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Icebreakers for Kids that are Sure to Please

Updated on December 28, 2010

Whether it’s the first day of school or a planned outing, getting young children to open up can be difficult, at least at first. Once they warm to the idea of participating together, the rest is history. In order to get your occasion off to a good start, it’s a smart idea to have icebreakers for kids in place. These friendly openers are a great way to establish a positive and inviting atmosphere. Even better, they allow children to get to know each other, as well as give adults the opportunity to learn some names!

First thing is first when planning kid-friendly openers; they should be fun and carefree. Steer clear of competitive activities that will separate the winners from the losers, and certainly don’t reach out for activities that will create embarrassment. Instead, look for things that share likes and dislikes, as well as discovering what the children have in common with one another. Not sure where to begin? We have great ice breaker games for kids that are sure to get your party off to a great start!

Consider a name ball toss, where the kids toss a soft ball to one another while sitting in a circle. Before throwing the ball, the child must say the name of the person he or she is throwing to. Another activity is balloon bopping, where every child gets a balloon and at the same time, everyone tosses them into the air. The goal is to keep all the balloons off the floor, which gets youngsters moving and laughing in no time!

Another creative approach is to use carnival game ideas as your icebreaker. These games are designed to be carefree and non-competitive, so they make for a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Even better, most activities can be made on your own, so it’s easy to stick to a budget. Start by creating a few booths, such as face painting, color hairspray, or a popcorn and cotton candy maker.

Next, focus on carnival game ideas that are age-appropriate and rewarding for everyone who plays. For example, bean bag tosses are great for little hands, while knocking down milk bottles with a baseball is great for older children. To encourage interaction between youngsters, stick to activities that allow for multiple children to play at once, while sharing and taking turns.


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