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Ideas for MVC3 Tournament Regulation

Updated on February 9, 2012
How can we regulate all this? Easy.
How can we regulate all this? Easy.

If you're one of those who enjoy playing MVC3, you might have played online and fought other players across the globe. Now most people choose teams that consist of their favorite characters and you both enjoy fighting one another. However there are those in the world who pick the team with the greatest "spammability", if you will, and just cheap their way to victory. Unfortunately, there is currently no solution to this problem in terms of free play. However I have an idea for regulating such as not to have the dreaded team of Sentinel, Iron Man, Doctor Doom or Magneto, Storm, Sentinel...etc. in tournaments.

Points Regulation - Tournament Moderators overview each team built, instantly disqualifying anyone who breaks this rule. Each Player is given 90 points to construct their team with each character getting a preassigned point value based on how much their moves can be spammed. Characters with high spamming are assigned a 50 point value, light spamming are assigned a 35 point value and other characters a 20 point value. This way, you can only ever have one character in a team that has a high dose of spamming. Now what characters fit what category you may ask, here how they would be divided:

50 Point Characters
- Doctor Doom - Akuma
- Iron Man - Dante
- Magneto - Ryu
- Sentinel - Wesker
- Storm

35 Point Characters
- Deadpool - Amaterasu
- Dormammu - Chun-Li
- Hulk - Morrigan
- Phoenix - Trish
- She-Hulk - Viewtiful Joe
- Spiderman - Zero

20 Point Characters
- Captain America - Arthur
- MODOK - Chris
- Shuma-Gorath - Felicia
- Super-Skrull - Haggar
- Taskmaster - Hsien-Ko
- Thor - Jill
- Wolverine - Spencer
- X-23 - Tron
- C Viper

Why do I think that these characters should be assigned these points totals will be the subject of the next article, which will be published tomorrow. In the meantime, mull over why the characters would be assigned to the three different categories and you may see where I'm coming from here.


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