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Imperial Race And Their Male And Female Names In Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V

Updated on January 22, 2013

Imperial is the most influential race in all Tamriel. They are well educated and masters of the art speech. Imperials are well know for their diplomacy and negotiation skills. They also make fine merchants and traders. These traits have helped them spread their influence all over Tamriel and there were times in history when almost all Tamriel was united under the Imperial hegemony. Although Imperials naturally don't have amazing strength of arcane gifts some other races possess, their disciplined armies made out mostly of light infantry have proven themselves in numerous battles. A typical Imperial usually has dark hair, olive skin and pleasant voice.

Imperial Race In Skyrim. Click to view full size image.
Imperial Race In Skyrim. Click to view full size image.

Imperial Skills And Racial Abilities

Imperial Starting Skill Bonuses:

+10 Restoration
+5 Block
+5 Destruction
+5 Enchanting
+5 Heavy Armor
+5 One-Handed

Imperial Starting Spells:

Flames (Sets the target on fire, doing some damage over time)
Healing (Heals the caster over time)

Imperial Racial Abilities:

Voice of the Emperor : Calms nearby people for 60 seconds.
Imperials are lucky and always find more gold.

Cyrodiil cultural regions. Click to view full size.
Cyrodiil cultural regions. Click to view full size.

Imperial History

Although other races in Tamriel see Imperials as almost the personification of nobility, their history in Tamriel is rooted in slavery. Imperials are descendants of Nibenese tribesmen who were enslaved by Ayleids. Ayleids are Aldmeri descendants and they were actually the first folk to establish an empire in Tamriel. Humans formed a rebellion against Ayleids which freed them from enslavement and was an end to the Ayleid race. The rebellion was lead by Alessia, a young female who after her death became the first human saint. She founded the Alessian Empire and was the initiator to worship the Eight Divines. The Imperials of the First Empire tried to spread their influence also outside Cyrodiil but the civil war started and would almost destroy the Empire if not for Vampiric Snake People from Akavir known as the Dragon land who seeked to invade Tamriel. The threat of Akaviri forced Cyrodiil to look for allies in all Tamriel. Akaviri were fought off and Emperor Reman I united almost all the Tamriel (but Morrowind) under the rule of Second Empire. That made Cyridiil to become the most cosmopolitan city in all Tamriel. It had been culturally influenced by High Rock, Skyrim and other regions. However, even this prosperous Empire came to its end because of the realm intrigues which lead to the assassination of the Emperor Reman III and his son Juilek. This lead to Akaviri reign over Tamriel and whole continent was in chaos and corruption. Loads of people wanted to claim the throne and pillaging and mass murders were common during these times which lasted for centuries. It took a hero like Tiber Septim (which ironically was a Nord) to end this anarchy and unite the Empire again. Tiber Septim bested Cyrodiil military united its regions and assumed the throne. In few decades he managed to form the Third Empire by uniting Tamriel again. Since then most of the Emperors were either Nord or Breton. Only after the Oblivion crisis an Imperial reclaimed the throne again. Titus Mede seized Cyrodiil with an army smaller than thousand men and declared himself the new Emperor.

Imperial Society And Culture

Cyrodiil borders almost all other provinces in Tamriel so no wonder it's the most multicultural region. Most of population in the Cyrodiil is Imperial but the rural areas are usually a mix of Imperials and neighbouring natives. Nibenay Valley, for example, is the a place where rival Khajiit and Argonian races meet to settle their conflicts. Nords are common in the city of Bruma, which is North of Cyrodiil,.
All of the neighbouring countries have influenced the Imperial culture. Imperials are literate, educated and often wealthy people. Alessian Doctrines made the Imperials turn to trading instead of disfavorable farming and other activities. The river network and sea harbors made Cyrodiil the trading center for a wide variety of goods - fabrics, armor, exotic foods such as moon sugar, dyes, spices and much more. The big variety of merchandise made Imperials interested and educated in various cultures and philosophies. The Cyrodiilic architecture and martial traditions are wide known all across Tamriel.
With the Saint Alessia Imperials started to worship the Eight Divines. The Ninth was a half hero, half God - Tiber Septim also known as general Talos who united whole Tamriel in the Third Empire. However, with the beginning of the Fourth Era the worship of Talos is banned because of the contract between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire with the elves insisting that no man should be considered divine.

Imperial Names

Common Imperial names are often inspired by Roman Latin language. Sometimes one can see some Greek names too among Cyrodiilic names but they are a bit less common than the Latin ones.

Some female Imperial name examples: Agrippina, Eponis, Leone, Sibylla, Vittoria.
Some male Imperial name examples: Belisarius, Clagius, Januarius, Samuel, Vontan.


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