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Ideas For Future Pokemon Games

Updated on January 7, 2020
The Mystery Skateboard from Pokémon Gold & Silver Beta
The Mystery Skateboard from Pokémon Gold & Silver Beta

1) The option to choose between a bike, scooter, skateboard or roller blades

In almost every Pokemon game we always get a bike. I don't hate the bike I mean it was a great addition to the game I mean over 15 years ago, but I want to see more variety. Why haven't we ever gotten the option for a skateboard or scooter or hover board or just something that makes transportation a bit more updated. That's all I'm saying.


2) The game can have holidays that are celebrated (all year in real time)

Like if its Halloween then you will see pumpkins and ghosts Pokemon out the whole day/night. Some Pokemon will hold rare candies too. If its Christmas then you will see Santa hats, decorations, presents, and stockings along with Ice type Pokemon all day. On April 1st you would see a lot of evil organization trainer throughout the region who want to battle you. At the beginning of the game you will be asked when is your birthday and on your birthday you get a random Pokemon with a high chance of being shiny holding a rare item. Some Pokemon may hold rare items like leftovers, kings rock, etc. This would make the game timeless

Hidden Grottos by rayd12smitty on DeviantArt
Hidden Grottos by rayd12smitty on DeviantArt | Source

3) A secret starter Pokemon at the beginning of the game would be great

This is where you have to solve puzzles just to reach it kind of like the trick house in the gen 3 games or like the hidden grottoes in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. It has perfect EVs and IVs and maybe a 1/4 chance of being shiny.


4) Traveling to the moon

Gen 3's Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald were probably aiming for this at some point in Mossdeep city, but I guess it got scrapped. Would be nice to explore the moon and space where it sort of has it's own sub plot. Clefable line is mutated after being experimented on by scientists on the moon. After they want to destroy the inhabitants of Earth kind of like the mewtwo storyline except in space. And it's set up like the battle frontier after the elite four challenge with the champion being a Pokemon who controls other Pokemon or something like that. Doesn't have to be exactly this, but space travel has yet to truly be explored in the Pokemon games.

fan made Mega Trevenant
fan made Mega Trevenant | Source

5) Custom mega evolutions for Pokemon

This would be ideally for Pokemon like Dunsparce, Shedinja, Eevee, and Flygon. These Pokemon specifically because they are niche or have some form untapped potential that a mega could really capitalize on. Like when shedinja faints it mega evolves and loses its weakness to whatever fainted it along with still retaining its ability wonder guard. If killed by hazards it is no longer affected by it, if its killed by status then status no longer effects it, and so on. Custom megas should be no more than 5 per game in my opinion.

6) Improvements to abilities

Abilities in Pokemon can often make or break a Pokemon often in terms of how good it is battle. Some abilities such as Serene Grace, Wonder Guard, and Magic Guard are some of the best while others such as Run Away, Illuminate, and Inner focus seriously need a buff. These abilities in particular can only be utilized outside of battle or are so niche to the point that they are practically useless. Check out the the video above that talks more on this matter. Some ability buff ideas are...

Synchronize - can activate upon enemy switch ins/user switch ins not just on the turn it got status. (poisoned, paralyzed, or burned) 50% chance to pass status on to enemy switch ins or user switch ins.

Shed Skin - 50% chance to heal status

Magma armor - Water attacks no longer do super effective damage

Inner Focus - Flinching moves do half damage

Pressure - Raises PP usage by 3 if the enemy uses the same move known by the user

Quick feet - If afflicted by burn or toxic the user takes status damage every other turn

Infernape's Blaze ability activates
Infernape's Blaze ability activates

7) An aura for starter abilities

It would be great to add an aura to the abilities Blaze, Overgrow and Torrent along with their corresponding colors. Like blue for Torrent, green for Overgrow and red for Blaze. These abilities activate when a starter Pokemon loses less than or equal to 1/3 of their health. So having a visual aura would be a reminder of the buff and when it's happening as those abilities activate. I remember seeing Infernape's Blaze ability in the anime along with that amazing aura and thinking this is so cool.


Pokémon Trainer (Character)
Pokémon Trainer (Character) | Source

8) Switch between trainers post game and or mid-game

This is more of a storyline then a feature. So at the beginning you choose your trainer. Than later on after defeating a gym leader and getting 4 badges you go outside. You get struck by a meteor(or something) and die. Your rivals sees you die as he is about to challenge you to a battle. On your corpse they swear to avenge you by finding out what happens to you. Now you play as your rival and you get their Pokemon. Your rival's Pokemon are exclusive to the game beforehand (not post game), but you can't access your Pokemon anymore. Later on after getting the final badge you walk outside. A meteor tries to hit you, but then you dodge it. After you run away, but someone abducts you. Now you are on a spaceship and you fight an evil team. At the end you meet yourself who was presumed killed and you face them. You beat them and then they jump off the ship. An emergency alert occurs and you have to escape. Fast forward after you beat the elite four and champion, and do a special post game event where you team up with your rival who died. You can now switch between yourself or your rival almost anytime.

What feature would you like to see most in future Pokemon games?

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