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Idea Share - Project Crysallis

Updated on June 19, 2013

In an older hub, "Can Video Games Come From Dreams?" I wrote about an idea of a supernatural-centered game I saw in a dream. Here I will go in-depth with the ideas I've had with the story, gameplay, and characters.


The game centers of a male hero who goes to a festival with his boyfriend. His partner is Connected (one with a supernatural/mythical being), while he is not. The world is frightened by these supernatural people, and it has gotten to where some communities have resorted to killing them in order to ensure their safety. The two go to a booth with crystal pendants, knives, and other items that are powered by a ritual to give normal mortals these connections. Hunter, the protagonist touches a crystal necklace, he falls unconscious. When he wakes up minutes later, he hears people running and screaming, and his partner laying by him, dead. Hunter sits up and sees a mysterious black being in the shape of a hell hound, sitting and getting ready to lunge at him.


I planned to have the game be in an action/rpg category. The game will show the damage you take and give an enemy like an rpg, and it will incluce an upgrading system for crystals. The battle system will be similar to some popular action with upbeat or intense music. As Hunter takes damage, his clothes will fade or rip, and wounds can be seen on him. He can heal them taking medicine and/or taking a break to let the crystal's power heal him.


The supernaturally connected utilize crystals for power, controlling elements and sometimes even transforming into mythical creatures such as a werewolf, lilith (succubus), dragons, and other creatures of lore. Hunter, with the help of Lia, his lilith partner, can harness the power of more than one crystal (he can use a creature crystal and an enhancer for extra elemental power, but he cannot use two creature crystals at once).

Battles occur similarly to open arena games such as Ninety Nine Nights with the style and eccentric action like Devil May Cry (but without the ranking system). Hunter will start of the game with a staff, but Lia later on puts her power into it to make it transform to Hunter’s needs during battle.

The game will be open world, and you can explore and complete missions/levels at your own leisure. Creature crystals can be upgraded to enhance powers and benefits, and can be eventually powered up enough to allow Damian to transform into the creature kept in the crystal. After the creature is accessible, the crystal can be upgraded further to increase the creature’s power and increase the duration of the transformation.

Dex of "Sanity Not Included"
Dex of "Sanity Not Included"

Hunter Valess

Hunter is the son of a Supernatural Watcher and a housewife with a tough past. He was in and out of schools for his behavior. He is usually very quiet and reserved, and keeps his feelings held back, unless he is with his partner, Dominico. Part of his daily pain comes from being gay and dating a Connected, while keeping the secret away from his father. One day, Dominico takes Hunter to a Connected celebration festival, and he sees a crystal, touches it once, and blacks out. When he wakes up, he sees his partner dead beside him and a black being standing in front of him, ready to go in for the kill.

Inspiration: Dex (Sanity Not Included)

Dex is one of the protagonists of the popular Machinama YouTube series, Sanity Not Included. The show is a compilation of sketches done in video games and ends with an animated bit featuring Dex and his American roommate, Lyle, in crazy shenanigans such as escaping a prison run by a terrible author, unknowingly winning a surfing contest, fighting off crows and a goose, and watching the hit movie Titanic. One of Dex's lone adventures shows him on a date at a bar with his girlfriend Amanda. A girl runs up to him asking if he is British and begs him to say the word banana. He flips out, saying that he's English, and he gets into an argument with the girl's boyfriend, and Amanda comes to save him. The show is currently in its fourth season, and Dex had a design change in the new season featuring shorter, spiked hair, a white undershirt, and his usual tight jeans and sneakers. The picture is his season three design, which is the same as the first two seasons, but more defined.

Dex is my inspiration for Hunter mainly because of his hair, but also his personality. When Hunter is near someone he trusts, such as Dominico, he feels like he can be silly, and gross like a normal guy, but he keeps himself from acting reckless for Dominico's peace of mind. Also like Dex, Hunter can be serious and silent at times, especially when he is thinking of a plan or a problem.

