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I Telling You A Story, There will Be a Test at the End

Updated on March 18, 2010
flower power
flower power

How it was in the Good Ol Days

This puzzle will only work if you do not cheat. You are on an honor system, but I know that you are all honorable enough to not go back and look up answers, right?? Make sure that you go slow, read carefully, and answer the questions to the best of your ability. Your comprehension and memory skills will be rated at the end. There is no time limit, take your time.

The year was 1963, and it was popular to have sit ins, to question authority, to wear striped pants, go barefooted and to drive a Volkswagen.

The Vietnam war was in full swing and those who liked to fight joined and those who were against fighting and killing were moving to Canada. Flower Power and Free Love and communes were the popular lifestyle, and kids called their parents by their first names. Drugs flurried, all kinds, and you could even order some of them from the back pages of certain magazines., Pot was sold by the lid, and heroin was extremely popular, even the stars from Hollywood and the rock stars were all strung out.

The words that were used by the in generation were groovy, bitchin, cool, right on, far out, can you dig it, four finger lid, bad, and the surfers all said that they were hanging ten,, and everything was tubular,

The Hippies were against the man, the establishment was blamed for all evil, and deeds done in the name of the salvation of mankind were things like burning down banks, sitting in the middle of the street until the cops hauled you to jail peaceably. Getting a job, going to work or anything like that was considered to be square. Living off the land, going to concerts and following the Grateful Dead across the country so that you did not miss any of their concerts was the in thing to do. The Dead Heads were known to live on acid and vitamin C. There were people in the parking lots of the Dead concerts that sold peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a dollar apiece, others sold oranges for a dollar, sporting signs that said,"Get your vitamin C here, you need it".

Not conforming was the thing to do, and anything that had to do with our government was considered to be the enemy conspiring to bring us down. San Fransisco was the place to go to school as the University of Berkeley was directly responsible for inventing LSD, and several other designer drugs.

Hitchhiking was a very good way to get around because everyone was cool, and was trusted. People would pick up a few others on the freeway on-ramp, and they would all climb in. When they asked where they were going, it would be just down the road, and the next thing that came up would be "Hey we are going up north to farm our pot plants and listen to the dead, want to go with us? Sure why not, and off would go the whole group with new brothers and sisters, just like that. Everyone said "Make love not war" and did so making love children.

The young people of today are mostly just the opposite of those back in the good ol days, when the sun was not poisoning us with radiation, people gave you rides without kidnapping you, and you could buy or sell drugs to anyone you ran into without having to worry about them being a cop.

How things sure do change, yes they do.


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  • ddsurfsca profile image

    ddsurfsca 8 years ago from ventura., california

    well, we were depending on the memory of a 7 or 8 year old girl, but I do remember the bank of america getting burned to the ground and that was near the ucsb campus in about 66 or so. Besides, this hub was more about the testing and fun of remembering things you have read.

  • PB_Smith profile image

    PB_Smith 8 years ago from Southern California

    Wow! I scored 100%!!!

    Only problem is some of your facts are incorrect.

    The Hippie movement didn't start until about 1966-67. Actually a lot of the things you talk about in this hub were later, more like '66-'70. In 1963 we had just started to send any substantial amount of troops to Vietnam, The Grateful Dead hadn't even formed as a band in '63. And lastly Berkeley had nothing whatsoever to do with the discovery of LSD. It was discovered by Dr. Albert Hoffman in 1938 when he worked for Sandoz labs in Switzerland. Check my hub about LSD.

    Interesting hub though, but maybe you need to recheck your dates and info. Unless you purposely but wrong info in there to see how well we read "your" facts and score on the test.