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Typical Indie Reviews Stick it to the Man

Updated on December 21, 2014

Launch Trailer



Stick it to the Man is an adventure game with platforming elements. It is developed by Zoink!. You play as the silly offbeat character named Ray. Ray is a hardhat tester and has a top secret military box dropped on his head which gives him telekinetic powers. Ray is a very likable character and this is great considering the game is very comedic in nature. The main mechanic of the game is using Ray's telekinetic powers to read minds. This creates hilarious and bizarre monologue ranging from an overly theatrical depressed goldfish to listening to zombie Elvis Presley. The gameplay is simple ensuring just about anyone with little skill at video games to pick it up. All you really need to do is walk around and use Ray's "giant pink spaghetti arm" to read minds and grab on to pins to traverse the game. That being said the simplicity of the gameplay works! The narrative is well done and extremely funny reminiscent of what you've seen in a Double Fine game like The Cave or Psychonauts. Voice acting is superb as well which really fleshes out the characters even more especially with Ray's character. If I were to critique anything about the game it would be the replayability. Once you finish the game more than likely you will have everything you can possibly do in the game done. At the very least you may miss one or two brains to read for one of the achievements or trophies but besides that there is no incentive to go back and play it again. Nonetheless the game is very narrative-driven so this did not surprise me to much. Platforming can be a bit hit and miss at times too. Jumps that seem to be completely doable end up being slightly difficult. There's no real good reason to this other than jumping in the game can be a bit awkward at times. Besides that the game is an excellent experience that is guaranteed to make you laugh. The mind reading mechanic is unique and efficient. The paper craft art style is also very well done and easily memorable. It is well worth the $9.99 price tag and an absolute steal if it's ever on sale.

Achievement Overview

For the Xbox One version which is the one I played the achievements were very simple. Essentially you had to read every mind in the game and besides that there's two more for not getting caught during specific sequences in the game. This really hinders the replayability for the game but for people who like a quick and easy completion this is definitely a game that fits that bill. As long as you know where to find the more missable minds to read and memorize the patterns of the AI in the two sequences the game is a practically guaranteed 1000 gamerscore.

4 stars for Stick it to the Man


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