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I Was A Sweet Child of the Fifties

Updated on February 18, 2018
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Kathi writes about fossils and other earthly subjects, plus the natural fauna of Michigan, features in her community, poetry, and more.

That's me far left, brother Tim in back, brother Matt far right, sister Julie in front
That's me far left, brother Tim in back, brother Matt far right, sister Julie in front

I came across this photo recently and it took me back to another time and place. The photo was snapped during the 1950's decade which most people associate with postwar baby-boomers and the sprawling suburbs in America. But if I had to choose one word to describe the 50's, it would have to be "innocence"! For example, I didn't have a top on in this photo because it was no big deal back then. It's a perfect example of the innocence many of us grew up with! Parents protected their children from the truths associated with the grown up world, anyway mine did, and I have lots of friends and associates who could tell you the same. We didn't have to worry about child molesters and such, no internet to poison our minds. We could play outside all day long without the watchful eyes of parents, especially in the summer. It wasn't until the street lights came on that we were supposed to finally go inside.

When I first looked at this picture it gave me so much joy, and then I asked myself, who were these beautiful children? Who was I? Floods of memories came pouring in compelling me to look at the lighter side of the culture during the infamous decade! It helped me to rediscover who we were and how the culture led us to who we are today! In order to release those buried memories for you, I have compiled photos along with a list of games, TV shows, children's books, fashion, styles and family culture of the time. I hope it reconnects you to the positive side of the era. If you didn't grow up back then, take a look anyway and open up your perspective. It was a happy time filled with hopefulness for the future.

Note: The photos below came from my husband, Joseph Mirto's, photo album growing up in the Detroit suburbs and my family's growing up in Southwestern Michigan.

Acrobats (Cousin Karlene)
Acrobats (Cousin Karlene)
Boyscouts (Husband Joe)
Boyscouts (Husband Joe)
Baseball (Husband Joe)
Baseball (Husband Joe)

A-Z List of 1950's Culture


Airplane Kits

American Bandstand

Alfred Hitchcock

Avengers Comics

American Pie

Army Men Toys

Apple Butter


A&W Rootbeer

Aqua-net Hairspray



Boxcar Children

Bobbie Socks

BB Guns

Boy Scouts



Baseball Cards

Barbie Dolls

Bottle Openers

Bicycle Spokes with Cards Clipped to them


Black & White TV

Bicycle Baskets

Barefoot All Summer

Pat Boone





Bazooka Bubblegum

Bermuda Shorts

Bobbing For Apples

Buzz Cuts

Bugs Bunny

Cousins (Joe and his Cousins)
Cousins (Joe and his Cousins)
Christmas Morning (Little Joe's Keystone Service Station)
Christmas Morning (Little Joe's Keystone Service Station)
Cowboys (Little Joe)
Cowboys (Little Joe)


Crew Cuts

Christmas Morning

Captain Kangaroo

Can Can Skirts


Chinese Checkers

Cat in the Hat

Coloring Books


Comic Books


Clothes Lines

Coin Collecting

Card Games

Cool Man

Cherry Coke

Clove Gum

Cracker Jacks

Coming inside when street lights came on

Croquet Set (Joe and Brother John)
Croquet Set (Joe and Brother John)
Cool Cars (Joe and Brother John)
Cool Cars (Joe and Brother John)
Cool Cars (My Grandmother's)
Cool Cars (My Grandmother's)
Dresses (I was a Flower Girl)
Dresses (I was a Flower Girl)


Cap Guns

Croquet Set

Cat Eye Marbles

Christmas Caroling


Chiffon Scarves


Camping overnight in backyard

Cool Cars



Davy Crockett Coon Skin Caps

Dress Codes

Dinner Bell

Duck Tail

Drive In Movies

Dick & Jane

Dirty Knees

Dr. Seuss



Drag Race

Girls mostly wore Dresses


Erector Set

Etcha Sketch

Ed Sullivan

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Hats

Extended Family



Farmer In The Dell

The Little Fire Engine Book


Forty Fives

Flat Top Haircut

Frosty the Snowman

Fifty Seven Chevy

Fans Blowing all Summer

Five & Ten Cent Store

Father Knows Best

Frankie Avalon


Flower Girls

Flinstones - Yaba daba doooo

Fashion (My husband's family)
Fashion (My husband's family)
Hairstyles (My Mom)
Hairstyles (My Mom)
Fashion (My dad and his step mother)
Fashion (My dad and his step mother)




