit Beasts.

The others provide minimum utility. The choice usually depends on many factors - where do you fight, who do you fight ... For example in a 2v2 arena against 1 healer/1 dps combo you could use a Spirit Beast to help with your healing, or you can pick the devilsaur for fast nuking. This also depends on your teammate. The good thing is that you can chose the pet most suitable before the fight. You can also get the buffs from others, then dismiss them and keep the buff for a small duration.

Regular Pets: Wolves, Cats, Spiders, Crabs, Dogs, Crocolisks, Warp Stalkers, Scorpids and Birds of Prey.

These pets do not offer any awesome spells or buffs, but some of them can prove very useful in pvp. For buffs, Wolves and Cats are awesome. A crit or mastery buff will help the team a lot. However sometimes you need more. So you use these pets at the start to get the buff and dismiss them. Spiders, Dogs, Crabs will immobilize the target for several seconds. Scorpids and Birds of Prey will disarm the target. Crocolisks and Warp Stalkers will slow. Basically you want to chose the most appropriate pet for the situation. If you're lazy you could just pick a pet with a buff for you rather than a counter pet and that's that.

What is the best Hunter Pvp Pet ? (Exotic)

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What is the best Hunter Pvp Pet ? (Normal)

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The Hunter in the Arena

The Hunter is one of the best classes for arena fights. It has amazing control abilities and can work very well with both a dps or a healer. By far the best spec for arenas is Beast Mastery. This allows you to split the roles and let the pet do most of the damage while you play support. You can kite, dispel, slow, interrupt while the pet does the dps.

Hunter/Dps: This was the combo I played most often. I was playing with a warrior and we had an epic tactic. If we were up against a dps/healer combo I would set my pet lose on the healer while the warrior and me attacked the dps. I would occasionally dispel and slow the healer to put as much pressure on him as possible. Against 2 dps it was easy. Focus the hybrid class first and cc the other or simply focus on the class with the least armor.

Hunter/Healer: Also played this extensively with a Holy Paladin. Matches would usually take some time. I would pick Iron Hawk if we were up against 2 dps or Spirit Bond if we were up against a healer.

Best combinations: Hunter/Warrior, Hunter/Rogue, Hunter/Feral Druid, Hunter/Restoration Druid

Focus Priority: Your main focus should be cloth wearers as you will do the most damage, then healers and lastly plate (especially warriors and death knights who can switch to Defensive Stance or Blood Presence)

The Hunter in Battlegrounds

A hunter in a battleground has all the chances of reaching the top of the dps meter. Being a ranged class it is very easy to just sit back and just rain of volley of arrows on enemies who are busy fighting melee classes.

A hunter in a battleground is like a general on a battlefield. You can track your enemies and dictate tactics. You can see using Eagle Eye and Track when groups are approaching key elements and ask for help immediately. This is invaluable in a battleground.

Survival has the most utility as the traps are great for controlling battles. Serpent's Spread is also amazing at dealing massive aoe damage.

Played properly, a hunter can easily assume the commanding role in a battleground and lead his team to victory.

© 2014 Andrei

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