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HvZ - The New Phenomenon Sweeping the Nation

Updated on December 12, 2011

Many will refer to this generation as the generation of the zombies. Zombies having been sweeping the nation all over the media, from zombie movies and even zombie events in major cities. And now, the infection has hit local college campuses right in your back yard!

HvZ, also known as Humans versus Zombies, is the newest tag game that started in New York back in 2005 and is now played on almost every college campus worldwide. The 24/7 tag game consists of a group of human players who attempt to survive a "zombie outbreak" by avoiding a group of zombie players.

How it's played: an "Original Zombie" is chosen - it is the OZ's job to get the game going by tagging the humans of the game. Once tagged, a human turns into a zombie, and it is their job to tag other humans. Zombies must tag a human to feed - if a zombie goes without tagging a human in 24 hours, the zombie "dies" and is out of the game.

Of course, humans are allowed to shoot zombies to protect themselves with nerf guns. If a zombie is hit, they cannot tag humans for a given amount of time, usually around 10 minutes. Other "weapons" have been created and used to help stun zombies, but generally, nerf guns are the popular weapon of choice.

The game ends after a set amount of time. Depending on how many people play, the game can end in anywhere from a few hours to a month. The goal is, as a human, to survive until the end, and as a zombie, to turn every human into a zombie.

As a junior in college, I have witnessed six very intense games of HvZ on my own college campus - we hold one game that lasts a week once every semester. I have not participated in this game, since I am a commuter, and it's a general rule that players must stay on campus. However, I have witnessed many zombie outbursts while walking to my next class, and many humans sprinting to safety at the nearest building. I have even seen zombies hiding in the shadows late at night, waiting for an unexpected pray.

So, if you're in college, or even if you're in high school or just hanging out with friends, and want to start a game of HvZ, don't wait! Below, I have included a list of links on how to start playing, all from the official HvZ website, started and created by Brad Sappington and Chris Weed from Goucher College in 2005.

How to start a game for your college:

About HvZ and how it was started:


Official Website:


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      When I was young we use to play a game known as freeze tag, and man hunt, which both are primarily the same as this one you've shared with us all.

      Manhunt though would be played in the forest with bee bee guns that actually hurt, and maybe even pee shooters, and freeze tag would be played in a building setting, or around a houses back yard, and front areas & both wouldn't last more than an hour at a time for game play.

      This game sound very interesting indeed, and is different based on the time parameters you've stated, wow month long game, and several hours of play.

      That sounds pretty awesome indeed, voted up for all levels indeed, nice hub!

    • KBEvolve profile image

      Kenneth Brown 6 years ago from United States

      This is really interesting. I'm actually surprised that there are still games like this being created and popularized with the abundance of video games now.

    • Gatti profile image

      Gatti 6 years ago

      This explains why I am always seem people running around with nerf guns at Ohio State. Great hub this sounds fun.


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