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If I Break This Item Down, What Can I Get out of It? A SWTOR Reverse Engineering Guide

Updated on March 1, 2022

How do I reverse engineer SWTOR end game items to get recipes? If I can reverse engineer it, what do I get out of it? That's a pretty complex answer right now but when its all laid out the confusion gets a little clearer.

No, You Can't Do That...

First of all, while there are a lot of things that you can reverse engineer, you don't want to be chasing time or money on the things that you can't. There are several universal items that you simply can't get a recipe from.

  • Player Created Items - Anything that has another player's name on it cannot be reverse engineered to yield a recipe. That doesn't mean anything player created is out of bounds however. It has been shown that if you put a mod, such as a hilt, into an orange piece and pull it out the player name will be removed. After removed it will still need to fall into one of the allowed reverse engineering options below to be viable.
  • Tier 1 End Game Items - Anything from the Tionese, Columi, or Rakata series of items or equivalent cannot be reverse engineered, only crafted through the BoP schematics that are dropped.
  • Player vs Player Items - Anything that is currently acquired from the PvP vendor will not work as far as reverse engineering is concerned. You can however purchase several of the schematics directly and get items from the Crafting Boxes.
  • Tier 2 and 3 Armorings - Fortunately this one is only half true. Any armoring you are able to pull out of end game gear (either Black Hole, Campaign, or Dread Guard) item is not a viable reverse engineering source. However, if you are able to acquire a standalone armoring, such as the Level 26 that drops from an Explosive Conflict, you can reverse engineer it.
  • Best in Slot Items - Starting in Patch 2.0 players will no longer be able to craft the best in slot items, they can only be earned.

Now that we know what you can't do, lets go over each crew skill in detail to drill down on what end game items you can acquire.


  • Level 26 and above Hilts from the Black Hole, Campaign, and Dread Guard range can be learned
  • Campaign level Lightsabers (Mainhand and Offhand) can have their shell learned
  • Campaign Relics, including those you purchase with Daily commendations, can be learned
  • Campaign level Focus, Shield Generators, and Power Generators can be learned


While viable Armorings are a little harder to get to reverse engineer, Mods and Earpieces are a bit easier.

  • Earpieces at the Black Hole, Campaign, and Dread Guard level range are viable.
  • Mods pulled from Black Hole, Campaign, and Dread Guard items, or Bind on Equip level 26 and above Mods are viable items.
  • Armorings that are level 26 and higher and have dropped as Bind on Equip are viable.


  • All pieces of Campaign non-force user weapons can be reverse engineered for an empty orange schematic.
  • All level 26 Barrels and above in the Black Hole, Campaign, and Dread Guard range, can be reverse engineered

Your confusion is over
Your confusion is over


  • All pieces of Campaign and Dread Guard non-force user armor can be reverse engineered for an empty orange schematic. This includes both the belt and bracer pieces. No Black Hole gear can be reverse engineered by Armormechs.


  • All pieces of Campaign and Dread Guard force user armor can be reverse engineered for an empty orange schematic. This includes both the belt and bracer pieces. No Black Hole gear can be reverse engineered by Synthweavers.


  • All level 26 and above implants, including Black Hole, Campaign, and Dread Guard, can be reverse engineered for their schematic.

Time to Break Things Down

With that covered let me just reiterate that when you reverse engineer a moddable Campaign level item you will learn an empty orange schematic. It would be quite a nasty surprise to break something down an expect to be able to use all those mods and instead get just an orange shell, so I think its worth mentioning one last time.

What was the crew skill that brought you here looking for answers?

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