Nami of "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life"
Nami of "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life"


Lia is connected to the lilith, the succubus of Jewish lore. She taught herself to control the power inside her, and helped Dominico, Hunter’s partner, control his supernatural side. She enjoys fusing weapons and accessories with crystals to give regular people the chance to see what it is like to feel the Connection. She sees Dominico and Hunter at the celebration festival, watched Dominico die, and protected Hunter from the black being. She helps Hunter along their journey by teaching him to enhance creature crystals, and fused her power into his staff to make it change just from Hunter's thoughts.

Inspiration: Nami (Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life)

Nami is one of the girls you can befriend, date, and marry in the 2003 Harvest Moon title. Out of all of the bachelorettes, Nami is the most difficult to attract; getting her to marry you takes time and patience. She is the tomboy of the bunch, and spends her time tending to her own farm, crops, and animals. She is usually quiet and reserved, but helps you with your farm if you need it.

Lia has red hair like Nami, but slightly longer (specifically, down just past the shoulders), and is on the skinny side with a flatter bust than the majority of female characters in games. She is quite tomboyish, but has a girly side with matching her outfits with her crystal. She is very helpful, as she was the one who helped Dominico understand his Connection. She helps Hunter understand the crystals, their powers, and the creatures inside.

Reno of "Final Fantasy VII" (pictured in "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children")
Reno of "Final Fantasy VII" (pictured in "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children")

Dominico Tiago

In school, Dominico was seen as a ladies’ man, though almost everyone knew he was gay. He met Hunter on his first day on being transferred from another school due to bullying and his behavior. Dominico fell heads over heels, and the two started dating just three weeks after Hunter’s transfer. He is loyal, kind, and loveable. He is connected to the phoenix, giving him his fiery temper, especially when someone tries to insult or harm Hunter. During the Connected celebration festival, Dominico catches Hunter after he blacks out, and protects his from the black being, costing him his life.

Inspiration: Reno (Final Fantasy VII)

Reno is a part of the Turks who work for and protect Rufus Shinra. He and Cloud Strife butt heads at times, especially when he took Aerith Gainsborough. In Advent Children, Reno and his partner Rude work with Cloud and the team to defeat Kadaj who ultimately uses Jehova's power to turn into Sephiroth. At the end of the movie, Reno is seen standing with Shinra as is cured of his Geostigma sickness from Jenova's cells.

Reno is very energectic and friendly, much like Dominico. Hunter is Dominico's answer to Reno's Rude, with the exception that the latter are lovers. Dominico is skinny like Reno, and taller than Hunter, which no one can resist pointing out. I picked Reno mostly because of personality similarities, not so much with physique.

What's next?

My next big thing is to draw out my characters and some of the environment. Also, I'm juggling school and club obligations, as well as my life. So, yes, this is a filler. My next thing is to write about some anouncements from E3, and pros and cons of each console.

Let's see...

Did you catch a major reference with one of the characters?

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    • Grab a Controller profile image

      Hannah 4 years ago from Largo, FL

      Thank you very much, Chris! Male characters aren't objectified enough, but the way I'm trying to design him makes him look like an average young man.

      I'm still working out the kinks in my ideas for now, and maybe the gameplay might be tweaked. For now, that is hard to say.

      The funny thing is I almost named this Crystallis (two L's unlike the one you mentioned), but I liked Chrysallis a lot better. Thanks for reading! =)

    • Chris Qu profile image

      Chris Qu 4 years ago

      So he takes damage, and his clothes rip? Why are you objectifying men and portraying them as sex objects?

      Just joking. Actually, that's a cool idea. It might be processor-intensive, but I'm sure a developer will tackle it eventually. The technology is there right now, but someone's going to have to take the leap first.

      I can dig an action RPG that pushes the battle system as hard as a pure-action title, though. The name is a bit close to Crystalis, but that's whatever.

    • Grab a Controller profile image

      Hannah 4 years ago from Largo, FL

      Thank you very much! I just might! Haha :)

    • TNT Husky profile image

      Devlin Kendall 4 years ago from Indianapolis

      I love the inspirations for the characters, and can't wait to see this project unfold. don't hesitate to let me know if you need any help!