Good & Plenty Candy

GI Joe

Girl Scouts

Gay Meant Fancy Free

Green Coca-Cola Bottles


Go Ape



Hula Hoops

Home Cooked Meals

Hide & Seek

Howdy Doody

Hop Scotch

Hot Rods

Hang Man

Hamburger Stands

How Much is that Doggy in the Window





Hair Rollers


Ice Skating

I Love Lucy

I Like Ike Button Pins

Instant Oatmeal



Jump Rope


Juke Box


Jerry Lee Lewis

Kindergarten Graduation (My husband's the year I was born)
Kindergarten Graduation (My husband's the year I was born)
Lake Fun with the Family (My dad on the right with his brother, two baby brothers, mom and aunt in back)
Lake Fun with the Family (My dad on the right with his brother, two baby brothers, mom and aunt in back)
Neighborliness (My husband's dad with hat on and neighbor)
Neighborliness (My husband's dad with hat on and neighbor)
Neighborhood Backyard Fun (Centerline, Michigan)
Neighborhood Backyard Fun (Centerline, Michigan)





Knock Knock Game


Kick the Can


Kukla Fran & Ollie

Knowing Your Neighbors



Looney Tones

Little Engine That Could


Lace Collars

Lincoln Logs

Little Lulu

Little Golden Books

Lone Ranger

Little Red Hen

Leave It To Beaver


Michael Row Your Boat Ashore

Mousetrap Game

Micky Mouse

Matchbox Cars

Mr. Potato Head

Musical Chairs


Milk Shakes


Mother Goose

Mighty Mouse

Mud Pies

Monogram Initials

Make The Scene

Marilyn Monroe

Summers at Grandmas
Summers at Grandmas
Neighbor Friends
Neighbor Friends
Pixie Haircut (Four year old me)
Pixie Haircut (Four year old me)


Neighborhood Block Parties



Night Before Christmas

Nancy Drew Books


Neighbor Backyard Fun

Neighbor Best Friends


One Potato, Two Potato . . .

Old Yeller

One Piece Bathing Suits

Off The Hook

Old Mac Donald Had A Farm

Old Spice Aftershave


Portable Record Players

Patent Leather Shoes

Patty Cake

Pedal Pusher Pants

Peter Pan

$.04 Postage Stamp

Pixie Haircut

Ping Pong - PF Flyers

Play Doh - Paper Dolls

Poodle Skirts - Ponytails

Paddling at School

Peanuts Cartoon Strip

Pin Curls - Penny Loafers

Paper Airplanes - Pick Up Sticks

Pop Beads - Penpals

Party Phone Lines - Picnics

The Poky Little Puppy - Pez

Playing Outside All Day

Pinball - Pledge of Allegiance

Phone Number with word prefix GA(rden)99912; WA(lnut)33234

Pinball Games
Pinball Games
Neighborhood Fun
Neighborhood Fun


Quickdraw McGraw

Quarter to go to the movies

You're it, I Quit


Radio Flyer Red Wagon

Red Light Green Light Game

Ring Around The Rosey

Roller Skating

Rock & Roll

Romper Room

Rootbeer Stands

Red Ryder

Roy Rogers

Route 66

Red Rover

Rough Housing

Rock n Roll


Sunday Church
Sunday Church
Cousins at Grandmas
Cousins at Grandmas
Little Sisters
Little Sisters
Grandmas and Cousins
Grandmas and Cousins


"Sorry" Boardgame



Slo-Pokes Candy



Sock Hops

Steelie Marbles

Saddle Shoes

Silly Puddy


Slumber Parties

Snow Forts

It's a Bird.. It's a.. Plane.. It's Superman

Swing Sets

That's Swell

Saturday Morning Toons

Sling Shot

Sunday Church

Summertime at Grandmas



Shirley Temple

The Twist (Chubby Checkers)

Tootsie Rolls

Tom and Jerry Cartoons



Tree Huts

Transistor Radios

Tarzan Call

Thick Dark Rim Glasses

Tether Ball

Tinker Toys

Train Sets

Telephone Booth


Trading Cards

Three Little Kittens

Three Stooges

This Little Piggy

Tiddly Winks


Training Wheels

Tricycles  (My husband's twin brother and sister)
Tricycles (My husband's twin brother and sister)
School Activities
School Activities

U: The Ugly Duckling

V: View Master 3D Slides


Wading Barefoot in the Creek

Woody Woodpecker

Walt Disney

White T-Shirts

White Bread

Wax Candy

Wring Washers


White Socks


Yo Yo's

Yard Games

Your It

Yogie Bear




No zipcodes

Add to the List in the Comments Below

Surely, I've only skimmed the surface, if there is a saying, quote, book, game, activity, song...something someone liked from the 50's that reflects the era, write it down in the comment box and I'll add it to the list!

© 2011 Kathi Mirto


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