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Ianska's Hi-Res HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128x 64x 32x 16x)

Updated on July 15, 2011
Image taken on the Minecraft creative server
Image taken on the Minecraft creative server

A native hi-res HD texture pack at a whopping 128 pixels, Ianska's HD Minecraft texture pack is one of my recent favorites because it has a very bright feel to it and stays rather true to the original appearance of Minecraft. In other words, it uses the extra pixels for good, not evil.

The creator has been very benevolent in scaling down the original 128x version to more manageable 64x and 32x versions for those of us working with less RAM, and even a 16x version for people who regard HD texture packs with fear and suspicion. In the interests of full disclosure, I reviewed the 64x version of this pack, and also took a quick look at the 16x version as well. For what it is worth, the 16x is quite serviceable though a little rough around the edges.

There are a great many highlights in this texture pack, which I highly recommend as a download if you're looking for a pack that makes Minecraft look less like it was pixellated as part of the witness protection program, but here are a few that stood out to me:

I love the brick texutre in this pack. The bricks seem much larger than usual. I'm certain they're larger than usual in fact, because there are only six full bricks in every brick block. Larger bricks mean you can finally make that brick feature wall your significant other has been bugging you to make.

I also love the chest texture. It has something of a New World Order feeling to it for some reason, which reminds me of all my favorite conspiracy theories.

Ladders also look very nice and clean, I love the metal clips bracing them to the wall at intervals. All the wood textures are actually very well done, there's a pleasant smoothness to them, a varnished feel if you will.

The cloth texture reminds me of actual carpet. That sort of high traffic carpet that you see in places where people want the appearance of carpet, but in a substance that would scrape your face off if you fell on it. (The Snozberries taste like real Snozberries!)

Flowers are gorgeous. They're modelled after gerberas or chrystanthemums or some such flower. They feel wholesome and lovely, like bread baked on a Sunday morning.

Even dirt is quite wonderful, with a rather pebbly texture that puts me in mind of that frothy bubble chocolate they make. You know the kind, it takes up way more space than normal chocolate and costs more per chocolate unit because of that, but it tastes so dashed good. Oh bubble chocolate. I love you.

Download Ianska's HD Minecraft Texture Pack


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