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Fisher Price Imaginext Space Shuttle And Tower

Updated on July 6, 2016

Imaginext Space Shuttle And Tower - Let Their Imagination Fly!

Shuttles seem to go up every week these days and to us they're no big deal, but your little one can have lots of fun launching his own rocket with the Imaginext Space Shuttle And Tower.

I remember watching the first manned flight to the moon take off (yes I'm showing my age) and it certainly triggered my imagination.

But let's discuss how this wonderful toy can do the same for your child.

However you might want to get yours from Amazon first. These tend to sell out quickly.

Here's What You Get

The Imaginext Space Shuttle and Tower features a tower with an elevator, the colorful shuttle and a crane, a moon rover, 2 figures, 2 helmets and a console all made for small hands out of colorful, durable and non-toxic materials.

You'll need to add some batteries to the Imaginext Space Shuttle And Tower when you first get it but they make this awesome toy even more stimulating. The shuttle has lights and makes sounds and features a cockpit that can be open and closed. The child can put the shuttle inside the tower and close the doors or attach it directly to the tower for takeoff. When he presses a button he'll enjoy the sounds and flashing lights too.

The Fisher Price Space Shuttle And Tower is big enough for two to play with and is suitable for children from three to eight years old. I've never been one for discriminating with toys and my 7 year old granddaughter and her brother play with this constantly. There will be more women traveling in space in the future, and the Imaginext Space Shuttle may just spur a girl's imagination into the science or aeronautical field!

So what comes with the Fisher-Price Imaginext Space Shuttle and Tower? They'll get a Space Shuttle, launch pad, 2 space figures with space suits, a ray gun, a satellite, and an alien figure. That alien figure has plenty of friends and enemies already in my house, it didn't take them long to find similar-sized toys to join in on the flight and landing!

Fisher Price toys are famous for stimulating the imagination and this is a great toy for the 21st Century child. Who knows where the human race will be traveling to and looking at, and if you can get your children interested in space, science and the planets, who knows what doors you can open for them - but be prepared to answer some tough questions!

The Fisher Price Space Shuttle And Tower will give children hours of fun and with the sounds and flashing lights - it will keep them happy making up stories and scenarios for hours. They'll even hear solar pings from the shuttle after it's taken off, with an appropriate roar of its booster rockets.

They can fit the space people inside the shuttle and move them up and down the tower elevator on their way in and out.

The Fisher Price Imaginext Space Shuttle and Tower has definitely been designed to take your children's imaginations to the next level.

Check Out Some Of The Features

What's Your Favorite Imaginext Toy?

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    • profile image

      Thamisgith 4 years ago

      Space shuttle toys are cool (always). Any kid would love that set.

    • smoothielover lm profile image

      smoothielover lm 4 years ago

      This space shuttle looks really good but the Batman toys look better!