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Review - Injustice 2: Ultimate Edition

Updated on May 25, 2017

Goosebumps!!! Before going forward I'd like to add that there are gonna be spoilers ahead, brace yourselves for that.

Injustice 2: Story Mode

If you are a big Injustice fan, you are gonna enjoy the roller coaster of familiarity be it the upgrade on gameplay, characters, environment and alternate universes.

The Story Mode has more or less group missions involved this time around meaning there are choices that can be made as to choose which character you want to play as, while others will force you to play as one of the specific character, which ironically doesn't impact the flow of the game, until the END of sorts.

Chapter 1: Godfall - Batman

Describes a time after Injustice 1, where Batman tries to restore order along with Damien, and how. Damien gets you into this dark theme, a much better killer instinct and a much better swordplay than Wonder Woman.

Chapter 2: The Girl Who Laughs - Harley Quinn

I am in love with this Harley, much better than the one pictured in the Suicide Squad, she becomes Batman's one of the most trusted members.

Chapter 3: The Brave and the Bold - Green Arrow or Black Canary

And the Smoking Siren Canary is back Along with Earth 2 Oliver Queen, I love how their dynamic fits in and the fierce loyalty towards Bats code.

Chapter 4: Invasion! - Flash

After taking a U-turn with Superman's Tyranny Flash was asked not to use his powers to stay out and continue helping with research, finally, the society plans revealed and the invasion begins. (BRAINIAC)

Chapter 5: Sea of Troubles - Green Lantern

Hal Returns fighting his internal rage fired by Atrocitus and trying to get Aquaman back to help out, Hal's finishing move so much more, so more defined.

Chapter 6: Assault on Stryker’s Island - Blue Beetle or Firestorm

Wasn't sure that I may end up liking either of them, but both of them surprised with their agility and special abilities, The Blue Beetle is definitely turning into one of my favourite characters to play with.

Chapter 7: Breaking and Entering - Cyborg or Catwoman

An unusual partnership to get balance Cyborg and Catwoman both have been enhanced with their moves and final moves.

Chapter 8: Goddess of War - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman returns waiting for a good time to rescue Superman and still looking to be hauntingly close to being a tyrant for peace, surprisingly taking a side note from Ares

Chapter 9: Last Hope of Krypton - Supergirl

Supergirl is found by Black Adam here and gets trained by Wonder Woman to access and control her powers. she has a whole lot of combos and her laser eyes get some time getting used to, her back story with Brainiac makes the story so amazing to follow.

Chapter 10: Three Kings - Aquaman & Black Adam

Khandaq and Black Adam give us a good view of Egypt and the background interactions are taken to a completely new level here. Aquaman shows so many similar moves but the interaction levels just make them better.

Chapter 11: The World’s Finest - Batman & Superman

Reminiscing how they work so well together, hatching a plan to Stop Brainiac, reviving the OLD JL table was classic Batman move, to still try and bring out hope from Superman.

Chapter 12: The Choice - Batman & Superman

Brainiac Defeated, the order is restored by heroes and villains alike, and now back to the Injustice frame where the lines get blurred and you have to choose how to take things forward.

Ending: Absolute Justice - Batman

The rationale ending to any superhero comic Batman vs Superman, man vs god unleashed, where Bats gets the armoured up suit and plummets Superman, draining his powers, sending him to the Phantom Zone. You also get to see why Kara Zor-EL adapts to be a better version abandoning the House of EL symbol for her Power Girl future attire.

Ending: Absolute Power - Superman

The Absolute God wins against the man, the alternate reality I love this dark, daring outlook of the game, where gearing up is revealed, after Superman wins against the Bat, taking control over Brainiac's Ship retaining and reviving the Lost cities, bringing peace through his unrelenting regime. He has now designed an armour to control those opposing him with Brainiac's Ship. Asking Kara to join him in commanding a fleet of soldiers from the lost cities and the Earth's Mightiest either peacefully or as he reveals the thought-controlled Superhero, ending the game leaving you as speechless as Kara was.


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